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In the production of products and services, there are recognized leaders – concerns, factories, the authority of which is recognized and beyond doubt. This status has been achieved for more than a dozen years and will pay dividends in the future. Even the name of a country or city is sometimes associated with one or another product. If a bank, then Swiss (the same Swiss watches are an attribute of style and high status of the owner), if porcelain, then Chinese, if we are talking about tea – India is the first thing that comes to mind, the leadership of the automotive production still belongs to German and Japanese manufacturers. This is especially true of the brand of goods, world famous BMW, Microsoft, Nokia, Parker, Nesquik, Coca-Cola, etc. These companies are a priori “No. 1” in their business segment.

If we talk about the building materials market, then the same rule applies here: well-known, recognized leaders enjoy great confidence. Consumers know, as a rule, one or two of the most famous brands and most often choose them..
And again, the country of origin, plant / factory says a lot about the quality of the product. We are sure that if you have ever been involved in construction, repair, you know, have heard and used, most likely, the products of the most famous brands.
Mixers, installation systems – Grohe (Germany), nonwovens and insulation of roofing and wall systems – DuPont (France), materials (paints, varnishes) for the protection and decoration of premises – Tikkurila, Beckers (Tikkurila concern, Finland) or Dulux (ICI concern) , England), roofing and waterproofing materials – Ruflex (Katepal OY concern, Finland), etc. These companies are well-known, trade marks are widely represented in the markets of Europe, Russia, neighboring countries and have earned the trust and recognition of consumers..

In the world of roofing materials, the same principle applies as in any other area. The cost and quality of the final product (two especially important conditions) are determined, first of all, by the initial components: the better the raw material, the more expensive it is, and accordingly the final product is also more expensive. Conversely, low quality – low price, low cost of the finished product. This is everyone’s personal choice..
Ruflex flexible shingles are a product of a high price category, which allows consumers to purchase reliable material and guaranteed quality.

The difference between “Mercedes-Benz” and “Zhiguli” is HUGE. Yes, not everyone can afford a “Mercedes”, but those who have one know what they have, and this allows others to dream of the same attribute of wealth.

Introducing the RUFLEX trademark to its consumers, the Ruflex Trading House is primarily guided by a fundamentally important condition – the provision of high-quality, reliable, guaranteed goods. We do not practice in our work reducing costs by making raw materials / components cheaper, as this will primarily affect the quality of the product. Moreover, we find it unacceptable to provide deliberately false information about the production of goods, presenting the product as something that it is not. As a rule, this is a very common way to reduce the cost of production by partially relocating it to another territory, cheaper (for example, Russia and the CIS), while the propaganda of the former high import quality remains.

Ruflex roofing is not a luxury, it is just an indispensable attribute of a beautiful, dignified and reliable home.

Shingles are produced in Finland at the Katepal OY factory, which began operations in 1949.

The world famous concern Katepal OY is a high-tech enterprise that has become a pioneer in the market of roofing and waterproofing materials, in its own way, an example to follow for subsequent manufacturers.

High-quality components are used as raw materials in production: NYNAS (Venezuela) is a supplier of bitumen, MAXIT (Germany) is a supplier of granules, Johns Manville (USA) is a supplier of fiberglass, the name of these brands speaks volumes to specialists and certainly commands respect. For more than half a century, flexible tiles manufactured by Katepal OY have remained the standard in the world of roofing materials. On the territory of Russia and neighboring countries, the general distributor is Ruflex Trading House, which supplies Ruflex shingles.

Within our product category, we offer consumers the most advanced solutions in our industry.

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