Beyond the standard: frameless balcony glazing

Frameless balcony glazing

But behind them there may be something truly new and beautiful! In this case, getting rid of the framework means taking a qualitatively larger step towards the future..

The developers of the frameless glazing technology for balconies did just that – literally. Eliminating the traditional racks, they achieved an amazing effect: the glass was able to show itself, as they say, “in all its glory”, without interrupting the endless transparent surface with “battle wounds” of the beams. This impression is multiplied by the relatively large area, creating a truly panoramic volume.

Of course, in reality everything is not so simple: after all, the frames for the glazing of balconies act as supporting elements. And it would be corny to remove them would mean leaving the structure practically defenseless against wind loads, for example – after all, the glazing of such an area has a rather high “windage”. And the weight of the glass itself, according to the laws of physics, makes its geometric contour bend, which could even lead to self-destruction. Therefore, the development of flawless technology – both in terms of safety and taking into account the convenience of long-term operation – took many years. The Finns are considered the inventors of the modern technique, but there is an opinion that the Germans were actually the “pioneers”. However, domestic buyers also have something to be proud of, since our specialists made their own design contribution by introducing more reliable frameless glazing with four points of horizontal support (top and bottom) – in contrast to European technology, in which the sash is attached to aluminum guides only with top edge. This system allows the sash to move not only in a straight line, but also in a radius. Silent plastic rollers are used for movement – carriages.

Frameless glazing of balconies makes them absolutely transparent … and, unfortunately, not only from the inside.

Today it is believed that there really are no borders for frameless balcony glazing – including in a figurative sense. It can be used on balconies and loggias of any shape and area. Tempered glasses are particularly resistant to impact – in fact, in order to break them, you need to try hard with a hammer. But even in this case, they will bring a minimum of harm: the fragments have rounded, “melted” edges and are not prone to flying away. Since the flaps are easy to fold, washing them is much more convenient and safer. Although it is necessary to make a reservation that this will have to be done more often than in the case of the traditional frame version: after all, pollution on such “transparent boundlessness” is much more clearly visible.

Balcony glazing

Unfortunately, this is not the main drawback of frameless balcony glazing. Yes, we will have to talk about the indispensable “fly in the ointment”, which, as usual, is present in any barrel of honey. The most significant reason for refusal is its exclusively “enclosing” function. Such glazing will, of course, protect from dust, wind and debris from the upper floors – but you shouldn’t hope for thermal insulation or noise reduction. Even the simplest double-glazed unit, for example, delays street sounds by at least 30 dB – and single glass, albeit tempered from 6-8 mm thick, is three times less effective in this regard. As for the temperature on the balcony, it is unlikely to differ from the outdoor temperature by more than 2-3 degrees upward, even with additional insulation. In addition, it will be impossible to install mosquito nets – there is simply nowhere.

Another disadvantage of a rather psychological plan is that the frameless glazing of the balconies makes them absolutely transparent … and, unfortunately, not only from the inside. So for those who like to flaunt on the loggia in cheerful family shorts, this option is hardly suitable (except, of course, those who like to demonstrate a new style to their neighbors). There is a certain risk of feeling like an aquarium fish in a jar placed on the window of a pet store in a crowded place. However, if your only neighbor from the balcony side is a birch grove, there is nothing to be ashamed of – and this parameter is unlikely to become decisive in your choice.

But all the same – how beautiful it is, you see! Perhaps this is the very beauty that requires not so significant sacrifices.?


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