PVC windows for a country house: is it worth buying

Cottages and country houses today are becoming more and more popular among the urban population. In most cases, the construction of walls and basic finishing work is entrusted by the customer to professional construction companies. However, at a certain stage, it becomes necessary to install windows. And then a dilemma appears: to put wooden windows or metal-plastic ones? Will PVC windows last long enough in a country house? Will they not have to be changed in the entire building (often multi-storey) in two or three years?

All these doubts are quite reasonable. Let’s try to understand the current situation in the window products market. To begin with, let’s say that both approaches have the right to exist: both the installation of PVC and wooden windows. Of course, wood has certain advantages, such as high environmental performance, low thermal conductivity. But wooden windows are also characterized by a number of significant drawbacks: very high cost, fewer opportunities for the implementation of design delights (shape, size, texture, color), exactingness to temperature and humidity conditions, the need for constant care, control of the state of wood, processing with special antifungal non-flammable compositions that protect the tree from “blue”, insect pests, mold and other misfortunes.

If you are not ready to allocate a separate column to the windows in the family budget, it is better to stop at purchasing and installing metal-plastic windows. The disadvantages of PVC structures can be attributed, by and large, only a huge number of non-professionals who want to cash in on the production and installation of such window structures. However, avoiding the services of scammers is not that difficult. It is enough to contact the representative office of a well-known manufacturer of plastic windows with an order. These include “Rehau” and “Salamander”.

These manufacturers have proven themselves as a quality and durable product not only in our market, but also on the world level. Each of these companies has their own proxies – manufacturing and installation factories – in many cities. In these organizations, windows are produced exclusively on branded equipment, and also, importantly, they are allowed to cooperate with only one manufacturer, for example, “Rehau”.

The undoubted advantages of installing metal-plastic windows in country houses include their durability and ease of maintenance, which is important in a suburban location. It is unlikely that you will want, coming to the country to relax after a difficult week, to devote time to checking the condition and caring for the windows throughout the house..

Plastic windows can significantly reduce the noise level in the house, especially if there is a motorway or entertainment facilities nearby. This quality is also important if you are the owner of a one-story house within the city. Plastic windows will reliably protect your life from the annoying screams of passers-by, almost round-the-clock communication of grandmothers talking on backyard benches, singing to the guitar of young guys in the evenings and other annoying city noises under your windows.

The ability of plastic windows to retain heat in a room during the cold season is especially important, which becomes especially important if this room is not a city heated apartment of thirty square meters, but a large country house, the heating costs of which are incomparably higher. Installation of PVC windows on all floors, including utility rooms, will ensure the complete absence of drafts, cracks, cracks and other troubles leading to significant heat loss.

Undoubtedly, PVC windows perfectly fit into the design of any room: from a wooden bathhouse to an office business study. Today, almost any variation of shades of window frames is possible, pasting them with a special film “like wood”, “like marble” and other noble materials. In addition, the shape of a plastic window can be almost any – from the classic rectangular, to round or asymmetric. It all depends only on the wishes of the customer and the professionalism of the manufacturer.

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