Site fencing: how to choose reliable, functional and aesthetic designs

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Are you thinking about arranging the territory of the passage on your site? Let’s look at a number of worthy examples, the use of which will be universal in most typical projects, learn about the service life of entry structures and find out why it is so important to trust competent specialists when choosing them..

Arrangement of the entrance group

What are the difficulties

An entrance group is usually understood as a generalization of all elements, structures and communications, due to which controlled access to the territory of a private land plot is carried out. As a rule, the entrance group is installed from the side of the main entrance, which requires an aesthetic appearance of all its components..

Difficulties in arranging the territory of the passage usually arise due to insufficient planning. While the main focus is on the house itself and the improvement of the territory, the actual size of the personal parking lot remains unclear for a long time. As a result, the parking space and placement of all the necessary technical devices are often insufficient..

Arrangement of the entrance group

The key element of the entrance is sliding or swing gates, each of the options is good in its own way with different planning and type of arrangement of the local area. Additionally, a pedestrian walkway gate and a fence section can be installed.

Assortment “ALUTECH”

Obviously, all elements of the entry group must be fully compatible. This is necessary both for the reliable operation of structures and for creating an aesthetic appearance. This is the main advantage of purchasing a whole set of equipment from one supplier. In the list of companies with the widest assortment, the ALUTECH Group of Companies occupies a special place.

Arrangement of the entrance group

The assortment of the ALUTECH Group of Companies contains an exhaustive list of products necessary for fencing a private territory and organizing travel. The manufacturer’s catalog contains: sliding and swing gates, wickets, fencing sections, as well as a number of individual components and automation equipment.

Arrangement of the entrance group

In addition, the ALUTECH Group of Companies provides its customers with the necessary instructions, technical materials and software. With their help, it is quite easy to determine the appropriate parameters of the structures of the entrance group..

Entrance gate

The structures produced by the ALUTECH Group of Companies are distinguished by high-quality assembly. So, profiles and accessories for gates have high strength characteristics, which means they are able to ensure high reliability and performance of the entire structure. Add to this the optimal geometry – and you get at least 15 years of operation based on four door openings / closings daily throughout the entire period of operation. Agree, the indicator is high.

Both sliding and swing gates “ALUTECH” are distinguished by their maintainability: a light collapsible design allows you to quickly eliminate damage or change the filling material to another.

All the main elements of the ALUTECH entrance gates are made of aluminum profiles painted with a special polymer composition. Due to this, the structure is reliably protected from adverse weather conditions and the appearance of corrosion.

The strength of the aluminum profiles combined in the frame makes the structure of the ALUTECH entrance gate rigid and reliable. And hidden fasteners give the structure a complete and aesthetic appearance.

In addition, the design of the ALUTECH entrance gate is designed in such a way that, if repair is required, it can be easily disassembled and damaged, and, if necessary, the filling material can be replaced..

These parameters can significantly increase the efficiency and service life of the door in the long term..

The ALUTECH entrance gates provide for more than 20 design options, differing in design and cost. A variety of filling materials and methods of its installation allows you to embody any design in finished products: from economical to premium class.

The filling material can be positioned horizontally or vertically, both inside the frame (built-in installation) and outside (overhead). Also, based on the wishes of the customer, the canvas is made with solid, rarefied or combined filling..

The bearing profile system is called ADS400 and is available in COMFORT and ELEGANT standard sizes. Their main difference lies in the final thickness of the door leaf. Both series of profiles are made of virgin aluminum alloy and treated with a decorative coating that protects against corrosion. A special feature of the profiles is the system of protecting the ends of the filling elements, which ultimately hide under decorative glazing beads with a sealing tape.

Arrangement of the entrance group

Appearance issue

The unity of the style of all elements of the entry group is an extremely important aspect of the choice of designs. Not only the door leaf should be in harmony with the fence and the facade of the house – all the components should look like a single whole. The optimal solution to this problem is the purchase of structures from one manufacturer. So you will save yourself from a long search and selection of components necessary for style..

Arrangement of the entrance group

In the sections of fences and gate leaves “ALUTECH” one system of profiles is used, the shape of which does not impose practical restrictions on the choice of filling. As the latter can be used as a regular profiled sheet, and branded panels “ALUTECH” with foam filling or aluminum profiles. In the latter case, there are quite a few variations in the placement of the filling material: full, sparse, combined, there is also a free choice between the vertical and horizontal arrangement of the profiles.

Arrangement of the entrance group

An obvious plus of using the proprietary ALUTECH filling is the extremely high resistance of sandwich panels and aluminum profiles to corrosion, fading and abrasion, which is ensured by high-quality powder painting and a protective coating based on polyurethane.

The color range of ALUTECH products is also rich in choice. A palette of RAL shades and several finishes with imitation of wood are available for the design of the door leaf made of sandwich panels..

Special abilities

Hand-operated gates are no longer of interest to anyone. The increasingly popular systems of mechanical drives and control automation were not ignored by the specialists of the ALUTECH Group of Companies: all products can be equipped with modern drive technology.

Arrangement of the entrance group

There are a number of inherent disadvantages in the market for sliding gate drive technology. The most pressing problems are the rapid wear of the rack and pinion, support and support rollers. Over time, this has a very negative effect on the noise level when the door moves. There are no such problems in ALUTECH solutions, since composite materials are used for the drive transmission and high-quality bearing assemblies are installed.

The assortment of the ALUTECH Group of Companies includes two lines of automation for entrance gates. Own development of the company – AN Motors electric drives and accessories. In addition to the optimal indicators of reliability and durability, the advantage of products is a more affordable cost. Another offer of the Group of Companies is Comunello automation. The electric drives are made in Italy in a company with more than 50 years of history of reliable technology, and are a stylish premium product for the correct and durable operation of the gate..

For sliding gates, automatic drive systems are represented by two solutions: AN-Motors ASL and Comunello Fort. The first series is distinguished by rational economy, the second – by a higher level of technical excellence and modern design.

For swing gates, the choice is even more diverse, the range includes three types of drives at once: linear and lever ASW, as well as Abacus drives with a higher degree of reliability and a very expressive appearance.

As a result, when choosing a gate, wicket and fence sections for arranging a private territory, it is better to give preference to proven solutions from one manufacturer. So, you equip the passage in the most profitable way, saving time and money on the search for suitable components. Choosing ALUTECH solutions, you will be sure of the reliability, aesthetics and functionality of the entrance group.

To obtain additional information about ALUTECH gates and automation, please contact the nearest representative of the Group of Companies in your region.


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