The cost of building a country house, depending on the construction technology

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The construction season is open, many Muscovites this year will decide to build their own country house. The demand for plots in the Moscow region is only growing, therefore, housing construction will also be in demand.

The cost of building a country house, depending on the construction technology
Vincent van Gogh. The White House at Night. 1890

Let’s try to figure out how much the new house will cost. It is not so easy to calculate the exact cost of the future cottage, because everyone has different ideas about the ideal country house, and there are a lot of types of country houses. In this article, we, based on the data of Moscow construction companies, will try to figure out how much it will cost to build a brick, wooden and frame country house. At the moment, these are the most common types of suburban buildings..

In any case, first you need to create an exact architectural project that will contain all the details: dimensions, the amount of required building and finishing materials, and so on. Each construction firm provides project development services. So, for example, design services will cost you about 1000-1500 rubles per sq. m. Then you need to choose the main building material and estimate its cost – currently the most common construction technologies: from wood, brick and frame technologies.

Whichever technology the consumer chooses, the average cost per square meter will not exceed 25 thousand rubles.

Let’s dwell separately on the foundation and the roof. The construction of the foundation will cost you from 1,000 to 4,500 rubles per square meter, depending on the technology used for laying the foundation. Manufacturing and installation of insulated roofs will cost from 1000 rubles per square meter. The cost of cladding works depends on the materials used: euro slate – from 180 rubles per square meter, metal tiles – from 290 rudders per square meter, soft roof – from 450 rubles per square meter, tiles – from 580 rubles per square meter.

Note that modern people have become more demanding, they are interested not only in square meters: recently, the ecological and consumer properties of suburban housing have become important. Among the main requirements for a house are reliability and durability, fire safety, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. In general, we can say that whatever technology the consumer chooses, the average cost of building a country house will not exceed 25 thousand rubles per square meter..

How much will a wooden house cost

Wooden country houses are still the most popular in Russia. Their main feature is environmentally friendly building materials. In such a house, wood has a beneficial effect on the human body, as it has the ability to “breathe”. A wooden cottage is a warm home. Wood is a material with very low thermal conductivity and a unique ability to store heat. Unlike stone and brick buildings, in which the air is very often dry and with a high content of carbon dioxide, there is no such problem in a wooden house – the optimal composition and humidity of air are provided by the air exchange properties of wood. The durability of such a house is estimated at about 80-100 years..

How much will a wooden house cost
Krymov Nikolai Petrovich. After a spring rain. 1908

Wooden houses are built of rounded solid logs or glued profiled beams. Wood must be treated with special compounds that protect against pests and fungi. The cost of a log house, as a rule, is about 25-30% of the total cost of such a house.

It should be noted that the construction of this type of country houses takes a lot of time. The peculiarity of wooden buildings is that after the construction of a log house, it must stand for some time to shrink (sometimes up to 6 months). And only after that can the final and finishing work be carried out. If you want to save a little, then phased construction of the house can be considered as an option. In this case, the necessary building materials can be purchased in parts. But remember also about the possible price increase..

According to experts, it will be possible to build a wooden house this season at a price of 10,000 to 22,000 rubles per square meter. It all depends on the materials used. The cheapest material is rounded timber, and the most expensive is glued timber.

How much will it cost to build a brick house

As you know, brick cottages are also quite popular buildings, mainly due to their strength. Brick is primarily valued for its durability. A brick house will last for many years and will be perfectly preserved. By investing in the construction of such a house, you can be sure that you, your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren will live well in it. The service life of brick houses is estimated by experts at 100-150 years..

How much will it cost to build a brick house
Zhukovsky Stanislav Yulianovich. White House. 1906

The peculiarity of brick houses is that the walls are built of clay bricks, as a rule, in the form of solid masonry, which can sometimes be supplemented with some details – brick of various textures and shades, natural stone, dark stained wood, etc..

It should also be noted that in terms of environmental friendliness, brick houses are noticeably inferior to wooden ones. Air exchange in such a building is very difficult. In addition, leaning against a wooden wall is much more pleasant than against a brick one. Due to the high thermal conductivity, brick walls constantly seem cold.

