Do I need to dig a garden in the fall – benefits to increase fertility

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After the entire crop is harvested, you need to put the beds in order. Some summer residents are interested in the question of whether it is necessary to completely dig the garden in the fall, in what way is it better to dig the earth before the onset of winter. The correct execution of work largely depends on the type of soil and the type of tools with which the process will be performed.

When is it better to plow the garden in spring or autumn

According to experts in the field of horticulture, deep digging of the soil in the autumn is much more effective than spring procedures. The procedure helps to eliminate most problems, especially for regions with poor soil. This method is called “autumn plowing” when, after digging, weeds that are turned upside down, become chilly, freeze. It is recommended to carry out such processing annually, then the result will be noticeable.

What gives cultivation in the fall

If you dig the soil regularly in the autumn, after the entire crop is harvested, the quality of the soil will improve. Gardeners with many years of experience are advised to perform the procedure at this time, because:

  • there is a disinfection of the surface layer, getting rid of harmful larvae and microorganisms;
  • the earth becomes more loose;
  • there is ventilation of the lower layers;
  • easy fertilizer application;
  • the roots of weeds freeze, their number in the infield decreases;
  • the fertile layer is deepened by placing compost from weeds removed from the beds on the lower soil layer;
  • preparing land for spring planting.

Shovel in the ground

After the snow melts, the soil dries, the beds will be ready for planting seeds. You only need to loosen the clods. Such processing, carried out in the autumn, has ancient roots, because it greatly facilitated the work of the farmer, when there were no modern devices that helped to dig mechanically.

Digging for the winter

During digging, the soil is prepared for winter. This period is well suited to bring manure, humus or compost to the site. In farms where plants suffer from wireworms, bears, Colorado potato beetles, and other pests, digging the soil for the winter will help get rid of larvae and adult insects that lie in the lower layers of the soil. In this case, you need to turn it into the ground to a depth of 20-25 cm.

Soil type

In order to understand whether you need to dig a garden in the fall or spring, you need to find out what type of soil is in the garden. In the summer cottage, located in the region with heavy clay soils, fertility can be increased by a mechanical method. However, you need to dig the earth without breaking the lumps. After the snow falls, pieces of soil will begin to be saturated with oxygen. In spring, the earth will be looser, supplied with nutrients. Fertilizers are not so important for wet soil, so with this type of soil it is better to dig the beds in the spring months so that the remaining moisture evaporates.

A man digs the earth with a shovel

When to dig a garden in the fall

It is important to consider the dates in which the garden will be processed in the autumn. In different regions, the time when gardeners dig a garden may vary slightly. After all the beds have been removed, the tops should be chopped, evenly distributed on the surface of the earth and plowed manually or mechanically. It is advisable to plan all work in mid-late autumn before severe frosts. Therefore, experienced gardeners positively answer the question: is it possible to dig land after cover.

How to dig better

The method of autumn processing depends on what area you need to dig. If we are talking about a small area, then you can loosen the ground in autumn with a plow or shovel. This method is called “manual”, as it is performed without the use of mechanized equipment. The advantage of this treatment is that the fertile layer does not receive serious damage, but even plowing may not be effective enough, it takes a lot of time and effort of the gardener.

If you choose the mechanical method for digging, then you can dig the earth in the fall in the garden with a walk-behind tractor with adjustable depth of plowing. It is not recommended to turn the soil more than 25 cm. In this case, beneficial microorganisms can be damaged. Now there are small tractors with rotary plows that allow you to process the soil without destroying the lower layers.

A man digs a garden using a walk-behind tractor

Processing plots with trees

Answering the question whether it is necessary to dig the garden in the autumn near the trees, experts advise to treat the soil carefully so as not to damage the small roots, from which seedlings will later go. This procedure is performed no later than the end of September. It is not recommended to dig the ground near shrubs and trees to a depth of more than 15 cm, and after processing, you should fill the space with mulch or dry foliage so that the roots of the plants do not freeze in winter.

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