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Own island … A small piece of land surrounded by a water surface, which belongs to its owner undividedly, a place of rest or even permanent residence – this is a real dream that in the modern world can be easily made a reality.

The first buyers of the islands of this project were foreign citizens, on which the creators made the main bet. So, the islands that are part of the “Russia” archipelago were sold out, of course, by our compatriots, “Shanghai” and “China” were acquired by a famous businessman from China, and the largest buyer is a company from Kuwait, which became the owner of the whole “Australia” and “New Zealand”. Most often, buyers plan to build a resort on the island, which in the future will become a source of income, that is, not for their own use, but to generate income from tourists.

As for the prices for Arab artificial islands, even during the construction, the initial cost of one small island was from $ 10 million, after the completion of the project, prices increased and today you can become the owner of a picturesque island in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Dubai by paying an amount of 15 to 50 million dollars.

It is much cheaper to buy an island off the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea, for example, one of the Dalmatian islands. In total, Croatia owns more than a thousand islands, many of which are not inhabited at all.

You can buy an island without buildings with an area of ​​about 36 thousand square meters for only 600 thousand euros.

The value of the islands of Montenegro also rarely exceeds the amount of 1 million euros. The islands off the coast of Italy and France are very popular with buyers. There are such interesting proposals as an island near Venice, in the lagoon, next to the sea routes and only 5 minutes by boat from the land. The cost of this offer is 3.5 million euros, but it should be borne in mind that on the island of 8 thousand square meters there are already buildings and a well-kept garden with a large collection of rose bushes.

The French islands are located not only in the Mediterranean, but also along the Seine. For example, an island of 10 hectares, just 40 minutes from Paris, with two historic buildings, a garden, a swimming pool and tennis courts, can be bought for 3.5 million euros. And next to Stockholm there are two islands that are sold as a “set”, on the larger of which there is a cozy house with a sauna. The cost of such an acquisition is 1.5 million euros.

Among other interesting and highly demanded European offers, it is worth noting the Greek islands located in the Aegean and Ionian Seas and sold by the government for 2-3 million euros, as well as the islands of Spain.

How to buy an island

Emma J Williams. Pink Island. 2004

The most inexpensive islands are considered to be off the coast of Canada – from 30 thousand dollars. However, these land areas, completely overgrown with dense forest, are not very popular, since the harsh Canadian climate does not allow them to be used as a resting place..

There are also Japanese islands for sale, for example, Tougasaki Island, with an area of ​​12.5 thousand square meters and a cost of 1 million euros. By the way, the current owner of the island is engaged in pearl cultivation, so those wishing to try their hand at such an unusual, but very beautiful business, can buy an existing business with the island.

Islands in the warm Caribbean are in great demand. For example, the islands Joe’s Cay and Bottle Cay, which cost about 800 thousand dollars each. The size of the first is 4 hectares, the second is almost 3 hectares. Islands are “wild”, that is, without buildings.

It should be noted that the geography of the “island” market is very wide, there is an opportunity to become the owner of an Australian island and a land plot off the coast of South America, as well as in the Baltic Sea – Estonia and Latvia quite often put up for sale small islands off their coast.

Island cost

Interestingly, the cost of such a unique property as an island rarely depends only on its area. Factors such as location and developed infrastructure have a much greater influence on price formation. In general, the important features that affect the value of the islands include:


Of course, the cost of islands in the hot south, in the Caribbean or Mediterranean Sea, is ten times higher than the price of islands in the harsh northern waters. The proximity to the “mainland” also affects the price – the more time the new owner spends on a trip to his property, the more expensive such trips will cost him. So the islands, in the immediate vicinity of which there is a large city with an airport, look much more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers;

Availability of fresh water

If the island does not have its own source, the owner will have to invest additional funds in the installation of equipment for desalination of seawater or take care of the delivery problem, so the island with an existing source will obviously cost a little more;


For example, today one of the most expensive proposals is Highbourne Cay Island, which can be acquired for $ 45 million. Its territory of 182 hectares contains several residential buildings, a harbor, a supermarket, underground roads and, of course, a beach. Another “expensive treat” is Keswick Island in Australia, worth $ 33 million. On its 526 hectares, there is a real village, a five-star hotel for guests and its own airstrip. By the way, experts advise nevertheless to pay attention to the islands with existing buildings, despite their higher cost, since the construction of buildings and the arrangement of infrastructure can ultimately cost even more..

According to experts from international real estate agencies, a reasonable combination of the benefits of civilization, such as communications, electricity, solid buildings and unspoiled nature, clean ecology and well-established communication with the continent, is considered ideal..

Islands in Russia

The “island” market is not at all the prerogative of exclusively exotic countries; you can become the owner of your own island in Russia. But the vast majority of Russian islands are located in the Arctic Circle and can only be of interest to oil and gas companies hoping to find minerals.

However, you can find a small island in the lower reaches of the Volga or on one of the large reservoirs. Today, for example, there is an opportunity to become the owner of an island with an area of ​​4 thousand square meters in the Pskov reservoir for only 90 thousand dollars.

How much is the island
Nicholas Roerich. Holy Island. 1917

Of course, the Russian island market is not distinguished by a large selection and does not attract buyers as much as the world one. For example, an abandoned camp site on an island along the Volga, not far from Kazan, has not yet found new owners, since it requires significant investments, and an island on the Kostroma reservoir with an area of ​​110 hectares is sold for 40 million rubles and scares off potential buyers at too high a price.

In addition, many islands located on Russian rivers in the spring are flooded almost completely by flood waters, which creates serious difficulties during construction. It is also worth taking into account the peculiarities of Russian legislation – on the islands related to agricultural land, the construction of infrastructure facilities is completely prohibited, and the transfer of land from one category to another can be even more expensive than the purchase itself and will take a long time due to numerous bureaucratic delays. It is for this reason, for example, that the island of Kruglitsa, located just 16 kilometers from Rostov-on-Don, not far from the village of Borisoglebsky, has not yet found its buyer..

Purchase features

In developed countries, the purchase of islands is becoming more commonplace and is usually formalized through a traditional sales contract. However, transactions with the islands still have their own characteristics, so, the agreement necessarily stipulates the owner’s responsibility for the environmental situation on the island itself and its coast, it is possible that deforestation in a certain area or the development of a beach area will be prohibited..

You should immediately find out about the presence of such restrictions, as well as about the political situation in the country that owns the island as a whole and on the most vending piece of land in particular. For example, Mel Gibson, who bought the island of Mago, belonging to the Republic of Fiji, for 15 million dollars, was very unpleasantly surprised that a group of Aboriginal people lived on its land, who were very unhappy with the appearance of a new owner and even threatened to sue the actor.

Some countries, such as Thailand and the United States, do not transfer their own land in full ownership to citizens of other states, but only provide the island for use for a long time.

That is, a foreign tenant will be able to live and use such an island, but not to inherit it..

Today, buying an island is becoming an increasingly fashionable trend. Johnny Depp, David Copperfield, Nicolas Cage and many other famous personalities have islands. Of the Russian buyers of the islands, only Roman Abramovich is known, whose acquisition of New Holland Island in St. Petersburg for a substantial sum of $ 400 million was named one of the most significant deals of the past year. The rest of the rich Russians do not advertise their purchases, so it is not known how many islands in the world belong to the citizens of our country..

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