Grilyato ceiling: features, pros and cons

In this article, Our site of advice will tell you what the Grilyato ceiling is, how it looks, what features it differs in. We will study all the pros and cons of Grilyato ceilings, which can be used not only in commercial premises, but also in living rooms.

Grilyato ceiling: features, pros and cons

From Italian, grigliato simply means “lattice”. And this immediately indicates the main feature of this ceiling design option. Grilyato is a system of aluminum profiles that form a grid.

Important! Grilyato’s ceiling is suspended, like Armstrong, about the installation of which the portal wrote in detail.

The dimensions of the cells of the Grilyato ceiling can vary from 40×40 to 200×200 millimeters. The choice of mesh sizes depends on the height of your ceiling. In residential premises, where the standard height usually does not exceed 3 meters, suspended ceilings with cells up to 100×100 millimeters are used. In industrial and commercial premises, where the ceiling height reaches 5 meters, ceilings with larger cells are used.

Grilyato ceiling: features, pros and cons

Structurally, Grilyato ceilings consist of the following parts:

  • L-shaped profiles that run around the perimeter of the room. They are responsible for the joint between the suspended ceiling and the walls;
  • Guides – transverse supporting, longitudinal bearing, intermediate connecting;
  • Cells that are made of thin-walled metal and, as we mentioned above, can be of different sizes;
  • Fasteners – spring hangers that allow you to attach the ceiling power frame to the base.

Grilyato ceiling: features, pros and cons

The advantages of Grilyato suspended ceilings are many:

  • The cellular structure provides full air permeability of the area under the ceiling, allows you to create effective ventilation;
  • The ceiling is not afraid of moisture, mold and mildew. The Grilyato system can be installed on the bathroom ceiling. In case of flooding by neighbors from above, nothing will happen to the ceiling;
  • The grilles can be equipped with slabs that provide sound insulation;
  • The ceiling will reliably hide all communications, including air ducts, electrical cables, plastic pipes;
  • The Grilyato system is made of aluminum, this is an environmentally friendly material;
  • The ceiling serves for a long time – about 30 years;
  • If necessary, the entire system of profiles and gratings can be dismantled, transported to another place and reassembled;
  • Repair is also easy, there is no need to disassemble the entire structure, you can change individual parts;
  • There is a choice of colors and shades, which allows you to create an interesting decor;
  • The system meets the requirements of fire safety;
  • Luminaires can be installed in the Grilyato ceiling as you like, the metal profile reflects the light, which makes the lighting system more efficient.

Grilyato ceiling: features, pros and cons

Of course, there are also disadvantages to the Grilyato ceiling:

  • High price. Aluminum itself is not cheap, the ceiling system is complex, so a square meter costs from 400 to 1100 rubles, depending on the size of the cells – the smaller they are, the more expensive. Plus, the installation price is about 300 rubles per “square”;
  • Ceiling installation is time consuming, especially if the room has a complex geometric shape;
  • Ceilings cannot be called completely fire-resistant, because when heated to + 140 ° C, aluminum loses its strength, and at + 660 ° C it melts;
  • If the cells are small, then in order to access the engineering systems hidden under the ceiling, the gratings will have to be removed.

Grilyato ceiling: features, pros and cons

We admit that Grilyato ceilings have become much more widespread in commercial premises – offices, shopping and entertainment centers. Many people believe that this ceiling option is not very suitable for a house, uncomfortable. Although for the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, hallway, indoor pool, billiard room, home gym, a lattice ceiling is a good choice..

Video on how to mount the Grilyato ceiling:

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