Real estate in resort areas of Russia: Altai and Baikal

The Pribaikalsky region is known for the fact that it is here that there is a zone that includes specially protected areas, including areas for nature conservation purposes, water protection areas, prohibited and spawning zones, the Pribaikalsky nature reserve, lands occupied by forests, rare landscapes. In addition, in this area there are health-improving lands – healing areas, resorts, mineral springs, reserves of medicinal mud. Also, this zone includes lands of historical and cultural significance, on which monuments of culture and history are located. The development of tourist and recreational complexes is a priority area of ​​the district.

Due to such unique natural conditions, the cost of real estate in the Pribaikalsky region is quite high: a house with an area of ​​only 36 square meters, located on a plot of 18 acres in the village of Goryachinsk, 150 meters from Lake Baikal and next to a hot spring will cost the buyer 2 million rubles.

Today, there is a shortage of comfortable hotels and mini-hotels on Lake Baikal, so experts call investments in this industry one of the most profitable. And your own house on Lake Baikal will allow you to relax surrounded by untouched nature at any time of the year. The only drawback is the remoteness from the European part of Russia – the train from Moscow to Irkutsk takes about 3.5 days, and from Irkutsk to Ulan-Ude – another 8 hours. However, the airliner travels over 5 thousand kilometers from Moscow to Irkutsk in just 5.5 hours. From the main settlement of the Irkutsk region to Listvyanka village, located on the shore of Lake Baikal, another 68 kilometers, to the village of Kultuk, the southernmost point of Baikal – 90 kilometers.

By the way, it is in Listvyanka, in the Chernoy depression that the residence of the President of Russia is being built, in which it is planned to hold meetings with the leaders of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.


The main factors that still hold back the development of the real estate market in the resorts of the Altai Territory are the poorly developed transport network of the region, as well as the low paying capacity of the local population. Thus, residents of the region do not yet have the opportunity to purchase residential real estate, including mansions and mini-hotels, and Muscovites and residents of other large cities in the European part of Russia are in no hurry to invest in real estate in areas that have certain difficulties to get to..

There are still few organized cottage settlements in Altai, most of the transactions are made in the secondary market, in the private sector of the region. This situation contributes to the fact that the range of prices for houses in various resorts of Altai is very large and sometimes the established cost of mansions is not economically justified..

The most famous resorts of Altai today are Ust-Koks, Chemal and Belokurikha. The highest prices for real estate objects were in Belokurikha – from 650 thousand rubles to 20 million rubles for a newly built house with an area of ​​100 to 300 square meters.

How to buy real estate in Altai
Zoteev Victor. Chemal’s Katun. 1987

The cost of private houses in Ust-Koks varies in the range from 600 thousand to 9 million rubles, and in Chamal, a house will cost the buyer from 600 thousand to 12 million rubles, depending on the area, quality of decoration and the size of the personal plot.

Experts believe that due to the small number of proposals, new business and premium-class objects in Altai are too overvalued, and the proposals of the secondary market are mostly outdated buildings in need of reconstruction. Experts note that the elite real estate sector in Altai is still practically absent, due to the fact that among local residents, including the population of Barnaul, the demand for such properties is extremely low, and visitors have not yet been able to appreciate all the advantages of the region.

Sellers of some Altai real estate agencies insist that the region has a unique energy and promotes the disclosure of talents and creative possibilities..

Although there are exceptions, for example, in the village of Askat, most of the residents are visiting artists, sculptors and writers who are attracted to Altai by the beauty of nature and the opportunity to be creative surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

It is worth noting that the popularity of the Altai Territory among investors is also facilitated by various legends about this region, in particular, the myth that it is in this area that an area is located that will survive all possible future natural disasters. Sellers of some real estate agencies in the Altai Territory insist that the region has a unique energy and promotes the disclosure of talents and creative opportunities..

The Altai primary real estate market is still represented by single proposals, such as the Katunsky settlement located on the right bank of the Katun River, just 1 kilometer from the Uznezya village, the Barantal settlement, which practically merges with the Chemal settlement, the Zarechye settlement, which is located on the territory of Cheposhsky municipal formation, 18 kilometers from the village of Chemal. Interestingly, most often the cost of cottages in such villages is not disclosed and is subject to bargaining. Such newly erected villages have a developed tourist infrastructure, are designed only for visitors and vacationers, as they do not have a labor market and are located far from large settlements of the region.

According to statistics, the greatest demand for rest in Altai resorts and real estate in Altai is not among Muscovites and Petersburgers, but among residents of Siberian cities.

The flight from Moscow to Barnaul will take about 4 hours, another 5 hours is taken by a regular bus to Belokurikha, which is 241 kilometers from the city..

How to buy

It is worth remembering that many real estate objects located in the resort regions of our country have construction restrictions. For example, in many areas near Lake Baikal, only the construction of summer cottages is allowed. It should also be borne in mind that agricultural land plots, on which construction is prohibited, can be transferred to a different category of land plots with a large expenditure of funds and time, this procedure is associated with significant bureaucratic delays.

That is why, according to information from market experts, plots of land on Lake Baikal and the Altai Territory with already erected buildings, sometimes dilapidated are in great demand..

There are no special restrictions on the purchase of real estate in these regions of Russia for foreigners, it is only necessary to provide evidence of the legality of their stay in the country.

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