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A very tenacious, prolific pest that infects a huge number of garden and horticultural crops is aphids. After the insect settles on the site, it begins to multiply rapidly, feeding on the plant’s juices. When aphids become too much, the culture dries and dies.

Useful properties of soda

Soda solution is one of the most effective anti-aphid remedies. It is used in the garden and in the garden, spraying vegetable crops, flowers, fruit trees, berry bushes. Since Soviet times, this tool has been widely distributed as natural and safe, it helped to eliminate many problems in the country, including infection of aphid plants. Soda powder is used in horticulture for:

  • treatment of crops from various diseases, including late blight, rot, etc .;
  • prevention of damage to seedlings by pests or diseases;
  • extermination of aphids, ants on the site;
  • restoration of soil balance (on soils with high acidity);
  • improving the taste of different crops, including grapes, tomatoes.

How to get rid of aphids on currants

There is a big difference between baking soda and soda ash, although the two products are similar in appearance. The first is odorless white powder with a neutral, slightly bitter taste, safe. Soda ash is attributed to the third hazard class: the product can cause burns of mucous membranes, irritation of the skin. The product requires the use of protective equipment – gloves, respirator. Both types of soda are suitable for gardeners; they have found application in treating plants against fungi and pests, including aphids.

Soda from aphids on currants and other fruit shrubs is applied by spraying – they move up and down so that the lower part of the leaves is better processed. It is optimal to carry out the procedure with a wound in the morning or late evening and in dry weather. When processing currant leaves from gall aphids, it is imperative to turn them over, and from gooseberry aphids, turn them around so that the active substance gets directly to the pest. It is recommended to use not a standard sprayer, but a manual spray gun.

Folk remedies for aphids on currants show high efficiency, but if the bushes are badly damaged and they contain a lot of swollen, twisted, reddened leaves – such greens must be cut off and burned, it can no longer be saved.

Currant aphid

Soapy soda solution

A mixture of soda and soap is one of the best pest control products on fruit plants. In addition to complete environmental friendliness and safety for soil, birds, and neighboring crops, the soap solution provides effective protection against aphids and other parasites. To prepare the composition, you will need such components:

  • tar or laundry soap – 100 or 300 g (depending on the product selected);
  • warm water – 1 l;
  • baking soda – 1 tbsp. l.

First you need to grate the soap on a coarse grater, then dissolve it in warm water. Soda is added here, again thoroughly mixing the composition. Next, you need to dilute the concentrated product with water to get 10 liters. Each leaf, currant trunk is sprayed with the finished mixture, watering the earth around the bush every time aphid infection symptoms appear. With a mild defeat, one quality treatment of the plant is enough to make the pest disappear.

Soap with Soda

Soda ash with iodine

Fighting aphids on currants can be carried out by means of soda and iodine. Such a tool quickly eliminates the pest, eliminates the consequences of its life. Iodine accelerates the healing of damaged areas of the bush, prevents the development of infectious diseases. According to the recipe for a folk remedy, you need the ingredients:

  • water – 1 l;
  • laundry soap – 40 g;
  • iodine – 1 tsp;
  • soda ash – 2 tbsp. l.

The water is heated, in it you need to add grated laundry soap and two tablespoons of soda. The product is thoroughly mixed, iodine is introduced. The resulting composition is diluted with water so that a full 10-liter bucket is obtained. If instead of soda ash use baking soda, then for such a volume of composition you need 10 tbsp. l powder. The processing of currants from aphids is carried out in the same way as when using a soap-soda solution.

Soda ash with iodine

Garlic-soda solution for treating currants from aphids

To increase the effectiveness of soda processing, other active ingredients, including garlic, are added to the main product. The latter is a natural antibiotic with a sharp, stable aroma that makes aphids leave their favorite plants. For cooking, you need the ingredients:

  • soda ash – 2 tbsp. l (or food – 10 tbsp. l.);
  • garlic – 150 g;
  • laundry soap – 100 g;
  • water – 10 l.

Chopped garlic (optimal consistency – gruel) must be added to a bucket of water and left to infuse for 6 hours. After that, soda and grated soap are added to the solution. A thoroughly mixed, filtered solution is sprayed on the bush from all sides when signs of aphids appear. After the procedure, the pests leave the currant within 1-2 days.

Garlic with soda

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