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The topic of helminthiases is very unpleasant, but relevant, because human health can noticeably deteriorate under the influence of parasites. So, what you need to know about finnous meat: what diseases does the parasite cause in animals and humans, how can you get infected and what is important to do for prevention? Find out what affected meat products look like and how to choose fresh, “healthy” meat.

What is finnos meat

A product that is infected with Finns (Taeniarinchus saginatus or Taenia solium) is called finnous meat. In a small piece can be a huge number of larvae and their eggs. Pork, as well as bovine tapeworm in meat, look like small vesicles inside which larvae grow and multiply. In cattle, they provoke problems with the kidneys, liver, heart, blood, muscle mass. Such “residents” are dangerous for humans: getting into the body with finnous meat, the parasite causes a weakening of immunity. Finnose happens in moose, cows, pigs, wild boars, domestic animals.

Pig cysticercosis

One of the diseases caused by tapeworms is pig finnosis. In addition, smaller animals (cats, dogs) are also affected. Cysticercosis leads to pathogenic effects on organs, to a toxic effect is added a metabolic disorder, organ functions and the development of the whole organism. However, as a rule, no visible clinical signs are observed. With severe intoxication, swelling can be noticed, epileptic seizures occur.

Cysticercosis cattle

Cattle also suffer from tape parasites. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to establish a diagnosis (cattle finnosis) during life using a routine veterinary examination, and infected individuals do not live long. Treatment is not carried out, the animal remains a carrier throughout life: if it is not isolated, then the whole herd will suffer. Parasites in beef, veal, horse meat can live in the external environment. Remember that Finno meat cannot be eaten: there is no need to talk about 100% neutralization!

Cysticercosis in Raw Meat

How to identify finnous meat

The affected Finnoi product can be seen right away – look at the photo: it has white blotches of a spherical shape the size of a pea (about 3-15 mm in diameter). The appearance resembles a bubble with liquid, they are solid to the touch and you can’t crush them without effort. The number of such balls varies depending on the “neglect” of the disease – from 1 to infinity. Finns in meat, as a rule, are at the stage of larvae and cysts. Adult Worms You Won’t Find.

What does bull tapeworm look like in meat

A long helminth (can reach up to 12 m in length) – this is a bull tapeworm. However, Finns of bovine tapeworm can develop to such a size only in the intestines of the final “owner” – the human being. In the blood, muscle mass, mucous membranes, finnose traces of a different kind. At the same time, many confuse tendon veins of meat with worms and believe that they lead to biohelminthosis, but this is not at all.

What to do with infected meat

Larvae of bovine tapeworm in meat are especially resistant to temperature extremes, are not afraid of salt, therefore they are perfectly preserved in dried, slightly salted, frozen food. They die during cooking under the influence of a temperature of about 80 degrees. Frying is not so effective. Although larvae die during prolonged heat treatment of small pieces of finnous meat, it is still recommended to throw out such a product and not risk health. Storing finnous meat also does not make sense.

Trichinosis infected beef

What disease causes bovine tapeworm

When eating beef, which has larvae of bovine tapeworm, infection with teniarinhoz occurs. The incubation period is 8-14 weeks, however, the maturation cycle can continue for several years. The pathogen parasitizes in the human small intestine. Feature – during the sexually mature stage, the worms can crawl out of the anus on their own. Signs of infection after eating finnos meat:

  • weakness, dizziness;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • discomfort in the stomach or intestines.

What is the name of the disease caused by pork chain

The disease that causes pork tapeworm is called teniosis. The use of pork, including minced meat with cysts (finnous meat) is the main cause of infection. Teniosis and cysticercosis are important to treat, otherwise it can lead to severe intoxication, poisoning, damage to the liver and gastrointestinal tract. The disease is indicated by sharp cramping abdominal pain, loose stools, general weakness, loss of consciousness, rapid weight loss. With an advanced stage, a person affected by a pig chain shows signs of epilepsy, hypertension, paralysis.

Pork tapeworm

Preventive measures

It is important to know what measures should be taken to avoid such unpleasant and life-threatening diseases in which the heart, organs of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, muscles, brain (in acute stages) suffer. Prevention of teniosis and teniarinhosis includes the following items:

  1. Never try raw meat, minced meat, planed meat. Even if they seem to have no signs of tapeworms.
  2. Thoroughly fry and boil the product at high temperature. Larvae in meat die at 45 degrees, parasites in beef at 70 degrees. However, it is better to be safe – cook at least at 80 degrees. Freezing does not help get rid of cysts. Experiment lovers should refrain from raw unfinished meals.!
  3. Finely chop the carcass – warming up large pieces of meat is slower, while the top will “burn”.
  4. If the purchase takes place in the market or in a small store, pay attention to the presence of the mark or ask for a certificate of veterinary examination / examination – when slaughtering, they take an analysis for bull tapeworm in meat.
  5. You can ask to make a deep cut on the carcass to visually assess the condition of the product.
  6. Purchase meat products at trusted locations!
  7. If during processing at home you find a suspicious piece, it is important to sterilize all the objects that came into contact with it.
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