Staircase in the interior

If the house has more than one floor, it is quite obvious that the project includes a staircase. There are ready-made staircases – one-piece finished structures made to specific dimensions, which are delivered to the house and simply installed in the designated place. And there are stairs that are assembled on the spot, that is, a base is mounted, which is a reinforced concrete flight without railings. And then they “dress” it – they hide the concrete nakedness of the steps with more noble materials and build a fence (railings).


Unfortunately, it turns out that the owner often thinks about what the staircase will be only when it comes to finishing. Of course, staircase “clothes” must match the style of the interior. At the same time, the choice of a spectacular outfit is not so much a matter of taste as taking into account the design features of the “rough” staircase to be “dressed”. At the same time, functionality should be combined as efficiently as possible with the decorativeness of the staircase, because in a multi-level dwelling it is both the main transport highway and the interior dominant.

The steps are most often dressed with natural marble and granite or ceramic tiles. Ceramics manufacturers even have special series that allow you to design a staircase downright royal. Composite materials are not uncommon.
Glass steps became a special chic.


Decorative delights are characteristic of modern wooden stairs, since the material is easy to process. They are made of solid wood or use veneer for cladding almost any (even concrete or brick base). The wood is tinted and varnished. However, natural tones do not satisfy everyone. There are also fans of painted stairs. The color is chosen according to taste The most delicate, of course, is white. Wooden stairs also dictate special care. A tree is a tree, it needs special moisture, otherwise it will dry out. Wood is widely used in the combination of stairs, for example, in combination with metal, stone. However, the union with glass is not always successful..

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Glass steps have become a special chic. Constructions made of this transparent material give the interior lightness, but they look chilly. They are very harmonious in high-tech interiors. Glass is interesting in staircase compositions with metal and stone.


An equally luxurious wardrobe by the stairwells. Let’s start with the fact that the fence, which we often call railings in everyday life, consists of handrails and racks (balusters), which ensure the convenience and safety of our movement up and down. Such a serious task of staircase protection, as safety, has a different design support. The most traditional option is the frequent, at a distance of 12-14 cm from each other, the location of balusters of different diameters, which can be either wooden or metal.


A more modern version of the handrail is metal posts with “strings”, the so-called horizontal prokidami. “Strings”, as a rule, have a smaller diameter than the posts and are parallel to the handrail. Such a fence is visually lighter and more transparent. However, if we talk about the transparency of the fence in the literal sense, then it should be borne in mind that there is also glass filling of stair railings. The glass sheet, fixed between the posts, can be of different formats, but not less than 7 mm thick. Triplex tinted in various colors makes it possible to harmoniously fit the design of the stairs into the interior of the house. Also, the filling of the fence can have non-standard shapes and be made of metal of various processing.


In addition to wood, various metals are used in the construction of stair railings, among which brass is the most expensive and effective material. Both racks and handrails are made from it, and the most complex configuration. Even a very long and curved handrail will look solid because the brass pieces can be welded and sanded to perfection. Brass is used in luxurious palace interiors and, of course, requires maintenance.

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Stainless steel demonstrates great resistance to weather changes. It is optimal for use in any conditions, organic in interiors of different styles, universal for combinations with many materials. Stainless steel is good for glass-filled fences. It is no less appropriate on a wooden staircase. Such a combination is quite common in stair railings: a stainless steel post and a wooden handrail. However, fences, where both the posts and the handrail are steel, are no less popular. In particular, polished stainless steel is in great demand, amazing with amazing durability. Its popularity today is due to its practicality and modern aesthetics. Brushed steel lends sophistication to the most stylish environments.


But where stainless steel is indispensable, it is in spiral staircases. When designing a spiral staircase, the handrail, of course, repeats the configuration of the staircase, has a complex spiral geometry. And try to reproduce this in a tree – this is extremely difficult. In such cases, turn to well-flexible brass and steel. But brass is quite expensive. But the stainless steel is just right.


Black steel used for stair railings is usually powder coated and therefore comes in a wide variety of colors and shades. However, along with the undoubted decorative advantages of black steel, its price advantages, there is one “but”. The fact is that handrails of a complex configuration during manufacture are divided into several fragments, which during the installation of the fence are joined, welded, and the seams are ground. This technology is used in work with brass and steel. But black steel is much more difficult to design, it needs to be improved to avoid corrosion..

Corrosion is not terrible for aluminum, because it ignores rust. In addition, it is plastic, easy to install, wear-resistant. Aluminum posts, handrails, fencing filling are made in different shapes and colors. Such a complex of advantages of this airy material opens up great prospects for its use in the construction of flights of stairs is very promising. However, there is something in which aluminum is inferior to steel – strength characteristics. Therefore, it is used for the construction of stairs in rooms with gentle operating conditions..

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A separate topic is forged fences. They surpass analogues in decorativeness and, of course, in price. Ladder forging presented today on the Russian market comes mainly from Italy and France. The client is invited to choose the handrail and its decorative ends, balusters with various inserts, posts with flanges of remarkable shapes. Such standard elements are assembled, welded, mounted on site, covered with a protective compound – and the staircase is ready. The standard elements are so diverse that they allow you to create unique combinations, creating a staircase of your own design.

However, respectable people for luxury mansions order the true exclusive from the French. The master goes to the object, no matter where in the world he is, he personally molds the stairs to create its fence. When always a unique work of highly artistic forging takes its intended place in the house, the staircase becomes the greatest value even in an antique interior..

The variety of materials used for the manufacture of stairs, as well as an endless variety of their combinations, allows you to create truly unique “outfits”. And here, as in the toilets of fashionistas, there are canons and rules regarding what is combined and harmonized with and what should be avoided. Despite the complexity of the process of dressing the stairs in decent clothes, with today’s choice, you can materialize the most incredible dream of what a staircase should be in your home. So it remains to find those who will embody it in a real house and a specific place..
Well, the materialization of the imagination drawn by the imagination of how a staircase should look like in your house depends entirely on how competently it is designed and executed by professionals.

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