The best windows are plastic

Oh, this crazy, crazy world … Our life rushes at the speed of light, we are constantly in a hurry somewhere, we want to be in time for everything. Noise, screams, loud sounds are integral companions of our existence. Many people, coming home, want only one thing – peace and quiet. But often the apartment is not much quieter than the street, because the sound insulation of buildings leaves much to be desired. And windows are one of the main reasons why we cannot afford a quiet rest..

Therefore, replacing windows is not a whim, but rather a vital necessity. Today, the most popular are plastic windows, the production of which is based on a safe and reliable polymer, polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC windows have a number of advantages, which makes them the leader in the window market.


Plastic windows do an excellent job of soundproofing due to their special design, which allows them to be closed tightly enough so that noise, and in addition, dust and moisture, do not enter the living quarters. PVC windows consist of several glasses (from 2 to 5), which form chambers. The presence of multiple chambers also contributes to noise isolation, and the air cushion in the chambers helps to conserve heat, which is very important in severe winters. Some companies fill the space between the glasses with argon, which copes with the problem of heat conservation more efficiently than air. In hot summer, PVC windows, on the contrary, keep the house cool, not letting hot air inside. By the way, many companies provide glass tinting service. This allows you to hide rooms from prying eyes, tinted glass better reflects the sun’s rays, traps ultraviolet light.

Plastic is durable, firms give a guarantee for PVC windows up to 40 years. Such windows do not dry out, do not crack and withstand significant temperature changes. Thus, there is no need to be afraid that after a few years of operation, plastic windows will become unusable, and they will have to be replaced again. What is especially pleasing, plastic does not require special care. In order for the windows to serve faithfully for many years, you need not put much effort into this. The PVC profile itself should be thoroughly washed with warm soapy water or special plastic care products. Double-glazed windows are ordinary glass, so they should be washed with household detergents, using soft linen napkins for this. As for the fittings, then 2 times a year, in autumn and spring, it must be lubricated, the same advice applies to seals. Window care products can be purchased at household chemical stores or at the window companies themselves. It is necessary to remember about the drainage holes. They must be regularly cleaned of dirt, since they are responsible for the tightness of plastic windows..


The aesthetic aspect is also important. Plastic windows look quite presentable and can fit into almost any interior. Since they do not need to be glued for the winter, their appearance is not spoiled by pieces of masking tape or fabric, which housewives use to close the cracks in old wooden windows. In addition, modern technologies make it possible to make a plastic window of any size and shape, which makes them a unique product that can satisfy the needs of almost any customer..

A few words about installing windows. After placing an order, the company’s employees come to the apartment and take measurements of the window openings. The time it takes to manufacture a plastic profile from the supplier plant takes from one to two weeks, depending on the number of other orders. Installing profiles takes one to three days. In addition to the windows themselves, the company’s specialists make window sills, slopes, and seal the seams. The main thing here is not to be mistaken with the choice of a company, it is best to ask in advance how long they have been on the market, whether the employees are competent, you can get acquainted with the certificates and licenses. The service life of the windows installed in the apartment directly depends on the correct choice of the contractor. In order not to throw money down the drain and save your nerves, you need to approach business with all responsibility. And it must be remembered that windows can be installed at temperatures not lower than minus 15 degrees, so you need to take care of this in advance. As they say, prepare the sleigh in the summer …

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