Swedish architect creates tree house for adults

An unusually shaped tree house for adults

Actually, this is the country house in which the architect and his family spend the summer. Its distinguishing features are large windows that offer views of endless meadows, and a sloping front that is used as a climbing wall. The interior consists of a series of overlapping spaces that fit one into the other, creating a sense of wholeness and intimacy.

As if to support the playful look of the house, a swing has been installed on the terrace, decorated, however, in a minimalist, not at all childlike style. According to the architect, the essence of the design of this peculiar hut is that it allows the occupants to interact with their environment.

Tree house for adults with large windows
A tree house for adults: a light interior
A tree house for adults: plywood trim
A tree house for adults: an airy interior

Simple and beautiful, this summer house looks like a hill grown in the middle of an idyllic landscape. What impression did it make on you?? Comment: It reminds me more of a hut or, if you like, a teepee than a tree house.

What can I say?? If it has all the utilities you need, I give it a "kudos".

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