Real estate in the USA: market features and the most interesting offers

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The United States of America … In the 80s and 90s, this country was for Russians a real symbol of freedom, economic prosperity and a chance to earn, if not millions, but certainly tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, now, after the economic crisis that began in the United States and some stabilization of the situation in our country, the situation has changed somewhat, and yet the States are of constant interest among the residents of Russia..

On average, the cost of an ordinary apartment not in the most prestigious area on the outskirts of New York has settled at the level of 100-130 thousand dollars, but the prices for living space in Manhattan and other central areas will not frighten unless Muscovites and residents of London and Tokyo. New York real estate is considered one of the most expensive in the world, for example, a penthouse in Manhattan can cost anywhere from $ 2 to $ 30 million.

On average, the cost per square meter in the central districts of New York varies from 8 to 22 thousand dollars.

Previously, many areas of the city were considered not prestigious and even dangerous due to the mass of emigrants from Africa or Latin America who lived in them. A striking example of this attitude is Harlem, where apartments for a long time remained significantly cheaper than the city average due to the reputation of a dangerous area. Currently, this situation is beginning to change for the better – the authorities are concerned with the improvement of disadvantaged areas, in particular, the family of President Clinton opened their own office in Harlem in order to attract the attention of investors to the area and prove that doing business here is quite safe and profitable.

Apartments in the Central Park area, which are considered one of the best for living with children, as well as the tourist Midtown, “trendy” Soho and “bohemian” Chelsea are in great demand among Americans and citizens of other countries..

There are no typical houses in New York, the real estate market is distinguished by an enviable variety: apartments with terraces, lofts, studios, apartments in skyscrapers and modest old mansions – the buyer can choose housing according to his taste and budget..

A feature of real estate in New York is also that the cost of housing depends on what type of property the house belongs to: usually apartments in cooperatives are somewhat cheaper than apartments in condominiums. This difference is due to the fact that cooperative apartments are purchased in the form of buying shares in an organization and the owner is obliged to make a decision on his living space only after consulting with the other members of the cooperative. In this case, who exactly became your neighbors and partners in the cooperative plays an important role, for example, the council of the association may prohibit the owner from renting an apartment for a long time or redeveloping.

In a condominium, apartments are easier to sell or buy, the owner has greater freedom of action, and no one restricts his right to rent out the apartment. It is thanks to the higher level of liquidity that housing in a condominium is somewhat more expensive than a cooperative one. In addition, newly erected condominiums receive tax breaks that save on monthly utility bills..

Florida, Miami

It’s no secret that the highest demand among Russian stars and millionaires is for luxurious mansions on the ocean shore in Miami. Valery Leontiev, Angelica Varum with Leonid Agutin, Christina Orbakaite, Irina Allegrova and many other domestic celebrities have acquired houses in this Atlantic paradise. By the way, at one time Nikolai Baskov did not have enough funds to buy a mansion and the singer had to be content with a small apartment in Miami.

Miami Real Estate
Andrew Roy Thackeray. Miami Beach Outside. 2010

The cost of a house in Miami is quite high and can be several million dollars, although there are also cheaper offers in the region of 500-600 thousand dollars. The price of detached houses largely depends on the location: a view of the ocean can raise the value of a house by a rather substantial amount..

The trendiest and most modern condominiums are located in areas such as Miami Beach, while the most fashionable are the residences in Palm Beach and Boca Raton. Real estate on the Florida Keys is called somewhat exotic, and real palaces with sea views await wealthy buyers in the Golden Beach area..

Comfortable apartments with beautiful views can be purchased in the Bal Harbor area, and on Fisher Island it is easy to find a truly aristocratic penthouse with windows overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Investors in Miami are attracted, of course, by the climate – summer never ends here, picturesque nature and the atmosphere of eternal relaxation. In addition, there is an opportunity to rent out accommodation to tourists, so that the cost of maintaining an apartment can pay off. However, despite the assurances of experts that investments in Miami real estate are extremely profitable, not everyone can afford such an investment..

Los Angeles, California

Another city of the United States, most popular among Russians, where apartments and houses can be compared in cost to Moscow and London standards, is Los Angeles, famous and known to every Russian from numerous Hollywood films..

Along with Florida, California attracts real estate buyers with its mild climate, spectacular ocean views, the opportunity to enjoy activities such as windsurfing or water skiing any time of the year, proximity to Disneyland and an overall aura of never-ending fun..

Real estate in California
K. Sing. California. Golden gate bridge

However, the glory of the earthquake zone and the forest fires that occur from time to time were still able to somewhat “spoil” the reputation of this state, so that the value of real estate here is lower than in Florida or the average for New York. In addition, California is separated from Russia by a much greater distance than from Florida, which significantly reduces the demand for real estate in this state among Russians..

A typical Californian house without a view of the Pacific Ocean and an area of ​​about 100 square meters will cost the buyer from 200 to 300 thousand dollars.

Interestingly, if the cost of housing is too low, many Americans begin to suspect problems with neighbors or hidden defects, and most often they turn out to be right..

Beachfront mansions, two-story buildings with a pool and an oceanfront terrace can range from $ 2 million to $ 25 million, depending on the size of the home and the furnishings required. Agencies often increase the cost of a building just because it once belonged to a Hollywood star, however, not all potential buyers are willing to pay for such an additional bonus..

Hawaii and Alaska

To get a more complete impression of the US real estate market, it is worth talking about the “extreme points” of this country – the hot and exotic Hawaiian Islands and cold Alaska, so close to our Kamchatka.

Hawaii Real Estate
Leroy Neiman. Diamond head hawaii

Real estate in Hawaii has a traditionally high value, of course, if it’s not a palm leaf hut on the beach. On average, the cost of a cottage on the shore is 400-500 thousand dollars, an apartment – 200-300 thousand dollars. Due to the high price, the purchase of real estate for a certain time is popular, the so-called timeshare, which also allows different property owners to exchange their homes. This option is ideal for living on the island while on vacation.

A completely different picture has developed in Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, where most of the population of this northern state lives. The cost of apartments in the capital of Alaska is quite comparable with the prices for housing in the Russian regions and has settled at the level of 1.7-1.9 thousand dollars. So, for a house with a garage, 4 bedrooms, an area of ​​220 square meters, you will have to pay only 386 thousand dollars.

The variety of offers on the US real estate market allows you to choose an apartment or house to the taste of each buyer. Such an investment can be called profitable only in cases where the investor is connected with this country by business, education, or the United States can become a place of permanent residence. However, in many ways, a mansion in Miami is considered the same symbol of wealth and prestige as an apartment in central London.

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