8 amazing wonders in architecture – rare photos!

Today we will again take an exciting virtual journey through the expanses of our information portal and get acquainted with the magnificent architectural masterpieces, amazing imagination with their creativity and originality. Let's enjoy these pictures and take a look at decor ideas and the solutions implemented in these creative projects.

Imagination gives shape to knowledge, brings understanding to life and expands our world, painting it with bright colors and adding zest to the drab and monotony. We are all born with a phenomenal imagination, but most people lose it before reaching adulthood. After all, we've all played pirates and kings, seen tooth fairies and believed in Santa Claus.

Imagination is particularly important when designing mesmerizing and phenomenal architectural objects. Nowadays, many buildings are missing this vital component. In today's story, we will present eight stunning projects that are striking in their beauty and incredible charm.

The space

This unusual house Sheats-Goldstein by specialist John Lautner features a magnificent ceiling with a waffle concrete surface that flows smoothly into the walls. Original pattern creates a dynamic and creative pattern. With the bottles set in concrete, they form small skylights that play with the sun's rays and throw an ever-changing ornament onto the floor.

An unusual solution for a hallway

Corridor by Torsten Ottesjo


Of course, a box house would also look attractive on this hill. But the designers at Arthur Dyson Architects have created a structure that could take off at any moment.

The original plumbed ceilings and walls give this masterpiece incredible charm and creativity.

Glass box by Shinberg Levinas Architectural Design

Facade by Shinberg Levinas Design

Two simple materials decorate this front entrance, stone and wood, which gives this area incredible charm and expression. Complementing the composition is a pebble on the ground, which blends beautifully with the modern Facade decor.

Glass facade of a house

Facade by Princeton Architectural Press

Yes, it's a hill! Why the designer had to include it in the layout of the guest lounge? Because he couldn't imagine a better and more creative way to get from the office to the kitchen.

House of the future in the movie Oblivion

A snapshot of the film from NBC Universal, Inc.

It's not just in the architecture, but also in the environment that you can see the wonders. Look at this landscape of meadows and tall green trees, which attract attention with their beauty and magnetism.

Meadow Landscape photo by Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

Landscape by Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

We present to you eight of the most unusual modern art Masterpieces of modern architects, amazing imagination with their eccentric and fascinating performance. Which of these projects do you like best?? Share your opinion with us in the comments below..

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