What is the dream of the wedding for – your own: what does it mean according to the dream book

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It is known that a wedding ceremony is a wonderful, bright, vibrant event. It used to be thought that such an event was dreamed of for joy, well-being and incredible luck. Over time, the interpretation has changed: many dream books reveal the essence in different ways. Why see your wedding in a dream? You will find the answer below..

Why dream your own wedding

The most common one in search engines is the question of what is your wedding dreaming for? A clear interpretation of the different dream books will help consider the three most popular meanings:

  1. An event may be a dream before receiving good news, good events. Such an event promises only joy and not a single sad news.
  2. To dream of a wedding, where sad guests were going to walk, parents – to illness, bad news and unpleasant actions.
  3. If you dream about marriage, it’s a sign: it’s time to devote more time to your soulmate.

Wedding preparations

In most cases, the preparation of such an event may be dreamed of by young girls and women over 35. Perhaps this is just someone else’s dream, which must come true. However, if you look at the pages of the dream book, then he will explain what dreams about preparing for your own wedding:

  1. The partner wants to tell you about all his feelings, but hesitates.
  2. If in a dream a girl prepares, wearing a beautiful white dress, tries on it in a store, it means that she is planning to purchase some kind of global purchase.
  3. I had a wedding – it’s vanity, pleasant chores around the house and heartfelt confessions, an invitation to a date.

Wedding ceremony

Why dream of a married wedding

If girls, being unmarried, have pleasant dreams about a wedding celebration – there is nothing surprising here. On the other hand, it’s very worrying about what a married lady’s own wedding is dreaming of:

  1. To see yourself in remarriage, but already in a dream – you need to understand your family. There may be a misunderstanding or a slight quarrel..
  2. If a married woman dreamed of a marriage, then it is quite possible that there is another man who is ready to act and win a lady.
  3. If this is a dream of a married lady, then expect a hassle from which you can not hide. Sooner or later, the moment comes when your own sleep indicates a relationship problem with the spouse.

Unmarried girl

Probably every daughter would like to see in a dream his own triumph. White dress, happy mother, beautiful decor, an oath and many flowers. But is it so beautiful and pleasant, as in reality? Why dream about your unmarried girl’s wedding:

  1. If this is a celebration with a loved one, a loved one in a dream, then in reality the relationship of the couple will become even stronger than before. There is love and trust, tenderness and real care..
  2. If a girl sees a stranger as her husband, unexpected events will happen that will turn everything upside down. In general, in any dream, an unfamiliar young man is a fateful messenger of auspicious news..
  3. A dream promises immediate responsible decisions.

Groom, bride and guests

Why does a man dream about a wedding

Sometimes the male sex also has pleasant moments associated with a wedding celebration. For some it will be familiar, for others it will be an obstacle. Here is an interesting interpretation of what a married man is dreaming of:

  1. Basically, if a young man had a dream of his own marriage, then he will expect dramatic changes in work. And most importantly, these changes will be favorable. For example, the long-awaited promotion or opening of your own business.
  2. For a married man, if a dream is a wedding, this is a new round in relations with his soulmate. A man recognizes his wife from another interesting side, which he had not noticed before..
  3. Basically, their own triumph is to correct mistakes, review all past grievances.

Why dream your wedding with your loved one

Girls on the eve of their own holiday can no longer think of anything else. This is a considerable stress for the body, because you need everything to go fine. Therefore, many dreams of triumph mean nothing if an event is about to take place. But why dream of a wedding with a guy, if there was no question of a personal holiday? There are several interpretations of such a dream..

The main interpretations:

  1. The second half as a husband is already a good sign. Most likely, the relationship will move to a new stage, which will be much more comfortable and more interesting for both people..
  2. Love works miracles, so if you see triumph and a mate in your dreams, it means that the romantic recognition that the girl dreamed about for many years, pregnancy is not far off.
  3. Beloved guy, as the strongest shoulder, which is important to lean on. A holiday with a half you cannot live without is stability, prosperity and trust between people.

Bride and groom

With husband

Many are interested in the question of why dreaming of a wedding with your own husband? Most dream books give an unambiguous interpretation of such an event. If the marriage includes real spouses, then you should expect problems. This can be a showdown, as well as family disorder. To prevent all misunderstandings, it is better to come to a common denominator. Sometimes dreams tend to come true. In any case, it is better to look into the dream book.

With friend

Boyfriends in a dream are a good sign, but not for a girl, but for a male. What is the dream of a wedding with a friend? There are a lot of options, here are some of them:

  1. I had a dream – a guy who acts as a husband will have a girl for whom he will be ready for anything.
  2. Most likely, he does not consider the mistress of sleep, as a girlfriend. Here is something much more than simple conversations and advice: sympathy or unrequited love.
  3. A friend wants to tell or talk about being born in the shower. It is worth listening to, suddenly this information will become useful and necessary.

Girl is sleeping

Failed wedding

If the celebration ended in full swing – this is bad. Many girls begin to worry: why dream of running away from their wedding? It is important to pay attention to the emotions experienced by the dreamer. If this is a chagrin, then things are not far off, which I really do not want to complete to the end. If this is joy, then the load will be reduced, which used to put a lot of pressure, but nothing good will come of it. Many dream books, for example, Miller, interpret a dream in which an escaped bride is present as a messenger of an unwanted marriage.

With ex boyfriend

When parting, the girl’s soul is full of emotions. This is both relief and suffering. In such a difficult period, you can see dreams of a different nature. What is the dream of a wedding with an ex-boyfriend, even if everything is already completed? Firstly, this may mean that the girl’s life has not come to the most pleasant stage. Secondly, sooner or later the black bar will change to white. The female sex needs to take time for her beloved, to discard all the acquired negativity and believe in a bright future.

With ex-husband

The female gender often wonders about what a dream is with a ex-husband? Why does the past not let go, constantly finds them? This can be explained by only one obvious fact: the girl still often thinks of a break and return. What is the dream of your own wedding? A former husband may dream, demanding a reassessment of all the actions that were once taken. Most likely, it’s time to learn from your own mistakes.

Bride and groom

Why dream a wedding without a groom

Two people must take part in the ceremony: the bride and groom. You can not imagine a celebration without a male. Here’s what a wedding without a groom is dreaming of:

  1. The absence of her husband at the wedding is a warning about imminent unpleasant events and incidents. It is time to gather our forces, be more attentive to family life, and carefully take on further matters.
  2. I dreamed of my own wedding without a groom – these are obstacles that prevent the dreamer’s dream from coming true.

With another man

As a rule, an outsider is an intimate desire of a girl. What is the dream of a wedding with another man? Almost all interpretations promise the dreamer: she lacks sensations during intercourse. Perhaps you should tell your husband about the onset of time to try a new, unknown, to diversify intimate life. It is not always necessary to completely trust dreams. This is not the real world, but only what we most fear or, on the contrary, desire, but never say.

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