Michelle Obama creates a fragrant vegetable garden and mini-pot

Michelle Obama's south lawn luscious vegetable garden

Mrs. Obama's vegetable garden was the first such feature on the White House grounds since the Roosevelt administration.

Beehive in Michelle Obama's fragrant vegetable garden

A beehive was installed in the garden last year. This idea was heavily promoted by White House pastry chef Susan Morrison. According to the testimony of local employees, the bees feel well and perform all their usual functions.

Michelle Obama's fragrant vegetable garden

To help people who want to get their own honey-bearing garden, the White House administration distributed free of charge one million packets of seeds of crops attractive to insects, pollinators. The promotion was held in conjunction with planting manufacturer Burpee.

The first batch of seeds was handed out during the traditional Easter egg hunt organized by the presidential couple on the lawn outside the nation's main building. Later, the action was joined by American national parks.

Layout for planting vegetables in Michelle Obama's fragrant vegetable garden - photo 1
A vegetable planting scheme for Michelle Obama's fragrant vegetable garden-photo 3
A sign with a quote on Michelle Obama's fragrant vegetable garden

Are you ready to follow Michelle Obama's example and do your part to fight the disappearance of bees?

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