How to make a fence from corrugated board

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Why does the majority prefer this particular material, how much will the construction of such a fence and the order of work during its construction cost. I will tell you about all this further….

Several reasons in favor of corrugated board

Officially, this material is called – bent steel profiles with corrugations. It is made of steel, which, using a special technology, is first coated with an anti-corrosion layer, then with a primer. A protective polymer is applied to the outside of the steel sheets, and a protective varnish is applied to the back. People are attracted not only by a large selection of the color of corrugated sheets, but also by the simplicity of construction, as well as the durability of the material. Manufacturers promise a service life of up to fifty years. In practice, it has been established that a team of three people, with very little experience, can easily make at least ten meters of this kind of fencing in one day..

Materials and tools

For construction, it is necessary to determine the size and color of the profiles. In addition, you will need: an iron pipe with a diameter of 60 millimeters and a metal profile measuring 20 by 40 millimeters, which will act as veins.

To make the frame of the gate and wicket, you need to buy a metal corner. And also, if you wish, you can mount a lock in the gate.

We will fasten the sheets to the finished frame with self-tapping screws. Better with caps in the color of the polymer coating of the steel sheet. But as an economy, you can use steel-colored self-tapping screws. In addition, we will need a welding machine, a grinder (angle grinder), a screwdriver and, of course, the building level.

Locksmith work (installing a lock in the gate and locks on the gate) may require a set of screwdrivers and a metal file.

Money spendings

The question of cash costs is always relevant. Let’s take prices for calculating costs operating somewhere in central Russia.

We calculate the cost of ten meters of such a fence, with a wicket and a gate.

So, the useful width of a sheet of corrugated board is -1.1 m, a height of -2 m. To make a fence 10 meters long, you need 9 sheets, but it is better to buy 10, just in case. This will cost 4800 rubles. The columns, with their height of 2.5 m and a diameter of 60 mm, wall thickness of 3 mm, will cost 400 rubles. per piece, we will buy 14 pieces and spend 5600 rubles. Profile for veins, 10 meters, at a price of 100 rubles. per running meter – this is another 1000. Corner for wickets and gates 50 rubles. per running meter of 30 meters – 1500 rubles. The cost of self-tapping screws is 3 rubles per piece, you need 200 pieces. Plus 600 rubles. Gate lock, on average 250 rubles. Total materials will take at least 13,750 rubles.

Now about the cost of work. There are two possible approaches to the problem. First, you hire a team, on average three to four people. Moreover, the brigade must include a welder. Agree with them about the price of work, keep in mind that they will take at least 1000 rubles for a running meter of the fence itself, and the price of a wicket and a gate will depend on the complexity. Such a design as in the picture, together with the installation of a lock and a gate locking system, will cost 4,000 rubles. Total 9000 rubles. The total fence costs 22,750 rubles.

Another option is also possible. You collect a team of friends – comrades, purchase a welding machine such as Etalon BX1-250C1. It costs six or seven thousand, with all the bells and whistles, a welding mask with electrodes (You can buy something more expensive.)

Screwdriver for 1.5-2.0 thousand rubles. And build a fence with your own hands. Then you get the amount of expenses in the same way 22750 rubles. and the opportunity to earn extra money building fences from neighbors. Provided that the wisdom of welding and plumbing work will not be very difficult for you.

It may, of course, be a little more, but at least no more than 25,000 rubles.

Work sequence


If you are wondering what will happen next, then you have chosen the second option..

And then you need to correctly mark the site. This is a simple matter. But it requires accuracy. We mark the place of the corner post and mark it with a pole, from it in the direction of the future fence we make further markings, that is, we measure the useful width of the sheet -1.1 meters and mark the place of the next post, and so on up to the gate itself. Here the distance between the posts is reduced to 0.5 meters. And when marking the gate, on the contrary, it will increase to 4.0 meters.


Excavation works include embedding posts in the ground. With a post height of 2.5 meters, we dig a hole 0.5 – 0.7 meters deep and bury the post there, tamp it tightly. The height of the posts must be the same!

The option of concreting the posts is possible, but this complicates the process and increases the cost of the fence. And then, in practice, it is usually enough just to compact the ground well around the post.

How to make a fence from corrugated board
We bury the pillar

Frame fabrication

Now you need to weld the veins to the posts. To do this, it is enough to take four electrodes. In any case, there is nothing complicated in welding during the construction of a fence. It is not the gods who burn the pots! You just need to follow the safety rules and protect your face and hands with special devices – a welding mask and fireproof gloves. A special welder’s suit will not be superfluous. If you are new to this business, before you start making the frame of the fence, practice on some unnecessary pieces of iron .. And one more thing. Before proceeding with the installation of the veins, do not be too lazy to accurately determine the places of their fastening. The fasteners must be at the same level, and the upper and lower rows of veins must run parallel to each other.

How to make a fence from corrugated board
Installation of veins

Installation of corrugated board leaves

Now you can attach sheets of corrugated board to the finished frame. It will not be superfluous to use the level more often. And it is natural to treat the polymer coating of the material as carefully as possible. Ideally, the fasteners can even be treated with some kind of anti-corrosion lubricant. There are a lot of them on sale now.

If you want the fence to be of different levels, cut off the excess with a grinder. Only this must be done before mounting the sheets and having carefully marked with a pencil and a ruler..

All work on the installation of the fence should not cause great difficulties even for inexperienced craftsmen. Only attention and accuracy is needed.

How to make a fence from corrugated board
Finished fence. View from the yard.

Gate and wicket

Making gates and wickets will require a little more effort. It is better to install the frame in a horizontal position. Lay all structural elements where they should be, mark the attachment points and slowly start welding.

After making the frame, it is attached to the previously dug posts using gate loops.

How to make a fence from corrugated board
Wicket frame

How to make a fence from corrugated board
Gate frame

How to make a fence from corrugated board
Ready-made frame of gates and wickets.

The device of the lock on the gate will require some skill from the welder, since here it is necessary to accurately observe the dimensions of the grooves for the lock, otherwise the lock will not close well and will cause the owners a lot of difficulties.

How to make a fence from corrugated board
This is how the lock is attached. Side view.

How to make a fence from corrugated board
Gate lock.

Cut out rectangles of the required shape and size from the corrugated board for installation on the gate and wicket and attach them using self-tapping screws and a screwdriver.

How to make a fence from corrugated board
The work is nearing completion.

How to make a fence from corrugated board
This side is also normal.

The end is a crown

That’s basically it. The result of your efforts will be a beautiful and durable fence of the site.

How to make a fence from corrugated board
Finished fence. In general, not bad.

It should serve faithfully for at least fifty years, as the manufacturers of this material at least promise. How true this is, we will eventually find out. Well, what is really certain is that you will not need to spend a lot of time and money every year on painting the fence..

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