Aspects of the choice of accessories for PVC windows

Fittings designed for the good functioning of plastic windows are different from the auxiliary parts installed on simple windows. Devices that allow the opening and closing of windows, hinges responsible for the stable fastening of the sashes in the opening, various handles and other additional elements are important components of the window hardware..

Aspects of the choice of accessories for PVC windows

The auxiliary elements include not only the above-mentioned parts, but also other mechanical devices that perform important functions for the flawless use of plastic windows. The hardware is designed to ensure trouble-free operation of the window for a long time. It should be noted that in modern PVC windows, manufacturers provide for the presence in the window structure of many additional parts designed for certain functions. However, there is a set of fittings that is necessary for the basic use of the window..

Aspects of the choice of accessories for PVC windows

Hinges are the first necessary element, without which it is simply unrealistic to use a window, to open and close window sashes. The hinges are installed evenly, as a rule, in two, and sometimes in three places, depending on the height of the window. Fuses that prevent spontaneous (for example, wind or draft) closing of the window sash also perform an important function. The clamps provided for automatic window mounting facilitate its installation in the window opening. To facilitate the process of opening and closing window sashes, devices are installed, such as rotation angle limiters, mechanisms that ensure easy lifting of window sashes and others..

Handles installed on PVC windows should perform not only a decorative function, but also be as easy to use as possible. It is impossible to imagine the process of opening or closing a window without handles. Grasping a comfortable handle in your palm, the actions associated with opening and closing window sashes will always be easy and comfortable.

Aspects of the choice of accessories for PVC windows

In modern models of plastic windows, there are samples equipped with devices that protect windows to a certain extent from insidious break-ins. The presence of such an additional protective function of the window will not be at all superfluous in the implementation of home security measures.

A pivoting device built into the PVC window determines the overall appearance of the window. There are basically three types of slewing gears:

  • vertical suspension
  • horizontal suspension
  • the presence of a swing-out device

Fittings with a vertical pivot suspension have been used for a long time not only in plastic windows, but also in wooden window constructions. However, even today this type of mechanism, complemented by modern elements, is often used when installing window sashes..

Aspects of the choice of accessories for PVC windows

The horizontal arrangement of the suspension makes it much easier to turn the window sashes using the handle to the desired angle of rotation. In this case, the window sashes are in the selected position without fixing the hardware parts. Hardware with a horizontal suspension position can be used in absolutely any type of windows.

The presence of the swing-out device makes it possible to set the opening of the sash at the required distance, which affects the absence of vents in most models of plastic windows. The swing-out device unites all the fittings into a single closed system. The advantages are obvious: this system is able to evenly distribute the loads exerted on the fittings parts. You can control this mechanism with a handle. Free opening of the window sashes, turning to the selected angle, as well as fixing the sashes can be carried out by turning the same handle. The presence of a swing-out device completely replaces the presence of a window in the window space and makes the appearance of the window aesthetic, attractive and modern.

Of course, the main criteria required when choosing window fittings are its operational properties, on which the durability of the good work of windows depends. Reliability and durability of all elements of the fittings used in PVC windows are the key to long and trouble-free operation of all window parts. The fittings to be installed must last a normalized period, providing for a certain period of window operation.

Aspects of the choice of accessories for PVC windows

Do not forget about the materials that were used in the manufacture of accessories. The main parts of the fittings, which bear the main physical load, are made of metal. Metal parts guarantee the strength and durability of the fittings, and therefore the entire window. For decorative finishing of such elements in places where details of window fittings will be visually visible, plastic is used.

To ensure a brilliant appearance of the window, it is necessary to remember that the fittings used in the window arrangement must meet all the requirements not only in terms of their technical data, but also have an attractive and aesthetic appearance. Only such a window will become a hallmark of the individuality of its owner..

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