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Alluring, fragrant, luxurious flowers have always been admired by connoisseurs of natural beauty. Thanks to breeders, the world saw a huge number of roses – red, white, apricot, raspberry and not only. “Black” varieties deserve special attention. Any woman who will be presented with roses Barcarol, Black Prince, Black Magic, will be delighted. Even the photo shows how wonderful and beautiful the flowers are, and in life they are even better.

Are there black roses

There is no such variety in nature. Roses growing under natural conditions can acquire all shades except black and blue – these pigment genes are absent in flowers. Are black roses created by people? Since the 1870s, breeders have been working to breed a plant with a completely black bud. There is no 100% completed result. Thanks to the efforts of specialists, roses of maroon, dark raspberry, and dark violet shades appeared. Work continues, and in the future humanity may be lucky to see a real black beauty – the queen of flowers.

A dark flower is given for special occasions. The bouquet will appeal to people, a strong spirit, and those who admire everything exotic. A young girl, elderly men and women should not present a monochrome composition – the act can be interpreted in two ways, because the black color inspires thoughts of mourning. It is desirable to dilute the dark ensemble with brighter and lighter roses, then the bouquet will turn out gorgeous.

Varieties of black roses

On sale you can find inexpensive absolutely black flowers. Such roses are obtained by coloring – a white bud is lowered into a black chemical. It looks good, but if you look closely, you understand that there is little living in this flower. Much more interesting are the original varieties close to black. Velvety petals, a subtle tint, fragrant notes leave the most pleasant impressions and inspire. Gardeners are very fond of the dark palette of roses – for their hard work, plants have been rewarding their owners with a luxurious color for a long time.

Black Rose

Black baccara

The beauty appeared in 2004 thanks to the creations of the French breeders of the Meyang company. The color is as close to black as possible, at the time of opening, the petals play with burgundy shades of Burgundy wine. Acidic soil, hot weather and bright sun make the bud almost black. Botanical characteristics of the tea-hybrid black rose Black Baccarat:

  • Bush height: 80-90 cm; aerial part width: 50-70 cm.
  • Leaves green with a reddish tint, leathery, glossy surface.
  • Buds are goblet, medium-sized, black-red, charcoal.
  • The flowers are garnet red, terry, velvety. Diameter up to 12 cm, composed of approximately 40 petals.
  • There are very few thorns on the stem.
  • The aroma of a blossoming black rose is unobtrusive, light, pleasant, with notes of freshness.
  • The rose blooms in the first decade of June and continuously pleases with bright buds until the end of September.
  • Characterized by moderate disease resistance.

The flower is suitable for both cutting and growing on flower beds. The rose tolerates rain well – the flowers do not crumble, retain their shape. Frosts of 8-10 ° C are not terrible to the plant. The variety likes places with a diffused sunny color, partial shade, remoteness from tall trees, acidic soil. The greatest stress for Black Baccarat is watering with cold tap water. For moisturizing, it is worth using a settled warm liquid. The bush grows slowly, so it is not advisable to divide it into two parts. The best way to propagate – cuttings.

Black magic

The bouquet of black roses Black Magic is incredibly gorgeous. The variety deservedly bears the royal title – this is one of the most beautiful flowers of the family. The plant was born in 1997 in Germany, and it was created by the selection company Tantau. Black Magic has the highest sales in the world, even on the Dutch domestic market – the country of tulips. The rose got its magic name due to the color of the petals. At the beginning of flowering, they delight the eye with a rich maroon velvet hue, and darker tides appear closer to autumn. Under certain lighting conditions, a rose is almost black.

Hybrid Tea Rose Black Magic has the following characteristics:

  • Vigorous bush erect, up to 1 m high.
  • Leaves are glossy, deep green. Young growth bronze.
  • The conical buds open slowly and in any form make an unforgettable impression.
  • Petals of medium size, the edges are beautifully bent down. In the bud there are about 37.
  • Inflorescences of medium size, with full disclosure, reach a diameter of 12-14 cm.
  • The plant begins to bloom in July, ends in September.
  • The smell is thin, unobtrusive.
  • There are a small number of medium-sized thorns on the stem.
  • Black Magic is resistant to disease, hardy, easily tolerates small frosts.