If we consider the range of prices for the construction of a brick house, then such a country cottage will cost you from 15 thousand to 21 thousand rubles per square meter.

Modern frame house

Now let’s consider how much it will cost to build a frame house. The basis of such a house is a frame assembled from dry wood (timber) with a pitch of 500-600mm, it is a very rigid and durable structure. From the outside, the frame is sheathed with a moisture-resistant OSB board. Such a house will serve you for more than a dozen years; with the proper quality of materials, its service life can reach 100 years. The construction of such a house takes place quite quickly – an experienced team can cope with the task in just a couple of months with finishing. Another feature is that you can develop a huge number of projects, since the variety of finishes is very wide. Another advantage of frame country houses is that the building keeps heat well with fairly thin walls. It’s all about the unique construction technology, namely, the use of layers of different composition and, accordingly, the properties.

Modern frame house
Carl Larsson. The Cottage. 1897

Another argument in favor of this type of houses is the simplicity of construction, which does not require expensive equipment and a large number of builders. Which makes it possible to save on the total cost of the house.

The average cost of building a frame house depends on the materials used and ranges from 14 thousand to 25 thousand rubles per square meter. Note that the cheapest projects are built from SIP panels, and the most expensive – from volumetric modular.

Let’s sum up

Now let us summarize the information received. To calculate the total cost of building a country house, you need to add up the cost of all the main stages of construction.

The total amount includes: purchase of a house project, the cost of the main building material, foundation, roof. To this must also be added external and internal finishing work, electricity, heating, sewerage and plumbing installation, as well as the arrangement of the adjacent territory. The cost of these materials and works is determined individually and depends solely on the wishes of the owners.

Now let’s calculate how much a typical house of 100 sq.m. will cost. A wooden house made of rounded solid logs will cost about 1.5 million, from glued beams from 2.5 to 3 million rubles. Brick – from 2 million to 2.6 million rubles. A frame house, depending on the panels used, will cost from 1.9 million to 3 million rubles. In this calculation, we included the cost of the architectural project (100 thousand – 150 thousand rubles), the construction of the foundation (100 thousand – 450 thousand rubles), roof covering (20 thousand – 50 thousand rubles) and, of course, construction at home.

The calculation did not take into account the cost of external and internal finishing work, as well as landscaping. Of course, this calculation is of an average and approximate nature, each specific project will have its exact cost according to the construction estimate. However, it makes it possible to estimate the likely cost of building a country house..

Having decided to build a country house, you need to analyze all the factors and choose the option that is most suitable for you.

We did not take into account the decoration, but you will need to live in this house, therefore, and bring it to mind. From this point of view, the most profitable is a wooden house made of rounded logs, it is not only the cheapest in construction, but also makes it possible to save on external and internal finishing. This is a warm and cozy house, with proper wood processing, it will last a long time, and modern refractory impregnations will significantly increase its fire resistance.

When choosing a house, you should pay attention not only to the price, but also take into account other very important points. For example, if you plan to live permanently in a country house all year round, it is better to choose a wooden or frame option. These houses are warmer than brick houses. In terms of durability, they are also not very much inferior to brick buildings. However, a brick house also has its own advantages – it is high fire resistance and durability, as well as the ability to create an unusual design. At their construction price, brick and frame houses are almost the same, only here there are some nuances – a frame house requires external finishing, while a brick house can do without it. However, the main advantage of frame houses is fast construction. Therefore, deciding to build a country house, you need to analyze all the factors and choose the option that is most suitable for you..

Also, at the start of the new construction season, I would like to remind consumers of some possible risks that are directly related to the involvement of non-professional construction crews. Among them: the sudden disappearance of the contractor and the inability to find him by the provided coordinates, sharp and unexpected growth in prices for materials and work, failure to comply with deadlines, detection of technological errors and defects in the first year of operation of the building. The most common scheme used by non-professionals is assurances that they will build a house quickly and cheaply, using only quality materials. However, it is worth remembering that free cheese is only in a mousetrap, you cannot build a house with high quality for a song.

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