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Chameleon glasses are in demand among people who need eye health prophylaxis or purchase them for medical reasons. But people who follow fashion often buy these accessories for everyday protection of the retina from ultraviolet radiation. The uniqueness of the chameleon sunglasses lies in glasses containing a photochromic substance (silver or copper halogenide), due to which the degree of darkening of the lenses changes when exposed to sunlight. Indoors, chameleons remain light.

Glasses chameleons: purpose and types

In sunglasses, chameleons, along with protection from ultraviolet radiation, there is a function of vision correction, so they are produced with different diopters. Photochromic lenses for or without vision correction can be mineral (glass) and polymer (plastic). Doctors recommend glasses with mineral glasses to patients with eye diseases. They are also suitable for daily UV protection, but glass lenses may break at the slightest impact, even after anti-shock treatment.

Chameleons with polymer lenses are more suitable for everyday protection from ultraviolet rays, because plastic is durable and light. Moreover, new technologies are constantly improving the polymer coating – every year even more durable materials are created. If mineral lenses are not tinted, then plastic ones can be selected with any degree of spraying. For more information on photochromic lenses, see the video presentation by the head of the BBGR company (France) M. Blagovestny:

For diopter vision

Photochromic glasses

Most chameleon glasses are on sale – these are products with ordinary photochromic glasses, designed for normal vision. For people with low vision with farsightedness, myopia, age-related eye diseases, models with diopters are recommended, the purpose of which is to neutralize all of the above diseases with the help of collective or scattering glasses.

When choosing diopters, each eye is examined separately; first, weak and then strong convex glasses are alternately applied to them, with the help of which the patient reads lines on a special table. The strongest convex glass shows the degree of hyperopia or nearsightedness of a person. High-quality sun-protection chameleons with diopters can also be used in extreme sports, such as skydiving, skiing, cycling and motorcycling. These models are made of very durable material to protect your eyes from solid particles..

When buying chameleons with diopters, you should consult an ophthalmologist for the correct selection of lenses. The specialist will individually determine the degree of dimming, the desired type and color of lenses. When choosing a shade and shape of the frame, a person can rely on their own taste. To exclude discomfort, it is better for people with low vision to choose flat-shaped models when the lenses are in front of the eyes in the same plane.

Sunscreens without diopters

Glasses a chameleon without diopters

Chameleons without diopters make it possible to feel comfortable both indoors and outdoors. In winter, they protect against bright snow, in the spring-summer period they make it possible not to squint on hot days, when the sun’s rays penetrate everywhere. The most high-quality sun-protection chameleons are considered to be the models of Ray-Ban and Polaroid. Their glasses are equipped with lenses with a high-quality polarizing filter, which 100% protects the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, in contrast to a low-quality Chinese fake.

Special glasses for drivers

Special Sunglasses for Car Drivers

There are chameleon sun-protection models designed specifically for drivers. The lenses “antifarah” respond to weather conditions, changing their color under varying degrees of illumination. The anti-glare properties of these glasses allow much more light to pass through, so the driver’s eyes adapt faster after being blinded by the headlights of oncoming cars. Chameleons designed to drive a car help in poor visibility conditions, greatly improving the quality of vision.

Beautiful male and female models with photos

Fashion Sunglasses Options

Fashionable sun protection chameleons are divided into two types: female and male. Glasses designed for women have a more elegant design, small size, thin arches and a frame with various decorative elements. Male models are distinguished by a small number of varieties of forms, massiveness, inlaid on the frame (if any), as a rule, restrained. Polaroid or Ray-Ban sunglasses, both male and female, have a classic design, which is why they perfectly complement the image of a business person, matching the color scheme with different accessories.

Lens Dimming

The degree of darkening of sun-protection chameleons is different, therefore they are divided into three types:

  1. Slight dimming 10-55%. The color of the glasses in such glasses is brown, and this look is intended for everyday use by people with normal vision.
  2. Average dimming 15-65%. Glasses are usually gray. Such models are intended for drivers..
  3. Strong dimming 30-85%. Glasses are green. These models are designed for people with a high degree of photosensitivity..

How to Choose a Chameleon Sunglasses

Sun Optics

High-quality sun protection optics chameleon from cheap analogues differs in the following parameters, which you need to pay attention to when choosing:

  • A real lens has a dark edge; if its color is light, it is only a sputtering, not photochromic glass.
  • High-quality glasses preserve the naturalness of colors, while a fake will distort them.
  • “Native” spraying will lie perfectly perfectly. If it has an uneven application, then you stumbled upon a fake.

Do you need chameleons: reviews

How much does it cost to buy such glasses – approximate prices

Chameleon glasses in Russia, as in other countries, are sold at different prices. If you prefer high-quality goods, then you should pay attention to the Polaroid company models, the cost of which will range from 2000 to 5000 rubles, depending on the policy of the store. You can easily find Ray-Ban glasses at prices ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 rubles. Cheap Chinese counterparts are found in online stores and in the markets of any city at a price of 500 to 1000 rubles, depending on the model.

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