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A modern window is a complex system from a technical point of view, where the factory parameters of the components set by the manufacturers determine the reliability and safety of the finished structure for many years to come. The maximum loads fall on the fittings, thanks to which not only opening and closing takes place, but also additional functions are performed: ventilation, protection against slamming, the sash pressure level is controlled, etc. The equipment for windows and doors of the German group of companies ZIGENIA-AUBI is widely known in the Russian market. , which has specialized in its production for over 135 years. During this time, new requirements and standards of comfort have appeared. But the main thing that allows products to remain at the peak of demand is the accuracy of engineering solutions that flexibly meet the needs of a particular consumer..

At the peak of the form

Judging by the volume of sales, FAVORIT has been the most popular system of this manufacturer on the Russian market for several years. The combination of multifunctional mechanics, modern materials and refinement of even invisible details determine the choice of hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of consumers of translucent structures..

FAVORIT Si-line is suitable for all types of profiles and all types of windows, including arched, trapezoidal and triangular. The sash weight with appropriate reinforcement of the hinge supports can reach 130 kg, which makes it possible to vary the size of the sashes and the number of chambers in the insulating glass unit. Even under significant loads, the “proprietary” softness of the stroke is fully preserved, this indirectly characterizes the quality of the mechanics: since there are no efforts characteristic of hard locking, then there will be no premature destruction of parts. In addition, special node solutions increase the functionality of the window structure..

Microlift – the roller mechanism raises the sash when closing and prevents it from sagging due to gravity.

Airing – the range of solutions opens up a new perspective on the possibilities of indoor atmosphere control. Micro-ventilation and step ventilation are connected to the usual tilting mode, when the upper horizontal of the sash moves away from the frame by 160 mm. For example, the angular gear VSO-SP, even when the handle is turned by 45 degrees, provides micro-ventilation, or minimal air exchange, equivalent to the depressurization of the window, which is especially comfortable in winter. The SP-S unit also works conveniently, in this case the gap between the sashes and the frame is only 6 mm – enough for freshness and safety, because from the outside such a window looks closed.

Multi-stage ventilation MSP, in this case, the range of the distance set for air exchange depends on the position of the handle and is adjustable within 5-33 mm. Additional possibilities are provided by the patented ZIGENIA-AUBI solution – the ES 040 “winter-summer” ventilator, which allows the sash to be folded into two easily fixed positions: depending on the season, the position of the part changes from 40 mm to 160 mm.

Comb – a toothed rack with a counter eccentric additionally fixes the window opening in the position of 30, 60, 85 mm.

Spring compensator – the special design of the swing-out mechanism works in the tilted sash position: it protects against opening from the outside and avoids rattling of the window leaf.

Slamming blocker: the design of the locking and folding plate confidently holds the impact – even in a strong gust of wind, the sash is protected against unintentional closing.

Erroneous action blocker: two versions of the mechanism allow the sash to move in only one direction – pivoting or folding, preventing it from falling out.

Child safety: to prevent children from opening the window without the permission of adults, the installation of special handles with a lock or with a removable handle is provided.

Anti-burglary equipment. The basic security level of the WK1 is already achieved in the basic kit. It is provided by a special angular transmission with a microlift and an anti-burglar tilt support equipped with a mushroom pin. Additional security elements (up to eight) are installed around the perimeter, raising the level of security to WK2. Anti-burglary strikers are also installed on the frame.

Scissors – structurally arranged so that they allow you to adjust the level of the sash clamp. A special closer will finish moving the window from the “tilted” position to the “open” position: the scissors will fold on their own when there is still a gap to the frame.

Additional regulation possibilities in order to precisely “fit” the sash into the frame, they contain almost all the details, starting with the trunnion and ending with the hinge groups. This ensures high reliability and stability of operation throughout the life of the window. You can almost forget about drafts and noise from outside the window.

Versatility of parts – it is the result of a peculiar selection of technical solutions aimed at simplifying assembly and reducing the required stock of parts in the warehouse. application of the same nomenclature for both left and right sash.

Coating “titanium-silver”, used in the FAVORIT line is environmentally friendly, has a high level of anti-corrosion protection and reflects the fashion trends of modern industrial design.

Stylish and intelligent ZIGENIA-AUBI window and door technology, which is not only developed but also produced in Germany, meets the needs of the enlightened user and the operating conditions in the Russian climate. Continuous improvement of technologies and materials used have already made the FAVORIT line the recognized standard for the entire industry..

From 5 to 8 April 2011 in Moscow, at the Crocus-Expo exhibition center, a specialized exhibition “MosBuild: WinTecExpo Moscow / WINDOW TECHNOLOGIES” will take place. All trends and achievements in the field of windows, glass and facades will be collected here. The ZIGENIA-AUBI KG group of companies, one of the leaders in the world market for window and door fittings and ventilation systems, traditionally participates in this exhibition and invites its current and future customers and partners to stand L 235, located in hall 13 of pavilion 3. Attention of visitors will be presented as innovative proposals of ZIGENIA-AUBI, in particular the revolutionary product line TITAN AF, the latest developments and improvements to the already well-proven series, and solutions that have already become modern technical classics.


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