9 fashion trends in wallpaper design

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In this article, we will find out what trends in wallpaper design are considered the most relevant this year. We will offer you all the most fashionable designs and patterns, original imitations and prints, of course, with the help of the corresponding photo of interiors.

Wallpaper fashion … Sounds kind of ridiculous, you say. Well, what other fashion can wallpaper have, such a familiar, traditional version of wall decoration. In fact, if there are already fashionable floor coverings, then the wallpaper is simply obliged to meet the latest trends, because they offer much more opportunities to implement design ideas.

In this article, we have collected all the wallpaper design options that experts consider the most relevant in 2014. Among the trends presented there are already well-known to many homeowners, and very bright and unusual.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Plain, striped, with large patterns and colors – wallpapers can be very different. But in any case, they will become one of the most noticeable interior details, as, for example, in this unusual dining room.

1. Wallpaper imitation

Wallpaper can imitate various surfaces very well. It is easy to apply any pattern and pattern to them, so why not imitate more expensive options using such an affordable material! Not surprisingly, imitation wallpaper is one of the hottest trends in 2014..

the cloth

There are textile wallpapers that are very pleasant to the touch, but, unfortunately, they quickly get dirty and wear out, so they are usually used only in bedrooms or offices. However, there are non-woven and vinyl wallpapers that imitate fabric perfectly..

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Textile wallpapers both look like fabric and are very similar to the touch – you can even distinguish individual fibers

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Non-woven and vinyl wallpapers can also imitate fabric, but by touching them, it is easy to understand that this is a fake


We have already written about how beautiful brickwork can look in the interior. However, how to create such beauty in an ordinary city apartment if the walls are panel? Laying bricks is expensive, time-consuming, and the new wall will take a lot of space. The best solution is wallpaper imitating masonry. Just avoid a flat, plastered edge that looks too fabulous. It is better to glue brick-like wallpaper in niches or on the entire surface of one wall.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design The supposedly brick wall in the living room appeared thanks to a successful imitation on the wallpaper. Until you touch it, it’s hard to guess

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Brick-like wallpaper is especially often used in hallways and corridors.


Despite all the indisputable advantages of plaster, many believe that such wall decoration is too cold to the touch. And there are wallpaper imitating plaster, which is much cheaper than the cost of the work of the master and finishing materials. That is why many manufacturers took the most valuable thing from plaster – its external parameters – and transferred it to wallpaper, and designers and homeowners immediately appreciated this option..

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Wallpaper, especially liquid wallpaper, can perfectly imitate plaster, while remaining more pleasant, warm to the touch

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Modern wallpaper took the most important thing from plaster – an exquisite appearance.


Leather surfaces always look very respectable and expensive. But in fact, not everyone can afford to use leather for wall decoration. Leather-like wallpaper will look no less luxurious and can decorate the interior in any style.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design “Skin-like” wallpaper usually has a pronounced relief, so that an unusual volumetric effect is achieved under the glancing sunlight.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design How do you like such an exotic option – crocodile-like wallpaper? By the way, you can choose different shades – from pale green to dark brown

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Black wallpaper “under the skin”, an option, of course, not for everyone. But if you want to create an original interior, you can select individual sections of the wall with their help.


Why imitate a surface as rough as concrete? But in fact, such wallpapers are a good solution for lofts and modern high-tech interiors. They will be a great backdrop for bright decor details and modern furniture. By the way, concrete surfaces do not have to be dark at all; for a dimly lit room, you should choose wallpaper in a light gray shade of concrete.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design These “concrete” wallpapers are created on the basis of photographs and special effects. Due to the fact that the pattern does not repeat, they are very similar to a real concrete surface

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Concrete-like wallpaper from the brutal collection of Norwegian designer and photographer Tom Hag


Against the background of the general tendency to use the maximum of natural materials, “woodgrain” wallpaper has become extremely popular. After all, wooden panels and natural wood are too expensive, moreover, they need constant care and certain conditions. So why not create an eco-friendly look with wallpaper that successfully imitates the beauty of wood.?

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design If you really thought that this wall was sheathed with boards, then the manufacturers managed to create an excellent imitation on the wallpaper.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design In this case, of course, it is immediately clear that this is not a woodpile, but a wallpaper with a corresponding pattern. But it still looks very unusual and interesting.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Another extraordinary solution is the same woodpile, but not from round, but logs already prepared for the stove

Retro wallpaper

Retro wallpapers are not going to lose their popularity in 2014. As in the case of floor coverings, the classics proven over the years remain relevant. In particular, designers consider wallpaper in the style of the 20s and 60s of the last century to be the most fashionable trends..

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Good old retro wallpaper can be combined not only with vintage furniture, as in this room, but also with completely modern interior items.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Vintage wallpaper usually looks very cute, often used in bedrooms and study in the English style

3. Wallpaper with inscriptions, drawings, maps, book pages

Another trend of 2014 is wallpaper, which depicts quotes, inscriptions, whole book pages. As an option for a nursery or an office from this series, you can choose wallpaper with maps or drawings. Another kind of this type of wallpaper is images of pages from newspapers. Such decoration will surely attract the attention of guests – in fact, it is interesting what exactly is written on this or that section of the wall! And they look pretty attractive, giving the room a special charm..

