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Back at the beginning of the twentieth century, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov noticed that Russian people tend to drag everything to the dacha that is definitely not useful in the city. But this remark does not apply in any way to swing sofas – a very special type of country furniture. Firstly, there is absolutely nothing to make such furniture in a city apartment, and secondly, modern inhabitants of country houses are accustomed to living in comfort and try to acquire all the best and newest for their site..

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot

Swing sofas are comfortable, beautiful, allow you not only to relax in nature, but also to completely relax. In some ways they are similar to hammocks, allowing you to sway in the same way and enjoy your vacation surrounded by nature. But unlike a hammock that does not have a solid support and backrest, a garden swing allows you to simply sit under a light canopy that protects from the sun and rain, chat with friends, you can move a table to such a hanging bench, so it has much more functions.

If your summer cottage already has a picnic area and, for example, wicker furniture on the terrace, but you want something new and unusual – swing sofas are exactly what you need!

What is a garden swing? What models do manufacturers offer? How much can such country furniture cost? What types of hanging sofas are there today? Let’s start, as always, with the cheapest options and end with elite offers “not for everyone”.

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot Swing is the favorite Russian game that children and adults alike adore. And if the swing also looks like a comfortable sofa set near the picnic area – what could be better than such an afternoon rest! Only people have to deny themselves such entertainment, whose vestibular apparatus is not in order and even slow rocking simply cannot stand

What is a garden swing

This swinging hanging sofa is often referred to as a garden swing. Indeed, a similar structure is usually installed in the garden, allowing literally out of the blue with the help of a single purchase to create a cozy relaxation area. The undoubted advantage of the garden swing is its versatility – they are equally loved by both children and adults. And they are also surprisingly romantic – you can ride on an ordinary swing only alone, but on such a wide hanging bench you can sit together, and embracing to watch the sunset or admire the starry sky.

Traditional garden or country swing has a height of 1.5 to 2 meters, the height of the back is from 45 centimeters, the width of the seat is also from 45 centimeters, and the length of the seat is about 1.5 meters.

Swing sofas are usually designed for three people, and a canopy in the form of an awning or a real roof with an average size of 1.1 by 1.7 meters protects those sitting from the sun and light rain.

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot A garden swing is a completely finished engineering structure, a separate type of small architectural forms that can decorate any personal plot

It is best to plan the purchase of a garden swing in the spring months – this is when manufacturers, on the eve of the summer season, begin to offer new models and expand the range. In addition, sales are often held in spring, when you can buy a model left over from last season at a discount – the fashion for swing sofas is conservative and it is problematic to distinguish a new product from a product two or even three years ago.

When choosing a garden swing, you should remember such important criteria as:

  1. Support type. There are swing sofas on free-standing legs, and there are on the runners of a curved solid frame. The first type of swing can sink into the soil under the weight of the sitting people and needs a level area, but the second can be installed on the lawn.
  2. The weight for which the model is designed. On average, a garden swing can withstand a weight of 150 to 300 kilograms, but this is a stationary load – if you plop down on a light sofa with a run, and even together, you can simply turn the structure over.
  3. The seat can be folding, that is, turning into a full-fledged lounger under the awning, and not folding. The first option is usually much more expensive..
  4. Most often, the swing seat is attached to simple S-hooks, with and without a spring, chains are not so common.
  5. The sofa is usually hooked onto the top bar or onto a reinforcing element in the corner between the top bar and the counter. Sometimes – directly to the frame. It is the suspension on a spring hook attached to a thick welded frame that will provide the softest, smoothest swing and increased load capacity..
  6. Textiles play an important role in the design of a garden swing, therefore, the quality of the bedspread, awning and soft mattress should be given no less close attention than the reliability of the supports and fasteners.
  7. It is important that the covers and the awning are removable, and they can be removed conveniently and easily – sooner or later they will have to be washed or replaced, and acquiring a new one-piece structure is too expensive and not rational.
  8. One of the best and at the same time not too expensive fillers for a mattress and pillows is foam rubber crumb, it is more convenient and will last longer than an ordinary solid piece of foam rubber.

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot A sofa suspended from chains has become a rarity today, most often it is supported by steel pipes and hooks

Economy option

It should be noted right away that, although experts traditionally divide garden swings into three groups, the difference between individual models of a particular price category is not so noticeable. A garden swing is a very democratic country furniture and the buyer often simply does not see the point in paying more for a model that looks very similar to its cheaper counterpart.

The most affordable and common garden swings include models that cost from three to ten thousand rubles. They are in high demand and fully meet all the requirements of owners of personal plots..

Such affordable and at the same time durable and convenient summer cottage swing include, for example, models of the Belarusian production of the Olsa company (OLSA), which has long been working on the Russian market.

In general, in terms of quality, Belarusian garden swings are not inferior to their Italian “colleagues”, they are made on the basis of a frame made of polymer-coated metal pipes, however, the choice of design models and shades of textile cover is noticeably limited.

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot Model of the garden swing “Comfort” of the Belarusian production of the company “Olsa”. These models are designed for three or four people, are tested along with medical equipment and are quite reliable. But the choice of colors and the quality of textiles leaves much to be desired. Price – from 5 thousand rubles

It should be noted that such inexpensive models at a price of about five thousand rubles of Russian or Belarusian production are not displayed. The fabric on the “economy class” garden swing is waterproof, but usually fade quickly enough in the sun. However, an additional set of seat covers can be purchased for 1.1-1.5 thousand rubles, about the same will cost a new fabric for the awning.