Initially, the variety was bred for cutting – flowers can stand in a vase for up to 14 days. However, the plant was very fond of gardeners from countries with a hot climate. Rose is common in Europe, Australia, California, some countries in Africa. Black Magic propagates by cuttings and division. The best place to plant is lighted flower beds and garden areas. The variety fits perfectly into landscape design as a single element or part of a group composition.

Hybrid Tea Rose

Black tea

The plant was bred by the Japanese florist K. Okamoto in 1973. Rose for a reason received the title of one of the most unusual. The variety has large scarlet inflorescences with a brownish-gray tint. Hue changes from coral gray to dark brown. Black Ti is also called coffee rose. Black Tea is similar to Smoky (1969), but it has more attractive flowers..

The plant is not as popular as Black Magic or Baccarat, but it attracts the eye with its special beauty. In our area, the variety is rare, so only avid collectors are engaged in its cultivation. Where to buy Black T Black Roses, those who have devoted much time to cultivating royal flowers know. Black Tea is almost never found on free sale..


The hybrid tea rose Barkarol (Barkarole) was bred by German breeders Tantau in 1988. She is known and loved by gardeners in many countries for her large and bright inflorescences, resistance to adverse conditions and graceful beauty. The bush can perform a decorative function in the garden or used for industrial purposes for cutting. The botanical characteristics of Barkarole:

  • Powerful non-sprawling bushes grow up to a height of 1.5 m if they live in southern regions or greenhouses. In a cold climate, the rose is low – 0.6-0.8 m.
  • Young leaves are reddish, later acquire a dark green hue. Dense, large. Single spikes.
  • The buds are maroon, almost black. When fully opened, the color turns purple, lighter in the center and darker below.
  • The size of a blossoming flower is 9-12 cm, 7-9 terry inflorescences form a brush.
  • Floral aroma unique, pleasant, unobtrusive.
  • With bright colors, the rose pleases all summer and autumn, there are many buds, so the variety has gained wide popularity.
  • Medium disease resistance. Afraid of powdery mildew.

Experienced flower growers note that the bush grows unevenly and crookedly. This fact does not allow the plant to be used in ideal landscape compositions, but under ordinary conditions the phenomenon is not so important. The variety is good for border plantings, it looks good in containers. Flowers retain their appearance for a long time after cutting. In winter, the plant must be covered, otherwise it will die.

Black Prince

Black Prince was bred by UK breeders in the second half of the 19th century. Unusual plant holds the bar of popularity along with modern varieties. Dark red and dark purple buds leave few indifferent. A noticeable gradient overflow characteristic of each petal of inflorescence, so that the overall composition creates the effect of “velvet flicker.” Botanical characteristics of decorative culture:

  • Bush height: 1.2-1.5 m; width: up to 0.9 m.
  • The plant has many dark green, reddish leaves, but they are unremarkable. Shoots developed, have a small number of large spikes.
  • On each shoot 1-3 flowers with a diameter of 8-9 cm.
  • Inflorescences are distinguished by strong terry, they consist of 40-45 pointed petals. The central part is densely filled.
  • The aroma is relatively strong, there are tangible notes of wine.

Black Prince is designed for cutting and growing in open areas. Specialists in landscape design advise to grow a rose next to the flowers of light cream, white color. The plant loves warmth and does not like winds. Strong shading or excessive lighting negatively affects growth. Watering should be moderate: strong drying of the soil and waterlogging should not be allowed. For winter, the variety must be sheltered.

Black Prince loses a little to the classic roses Barkarol, Black Baccarat, Black Magic. The main drawback is the relatively weak peduncle, because of which the brushes with a large number of inflorescences wilt. Resistance to disease is insufficient, so the variety requires close attention and prevention. If you master the agronomic techniques, the cultivation of Black Prince does not seem too troublesome.

Bouquet of roses of the Black Prince variety

Black Rose Prices

You can buy different varieties at specialized retail outlets in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. If you did not find the desired plant in your village, scroll through the catalog of gardening online stores. The consultants will help you choose a variety that suits your climatic conditions, organize gentle delivery. How much are black roses in specialty stores? For one colored flower, sellers ask about 200 p., And the varieties described above will come out even more expensive.

For seedlings, retail outlets set these prices:


Cost, rubles

Black baccara


Black magic




Black Prince


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