Spring garden cleanup: useful tips and ideas for a refreshing makeover for your yard

After the end of the long, cold winter, our garden always needs an extra makeover: trimming dry branches, collecting leaves and other debris. Just time to carefully inspect all the plants and, if there is such a need, to dispose of trees and flowers that have died from frost, replace them with new ones.

Lawn and courtyard landscaping

A well-maintained garden and patios are the key to your good mood
Little Miracles Designs

Don't forget about paths, because precipitation can ruin the structure and damage some parts of it. If it's necessary, consider finding a professional to repair the effects of the ravages of the elements.

Plant care

Trimming the dry parts of plants will be a very useful action
God's Growing Garden

Taking care of your greenery isn't anything super complicated, but if you're not sure, it's best to consult with an experienced gardener who can advise you on the right methods and give you the answers to all your questions.

Flowers along the fence

Elegant flowers along a white picket fence, Modern Landscaping Inc

Evaluate your yard plan

Sometimes the plants themselves are not enough for the right image, maybe you should divide the space rationally, creating zones for rest and beds with graceful paths?

Glass doors to the patio

A small but charming patio, Allen Associates Construction

There's no better place to put a dining area. Especially you need such a solution in the spring, when it is no longer cold, but also not yet hot. Although, if you plan to leave the dining area all summer long, you should look out for a spot where there will be shade and enjoy your meals outdoors.


Native grasses are great in harsh climates
Arterra Landscape Architects

Consider the dichondra plant. Its special feature is its delightful appearance – silver waterfalls of shoots blend perfectly into any picture, completing it with elegance. But it is worth noting that this variety poorly tolerates the cold, so plant it in pots or transplant it to a container in the fall, which will decorate all winter interior design at home.


Dangling branches of indoor plants, Little Miracles Designs

You can also add new specimens to your display. Spruce up your yard with flowers that will look like bright gems in an abundance of riotous greenery.


Crafty and creative contrasts, Amber Freda Home& Garden Design

You can design quite original performances for greenery. Such fantasies are not limited by any rules.

Succulents in a planter on the patio

Succulents in medieval containers by Hip Haven (Tara Bussema)

As a result of enjoyable and hard work, we'll be proud of the well-groomed and spotless look of the modern backyard. Even if your yard is quite small, you can design a fabulous home site design.

Landscaping the garden area

Landscaping masterpiece, Little Miracles Designs

Spring is the time when nature awakens, so let your plants breathe the warm air fully. Remove old dead branches, remove all the debris that has accumulated over the winter, and transform your yard.

It's time to think about modernizing and planting new varieties, which will radically change the layout of your garden and have the best effect on its aesthetic appeal.

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