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design These wallpapers can really be read and re-read. Not just wall decoration, but very informative reading before going to bed, because it was decided to paste over the bedroom with such original wallpaper

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Living in a room with such wallpaper, your child will quickly learn the location of continents, countries and other geographical objects.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design The interior of this bedroom was decorated with original wallpaper with the image of the world map

4. Flowers and floral patterns

In the article “Fashionable Interior 2014 – Current Trends and Directions” we have already written that the most popular option for patterns this year is the floral theme. This trend also applies, of course, to wallpaper. All kinds of flowers – from large bright poppies to small delicate forget-me-nots – and plant patterns remain very relevant. Such wallpapers are most often chosen by the fair sex for bedrooms and living rooms, as well as children’s rooms for girls.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Delicate “spring” pattern on the wallpaper has become one of the adornments of this bright bathroom. Such pictures are one of the trends of wallpaper fashion-2014

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design If for decoration you have chosen wallpaper with such a large floral pattern, it is more advisable to use them on one wall, as a bright decorative accent

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Floral wallpaper designs look very romantic, making them a popular option for bedroom decor

5. Large geometric shapes

Geometric patterns on the wallpaper allow you to visually raise the ceiling, expand the room and make the interior brighter and more original. Stripes, squares, arcs, circles, rhombuses, ovals, trapezoids, zigzags – all this is widely represented in the 2014 wallpaper collections.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design How do you like this original version – black and white wallpaper with a zigzag pattern. Of course, you can’t call them cute and romantic, but it’s not a bad idea to highlight one section of the wall in a modern interior.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design If just squares or circles seem boring, how do you like this option – each square on this wallpaper has its own pattern. There are stripes, flowers, and plaid here. A great option for a children’s room

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Stripes of different widths on wallpaper have always been used very widely. In this case, they are horizontal, since the ceiling in the room is high enough and there is no need to visually raise it

6. 3D effects

Having become very popular in 2013, nowadays 3D drawing on wallpaper remains one of the fashion trends. Designers believe that geometric patterns (repeating elements) and volumetric textures will remain the most relevant. Moreover, the trend is quite bright colors – fuchsia, turquoise, light green and lemon.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design 3D drawing allows you to create amazing interiors that will simply amaze guests

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Such voluminous textures on the wallpaper will seem too saturated and annoying to many. But no one will stop you from using 3D wallpaper to select just one section of the wall.

7. Imitation of the pattern of animal skins

Some designers call such wallpapers “wild”. Indeed, “animal” prints on wallpaper have become another trend that continues the trend of being as close to nature as possible. Today, wallpapers that imitate the skin of a leopard, tiger, zebra, giraffe, bird feathers are relevant. Moreover, in some collections of wallpaper “animals” prints are combined with plain stripes and floral patterns.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design “Animals” prints on the wallpaper can be used not only to decorate an exotic interior, but also rooms in a modern style

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design African style room. One of the walls is covered with wallpaper with an abstract image of a zebra skin

8. Wallpaper

A couple of years ago, photowall-paper was called yesterday, an out of fashion option and the lot of interiors in the style of the 80s. In 2014, photomurals triumphantly returned to fashion collections and are presented unusually widely. Their advantages include the ability to independently choose a drawing, for example, a family photo, to diversify a too boring interior and achieve the visual effect of an open space. The fashion trend is urban landscapes, in particular, views of New York and portraits of home owners.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Such city landscapes are one of the most popular pictures on photo wallpaper 2014

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design If you have always dreamed of visiting Paris or San Francisco, you can transfer a piece of your favorite city to your apartment using photo wallpaper

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Portraits of your favorite idols are another fashionable variation in the world of photo wallpaper

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Again, a floral print, this time in the form of a photo wallpaper that adorned the illuminated niche in the bedroom

9. Shelves and racks on wallpaper

Such an unusual version of the pattern on the wallpaper arose long ago, but until now it has not been very popular. In fact, there is already a lot of furniture in the room, why should you also glue the same wallpaper! But a similar pattern in the form of racks and shelves with books, souvenirs and all sorts of little things can look very cute and give the room a special charm..

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design Wallpaper with a repeating pattern in the form of shelves containing toys, souvenirs, shells, glasses and photo frames, goes well with retro-style furniture

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design This is not a bookcase at all – this is wallpaper with an unusual pattern.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design A full-fledged imitation of bookcases in the living room. Thanks to such wallpaper, the interior looks more solid, and the living room does not seem empty.

9 fashion trends in wallpaper design If in fact there is no library in your home, and you would like to give the interior respectability, choose these wallpapers with bookshelves. Believe me, this finishing option will not remain unnoticed.

Whether to follow fashion trends or choose a regular plain wallpaper is up to you. But, we think, to find out what is happening on the market of finishing materials and what patterns and drawings are considered the most relevant, it will be interesting not only for those who are planning repairs.

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