Inexpensive interior doors

Interior doors of the popular economy class are currently the most sold in our country. Therefore, when choosing a door, many buyers pay attention to the cost and this is not surprising, because any door is quite an expensive pleasure. Since we are talking about interior doors, we will note that many people prefer not to spend money, justifying themselves with the small practicality of these structures.

Available interior doors

What is the difference between external doors and interior doors? External ones protect you from unforgiven guests at home, directly protected from the cold, as well as any penetration of noise into the apartment. Interior doors in most cases separate the room, heated from the cool, comfortable rooms from unused ones, echoing from quiet ones. All this must be taken into account if you are just going to purchase such interior doors of an economy class available to many.

In this way, the operational features rarely attract the attention of buyers, especially when it comes to cheap doors of an affordable economy class. Also, at the same time, one should not forget about the main function of the door – it is acoustic and thermal, which are often ignored by many buyers. But the filling itself and the material of the door itself affects its insulating properties. Even if you still decide to buy cheap doors of an affordable economy class, then be sure to ask what they are made of..

The assembly of such doors usually consists of a frame and filler. If you are going to save a little on the door, then still pay attention to the quality of the material itself, from which the frame is made, because it makes up the base of the frame, in other words, it is directly responsible for the stability and basic functionality of the door.

Construction of cheap interior doors for home

Available interior doors can simply have one frame made of MDF or chipboard. Since the frame itself is not a strong enough structure, it must be filled. The main function of the filler is to stabilize the structure while protecting against sound and thermal effects. Cheap doors in most cases insert a honeycomb just paper plate. But in order for the structure to be stronger, rigid paper is used to resist pressure. The reliability of this material depends on how it was dried (the more, the better).

Available interior doors

The worldview is far from being correct that doors are inexpensive in price, rather ineffective – after all, they insulate, as a rule, no worse than natural door blocks, and the main thing in them is that, due to the use of simple lightweight material when assembling the boxes, they are not quite light. Thus, when you purchase inexpensive doors, you can save quite a lot, both on transportation and on installation of the door itself..

But cheap doors with cardboard filler also have drawbacks:

Moisture instability. If moisture gets inside the structure in any way, or they are simply installed in a fairly damp room, they will lose their characteristics. In other words, you’re just wasting your money..

Little protection against cold if the room is poorly heated. If you want to better insulate yourself from the cold indoors, then of course it is better to give your preference to those door leaves that are filled with particle filler of the canvases themselves. This design not only has enormous thermal characteristics, but also significantly strengthens the door leaf..

Poor soundproofing. The design indicates that the material used for its production is not particularly resistant to noise. Therefore, interior doors that are inexpensive and affordable for any buyer can be compared with a cardboard wall..

If you do decide to purchase cheap and affordable interior doors, then the cost of the components will be of fundamental importance. Usually, the price indicated by the manufacturer includes only the door leaf itself, as well as the frame and, in most cases, the platband on the front side. In most cases, door leaf hinges, handles and locks are not included in the price.

Door accessories

When buying interior doors of an inexpensive option on the construction market, you should know that the set does not include, as a rule, a door board – this is the element that simply allows you to mount the door itself into the wall). Additionally, you will have to get ventilation couplings and grilles, various glasses. This means, only one thing, that for each item you need, you need to pay extra. But do not worry – the choice of accessories for absolutely any door block, even if these are simple inexpensive interior doors are now large. Therefore, you can, without much effort and trouble, choose a door for yourself and accessories for it, depending on your wishes..

Interior doors of an inexpensive option in most cases are completed with 2 bar hinges. It depends on the type of door, which lock will need to be installed there (drum or just with a latch). As a rule, no glass is installed in accessible interior doors, but at the request of the buyer, this can be done (for an additional payment). And if the buyer wants to change, for example: the color of the pattern, or the glass itself, then of course you will have to pay extra for this.

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