Do-it-yourself mosquito net repair

The mosquito net is an indispensable tool for protecting premises from flying insects, as well as prevents dust and poplar fluff from entering. By its design, the frame mosquito net consists of an aluminum frame and a mosquito net.

Mosquito net repair

At the corners, the frame is mounted using plastic corners. For ease of use, handles are attached to the structure. The mesh is attached to the window frame using plastic or metal holders. Also, the mosquito net can prevent small children or animals from falling out of the window..

If the structure of the mosquito net or the mesh fabric itself is damaged, it is best to contact the specialized firms that manufacture them. As a rule, all firms that manufacture and install plastic windows also repair mosquito nets. If the fabric on your mosquito net is damaged, then it is almost impossible to replace and re-tension it yourself.

Self repair mosquito

Here you will definitely have to resort to the help of specialists, or you can simply replace the entire structure with a new one. But if you need a small repair of a mosquito net, then this is quite within the power of any person..

The most common mosquito net breakage is the breakage of the plastic holders. To replace them, you can go to shops specializing in the sale of fittings for plastic windows and purchase damaged holders. Or you can simply fix the mosquito net on the frame using suitable screws or screws. Such a mount will be more reliable if you have small children at home who like to look out of an open window..

Installing a mosquito net

If the sealing material is damaged, then a new one is purchased, the canvas is carefully cleaned and degreased and a new seal is glued. They are available in a large assortment in all hardware stores. It will also not be difficult to replace the handles. If you yourself cannot repair a mosquito net with damaged handles, then manufacturers will help you. This service is not time consuming and not expensive.

If, when installing or removing the mosquito net, you accidentally damaged the integrity of the structure, usually it is damage to the plastic corners, then here it will also not be difficult to restore the integrity of the frame. Here it is necessary to repair the mosquito net, again you will need to visit a window hardware store and purchase plastic corners, then replace the damaged ones with new ones.

It is also possible to strengthen the frame of the mosquito net using ordinary metal corners and bolts with nuts. Here you need to carefully drill through holes in the frame and mount with available spare parts.

We do not recommend using different glue, because such a repair of mosquito nets is not durable, and you still need to replace and strengthen the frame base.

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