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For the first time, they saw a photo of a female sword belt in 2012 – a strap interwoven from leather belts, worn over clothes or directly on the body, somewhat reminiscent of elastic bands. Designer Prabl Gurung was the first to guess the use of this non-feminine detail of military ammunition in a women’s wardrobe. Following him, other designers and stylists adopted this accessory. By 2019, the harness has become firmly established among fashionistas who wear it with simple plain t-shirts and luxurious evening dresses..

What is a female sword belt

These are intertwined leather belts that are attached to the belt – an indispensable part of the female band. There are endless debates about its origin. Someone claims that the harness for girls is a child of military style, implying a combination of elegance and self-sufficiency of a modern woman. Someone thinks this accessory owes its birth to the sexual revolution. “Feminine and sexy” is a symbol of the sword belt, stylists say, considering that the word itself accidentally arose in Russian, as an unsuccessful translation of the meaning of Leather Harness.

Why is she needed

The historical significance of this accessory is purely utilitarian, not related to women’s clothing. Harness – a belt for carrying weapons. She fastened on the belt and on the strap over the shoulder, which was held by the shoulder strap. First, edged weapons were hung up to her – sabers, checkers, broadswords, then there was a place for a holster. The modern female version is a catchy, stylish decoration. Women’s belt can replace any jewelry – it is too self-sufficient. You can wear earrings, rings, but not large so that the overload is not striking, otherwise the whole image will look colorful and cheap.

How to wear a harness

The dress is appropriate in different looks: it looks elegant with casual casual clothes – a simple white T-shirt and jeans, luxurious – with an evening dress decorated with pearls. This stylish accessory can both emphasize the ideal forms and graceful taste of its owner, and easily put in a puddle when, looking at a lady in a harness, nothing but BDSM comes to mind. So, a female bandage is a very dangerous thing, you need to know some rules, how and with what to wear it.

Examples of wearing a harness

On the shirt

Extravagant and sophisticated at the same time looks like a belt, worn on a white shirt. The boring office style “white top, black bottom”, diluted with this impudent thing, takes on a slightly piquant shade. Black skirt or trousers will add rigor to the image. However, the shirt does not have to be white: the image will be funny and mischievous with a checkered cowboy, jeans and sneakers or emphasize the fragility of the hostess in combination with a small flower blouse, a wide skirt on the floor and gladiator sandals.

On feet

A modification of the sword belt can be considered garters – a harness from the straps worn on the legs. Garters can look like garters for stockings and fasten to a belt at the waist – this is a very sexy accessory. Unlike garters that are worn on the body, this harness is in fashion over clothing. There is another type of belt – for the lower leg. They can be worn on bare feet, as an addition to sandals, but they also look bright as an independent accessory. They do not need to pick shoes, they organically look like with shoes without a heel, and with a hairpin. In addition, they visually lengthen the legs..

How to not wear a sword belt

In order not to cause associations with the film “50 shades of gray” and not be accused of vulgarity, lovers of this accessory must follow some rules:

  • the more complex the design, the simpler the background (clothing) should be;
  • Do not wear deliberately sexy clothes together (leather shorts, supermini, over the knee boots);
  • this accessory is contraindicated for owners of magnificent forms;
  • Do not supplement the bandage with massive jewelry;
  • put on clothes of a calm tone under a bandage of bright colors;
  • smaller naked body – dresses with an open back are allowed, neckline – no.

What to wear

In the photo from the catwalks, you can see that the female bandage combines the incongruous: along with the exactingness of style, it is democratic: it can be worn not only with jeans and shirts, it looks equally impressive with a white shirt and dress, on a knit sweater and even on the outer clothing, a waist belt made of thin straps is organic. In everyday female images, it goes well with plain things. White or brown straps do not look defiant at all. A flared long skirt, a voluminous sweater, a belt of light colors – your look in the style of “boho chic” is ready.

With dress

Eclecticism has long been in fashion, so a women’s leather bandage over a romantic lace dress on the floor will only emphasize the elegance of the owner. A little leather dress embroidered with small beads will add elegance to a small black dress. A beige fitted dress with a black leather belt is very nice. This accessory is made not only of genuine leather, it can consist of small chains, can be embroidered with pearls. Such a belt looks very impressive over a long evening dress.

Do-it-yourself belt

If you do not want to spend money on buying a female dressing, you can do it yourself. The easiest way is to connect two straps together. You will get a long belt that you need to put on your neck, throwing it over your head, cross it on your chest, again on your back and fasten it in front at the waist. There is a more complicated method, but it will already be a real classic accessory, with two straight straps in front and a game-shaped back:

  1. Need three strips of skin.
  2. Fasten the buckle on one side of the strip: it can be belt-driven, it can be adjustable so as not to punch holes on the other side.
  3. Measure the desired length (at the waist or under the chest), add 10 cm and cut off the excess.
  4. We take the remaining two strips of skin and make loops on them so that you can pass through the resulting strap. Loops can be stitched, can be fixed with rivets.
  5. We put on the blank and mark the place on the back where they will cross.
  6. Leave 2 cm on the hem; cut off the rest.
  7. Thread the straps into the ring and flash.
  8. Put on the blank, mark the length of the third strap: from the ring to the waist.
  9. Sew the third strap to the ring and hem the bottom, making a loop, as in the first two.
  10. Attach the straps to the belt: the harness is ready.

Girls in dresses with a sword belt

From gum

As already mentioned, a belt for women can be not only leather, the most inexpensive option is to sew a jewelry out of elastic. Components for it can be bought at the Fabrics store. To make an accessory, you need a mannequin or the help of a friend in this capacity. To make an elastic bandage with your own hands, you need:

  1. On the mannequin (or friend), fix the elastic bands as the finished product will look. The form can be any, gum can cross in any place, and their quantity depends only on your imagination.
  2. To connect the gum together with a basting seam, do not forget to bend the ends so that they do not start to bloom.
  3. Take off the skewed item.
  4. Some of the straps can be sewn on a sewing machine, some of them can be attached with rivets or threaded into rings.
  5. Embellish the finished accessory with beads or decorate with rivets.


You can choose and buy a female belt in online stores or order in workshops for the selected photo to your size. Often stores offer promotions or discounts, it is advantageous to combine orders into one, since when ordering several items the manufacturer can offer free delivery by mail. On sale there are accessories of different cost: inexpensive from elastic braid and exclusive, made to order.

Prices for belts in Moscow:



Genuine leather

From 1400 to 3500 rubles

Eco leather

200 to 500 rubles


From 500 to 2800 rubles


From 700 to 5000 rubles (top + bottom)

Exclusive to order

From 3500 rubles

Waist Belt

from 2000 to 3600 rubles

Photo of the harness

Stylish female images

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