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If you have ever been to the markets of Thailand, India or South Africa, then you are probably familiar with such fruit as lychee. Traders often offer tourists to try this outlandish berry. Therefore, before the trip, find out: what kind of fruit it is, how it looks in the photo and how to eat it correctly?

What is lychee

Chinese plum, dragon’s eye, lidzhi, lycee or Latin litchi chinensis – all these are the names of one fruit that came to us from China. Lychee is a tropical evergreen fruit tree from the family of dicotyledonous flowering plants. Its fruits are small, usually bright red, pinkish or brown, oval, no more than four centimeters long.

In the photo above, small berries are covered with numerous tubercles, on which sharp thorns are located. When the fruit ripens, the dry peel is easily separated from the pulp. Lychee juice tastes slightly tart, the pulp is knitted in the mouth and is vaguely reminiscent of grapes, strawberries and apples at the same time. In the center of the berry is an oblong seed of dark brown color. The pulp itself contains a lot of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, but the most important advantage of its composition is vitamin PP, which actively removes harmful cholesterol from the body.

Lychee fruit on the table

How to eat lychee

In Asian countries, overripe fruits are used for the production of wine and vinegar. Europeans approach the process of processing this tropical fruit on the other hand, often adding pulp to drinks, desserts and using it to make ice cream or sorbet. If you wish, you can find many useful and simple recipes with photos where this fruit is used..

Berries are eaten fresh, but to appreciate the whole taste of this fragrant product, you need to be able to choose it correctly. On tree branches, the fruits may sag until the beginning of autumn, but ripped fruits cannot be stored for a long time. Therefore, in stores ripe lychee is mainly sold along with stalks and green leaves. When buying, pay attention to the color of the peel. The green hue indicates that the berries were picked too early, and the shell is dark brown in overripe – such a fruit has already lost its aroma and sweet taste.

How to clean lychee

The peel of this healthy fruit is not suitable for food, therefore, before eating the fruit, it must be removed. You can clean the lychee in different ways:

  • Option one is to make a small incision at the peduncle itself and gently peel the peel with your hands. Then cut the soft flesh and remove the bone. This is the most optimal way to keep the fruit whole.
  • The second option is to take the fetus with both hands, slightly pressing down, turn the skin in different directions. The disadvantage of this method of cleaning is that with strong pressure, you can spoil the appearance of the berry.
  • Option three – carefully cut off the top layer at the peduncle itself and use a teaspoon to remove the tender flesh.

Purified and uncleaned lychee

Is it possible to eat lychee bones

Only pulp is considered edible in a fruit, but everything else is not suitable for food. Although it is impossible to eat lychee bones, Chinese craftsmen at home often process them into a powdery mass. A useful tea is made from the powder, which is drunk for medicinal purposes for digestive disorders or for the prevention of worms. However, there is still no scientific evidence of the properties of seeds or their benefits to the body..

Lychee Bones

Lychee in syrup

Fresh, these tropical fruits are sold in stores seasonally: from May to October. The rest of the year, you can try canned lychee, and at a very affordable price – 1 serving of 550 ml will cost you about 200 rubles. The canned product looks externally like ordinary peeled garlic, but its taste and smell are not lost even after a long time in the marinade.

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