The right choice of plastic windows

Increasingly, our compatriots are turning their attention to plastic windows, and this is not a fashionable tendency to replace old wood window frames with more modern and beautiful ones. The main reason for the growing popularity of plastic windows is the numerous advantages they have..

The right choice of plastic windows

So, their main advantages are:

  • thermal insulation
  • soundproofing
  • durability
  • resistance to decay, fungi, corrosion
  • ease of use

A wide variety of windows can be found on the market today. The constant growth of competition forces manufacturers to constantly improve their products and satisfy the most demanding tastes of the client. How can one not make a mistake in so many manufacturers and types of windows and buy a really high-quality product? Let’s try to give some basic tips for choosing plastic windows.

The right choice of plastic windows

So, first of all, you need to decide who to buy the product from. In order not to come across scammers or unscrupulous manufacturers, choose a company in accordance with the following requirements:

  • long work experience
  • availability of all necessary certificates and licenses
  • the presence of a separate office (sometimes the professionalism of the company’s employees can be determined by the very working atmosphere in the office)
  • popularity
  • good reviews on forums

Further, we suggest paying attention to the warranty period. If the manufacturer’s representatives are ready to sign a warranty certificate and guarantee you high-quality window operation for at least 5 years, then you should be friends with such a company.

Since when buying a plastic window, companies often provide certain bonuses to the client, it is worth asking whether the workers are installing the window and whether they take out the garbage after completion of the work.

Having clarified these questions, you can proceed to the selection of the window itself. Here you need to find out for yourself what the double-glazed window should be in the window, what the profile and fittings will be. Double-glazed windows can be one-, two- and three-chamber. For our climatic zone, single-chamber double-glazed windows are poorly suited. It is best to buy two-chamber, because this is a reasonable combination of price and quality. If you live in an extremely noisy area of ​​the city and want to play it safe, then you can use three-chamber ones. Also, double-glazed windows are divided into energy-saving and conventional. Glass in energy-saving double-glazed windows is coated with a special film or liquid containing silver atoms. Thanks to this, warm air from the room is not allowed to enter the street..

The right choice of plastic windows

If your budget allows you not to save money and not think about the price of the window, then a double-glazed unit would be the best option, the inter-glass space of which is not a vacuum, but is filled with an inert gas. Noise and thermal insulation of such a double-glazed window deserves the highest award.

Like double-glazed windows, profiles are also divided into chambers. Three-chamber profiles are best suited for our weather conditions. The profile thickness should not be too small, the best option is 60 mm.

The quality of the fittings is determined by the tightness of the window closing. You can check this indicator after the window has already been delivered to your home. Also make sure that all handles are properly colored. Do not choose handles and hooks of golden color, because, as practice shows, they quickly lose their shine.

The color of the plastic window and its size depends on the needs and personal preferences of the owner.

The right choice of plastic windows

When the window has already been purchased, you can proceed to its installation. And the first step on this path is preparation for the installation of a plastic window. Choose a specific day and approximate time when the work will take place. Be sure to inform your neighbors in advance about the installation work so that there are no unnecessary problems. It is better to take out small objects from the room in which the window will be installed, and it is better to cover all the furniture with an oilcloth or an old sheet. You also need to protect the floor from possible damage, cover it with cardboard or oilcloth. Curtains, tulle must be removed from the window.

The second stage concerns directly the work. So, the old windows are dismantled. It is logical that you first need to remove the sashes, then the frames and window sills themselves. The window opening is thoroughly cleaned of dirt.

The right choice of plastic windows

Double-glazed windows and sashes are removed from the new window. Special sealing strips are attached to the frame, then the frame is inserted into the window opening. The frame is carefully leveled and secured with anchor bolts. Next, waterproofing is done, after which doors and double-glazed windows are installed on the frame back. In order for the window to be securely fixed, the window opening is “blown out” by foam.

Actually, this is all the work with the installation of a plastic window, followed by the attachment of the window sill, the implementation of slopes and washing the windows. We wish you a successful choice and high-quality installation!

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