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot The simplest model of a Russian-made garden swing. Thanks to the price of three thousand rubles, it has become widespread, although the choice of shades is limited, and the fabric itself is not of perfect quality and quickly fade in the sun

By the way, the carrying capacity of Polish, Russian or Belarusian models rarely exceeds 150 kilograms..

It has been proven that red fabrics fade the fastest in the sun, which is probably why manufacturers most often prefer blue, green and white shades. Well, the traditional blue stripe looks very good against the backdrop of greenery or near a pond. But for a log gazebo or a wooden terrace, you should still look for a swing with a different color.

What else can upset a garden swing “economy class”? Not all such models with a price in the region of five thousand rubles have special movement stoppers and limiters, but this function is very convenient – if you want – swing, if you want – lock the seat and calmly drink tea.

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot Polish-made garden swings are already much more expensive than domestic or Belarusian ones. For example, such a model “Ibiza” produced by Dajar costs about 14 thousand rubles, although the choice of colors is small. The main advantages of the model are runners that allow you to install it on the lawn, and a folding sofa seat

Comfort class

Garden swings in this category already cost from 15 to 25 thousand rubles, mostly foreign-made products. This segment includes the products of the Italian company SCAB, which is a real veteran in the production of country furniture and offers more than ten options for textiles and the same number of metal colors.

An important point – an Italian-made garden swing, due to the thicker pipes, can be heavy and, if installed on the lawn, will damage the grass. Swing sofas of this level are usually painted with a powder method – their pipes are slightly rough to the touch, and it is very difficult to damage the paint layer.

Fabrics in swing models of the price category of about 16 thousand rubles have silicone impregnation, therefore they are much more durable than ordinary ones.

Another advantage of the comfort-class garden swing is that they are based on solid-bent pipes, with comfortable supports on the armrests, as well as handles for adjusting the position of the seat back.

A fairly popular type of swing of a higher class – models with a mosquito net or a case that covers the entire structure and helps to hide from bad weather and prying eyes.

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot Comfort-class swing from the Belarusian company “Bazaltgroup”. This case perfectly protects sitting people from mosquitoes and other annoying insects. The price of the model is about 24 thousand rubles

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot Garden swing of the recognized leader in the field of outdoor furniture production – the Italian company SCAB. There are more than ten fabric colors to choose from. Price – about 23 thousand rubles

Elite option

Garden swings costing from 30 thousand rubles are offered only by a few manufacturers. Among them, the most famous are the products of the Swedish company KWA, the German KETTLER, the British GLOSTER, as well as the Italian companies FOPPAPEDRETTI and the Spanish GABAR. Samples of this level are rarely found in ordinary hypermarkets – most often they are made to order, go on sale in two or three copies and are original design models..

Such a swing has a long warranty period. For example, GLOSTER promises that its models, made of moisture-resistant South Asian teak, can serve all year round and do not need to be brought indoors for the winter, it is enough to remove all textile parts – pillows, awning and mattress.

The garden swing of the Swedish KWA is easily recognizable – the restrained Scandinavians do not recognize variegated colors, preferring plain fabrics, as well as a checkered pattern and wide stripes. Such expensive models are created from wood, for example, slow-growing polar pine. The wood undergoes special processing, which is the secret of the company.

All awnings, cushions, parts and fittings must be ordered and sold separately. Usually the price of the awning itself is not so high – about two thousand rubles, but a frame made of natural wood simply cannot cost less than 40 thousand.

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot Rosendal model made in Sweden. Made of natural wood, pillows and awning colors can be purchased separately. Price – 68 thousand rubles, you can also purchase a set with other garden furniture, created in the same restrained Scandinavian style

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot Amazing garden swing of Spanish production – it is in rattan products that GABAR specializes. They cost a lot – more than 80 thousand rubles, but they look incredibly beautiful – a real art object that will become the highlight of the site. But he also needs an appropriate environment – you cannot put ordinary plastic furniture next to such a swing in the form of a cozy soft nest

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot Garden swing TJSC-005B model, made in China. Withstands weight up to 250 kilograms, they represent a real pavilion with a mosquito net and a wide awning roof. This model costs from 35 thousand rubles

By the way, the German KETTLER produces both expensive sets of garden furniture with swing sofas, as well as much cheaper models – from traditional white plastic under a plexiglass roof. Therefore, the price range of the products of this company is very wide – from 10 to 100 thousand rubles..

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot Another model of the Chinese production “TEVER”. It costs more than 36 thousand rubles, but it folds out into a full-fledged double bed, and thanks to textile elements of a noble shade, “shagreen” will look great against the background of wooden buildings or an openwork gazebo

Choosing a garden swing for a personal plot And finally – you can try to build a garden swing, at least for two people, and with your own hands. Reliable supports, chains or hooks, a wooden seat made of boards – that’s, in principle, all you need. And, of course, some skill of a carpenter

Garden swing can be called today one of the most popular pieces of furniture for a summer residence. They are comfortable, equally loved by both children and adults, they allow you to relax in comfort and are quite capable of replacing not only a hammock, but also an ordinary bench placed near the pool or in the shade of a spreading tree. Agree – swing sofas are much more interesting than an ordinary bench, and they can perform the same functions. And if the price of elite models seems overpriced to you, it is quite possible to get by with economy-class products – in general, in terms of external parameters, they do not differ so much from their expensive “colleagues”.

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