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Blinds are an expensive pleasure for which not everyone can quickly allocate funds from the family budget. But sometimes their presence is necessary – the sun’s rays strive to get into your room. An affordable way to make original roller blinds yourself is to buy wallpaper or find an old roll in your pantry. With the help of ordinary wallpapers you can make exclusive blinds that will decorate your interior, protect from the sun and save money.

Advantages of rolled curtains from wallpaper

If you doubt that the rolled curtains from the wallpaper with your own hands will look no worse than the store blinds, then check out the advantages of this idea:

  • Saving. The price of good blinds in the store is from 2000 rubles, depending on the size and material. You can make a paper version by spending about 300 rubles on tools. Homemade roller blinds will have a shorter lifetime, but even annual replacement will be much more profitable..
  • Stylish decoration element. Choose beautiful wallpapers that will fit into the overall interior of your room. You can make a unique design that will look advantageous in any room. All your guests will definitely pay attention to it..
  • Protection. Home-made blinds will fulfill their main function – to protect the room from sunlight, the views of strangers.
  • Easy to manufacture. It will take you about two to three hours to make paper blinds.
  • Easy to care. You can purchase washable wallpapers that are wiped with a damp cloth.
  • An opportunity to establish blinds on any windows: wooden, plastic or aluminum.

How to make blinds at home

In order not to be distracted by shopping trips and make mistakes during the manufacturing process, immediately familiarize yourself with the principle of work. Prepare all the tools in advance. If you doubt that you can cope alone, call for help. Carry out all the necessary measurements and start creating original roller blinds that will delight you for at least a year.

Tools and materials

Most likely you will find all the materials at home, and you do not have to go to the store:

  • Wallpaper. You can use leftover wallpaper or buy new ones. The material of the wallpaper is dense, so it’s perfect as a sunscreen.
  • Meter ruler, centimeter, pencil – will be needed for measurement.
  • Sharp scissors, clerical knife.
  • Awl to puncture holes. Can be replaced with another sharp object, such as a hole punch.
  • Lace, rope or decorative tape, if you want to decorate the blinds.
  • Clamp to fix the blinds. An element of clothing that is often found on the laces of the hood of a sweatshirt is suitable as a fixative. In addition, the latch can be replaced with a small clothespin that fits the color of the wallpaper or the general style of the room.
  • Double sided tape.
  • Glue.

Wallpaper rolls

Roller Blind Size

Once you have collected all the necessary fixtures, proceed with measuring the windows and curtains. Measure the length, width of the glass to which you plan to fix the blinds. The width of the curtain will be the same as that of the window, and the length should be different – additional centimeters are needed for creasing. To do this, add a quarter of this number to the obtained value of the glass length. For example, if the window length is 1000 mm, then add another 250 mm – this will be the length of your canvas.

Accessories for roller blinds

Properly selected fittings will make the curtain easy to use and create an attractive appearance. As accessories you can choose:

  • Cornice. It will act as an interior decoration. Such accessories are expensive, suitable for a living room or bedroom. If you have small windows and want to visually expand the space, then select the cornices 30-40 cm wider than the window. You can also hang the cornice just above the window opening.
  • Runners, hooks. Economical, simple option for the kitchen. You will not have problems with the choice of runners – by the method of fastening they are all the same. You will only have to decide on the appearance.
  • Brackets, chains. The chain mechanism is very convenient to operate and is popular. Brackets – a sturdy construction on which the shaft is mounted. If the blinds are made of dense wallpaper, it is better to choose long brackets.
  • Ropes The rope mechanism is inexpensive and easy to perform: for this, sew rings on the side canvases, pass the threads through them. Fasten them to the bottom of the curtain.
  • Weights. Serve as a weighting agent. Such a decorative accessory will allow you to focus on the entire roll design. All models have different colors, shapes, sizes, styles, so you can choose the right option for your blinds.
  • Additional accessories: handles, decorative strips, other details.

Types of mechanisms

There are two types of fastening roller blinds: open and closed:

  1. With the open type, a cassette shaft is visible on which the web is wound. The shaft is mounted between two holders. This type of mechanism will allow you to fix the curtains above the window opening and in the opening itself. Wallpaper curtains can be controlled using a spring mechanism or chain. A double-sided tape can act as a clamp. The disadvantage of this design is that the adhesive layer can melt during the heat. Therefore, it is better to use self-tapping screws or screws. An open type of mount – a budget option that is available to anyone.
  2. The closed type differs from the first in the presence of a box that masks the cassette shaft, protects it from dust and dirt, and gives the design a neat appearance. Such a system is suitable for plastic, wooden and aluminum windows. The system can only be mounted with a slope of 15 °. The closed type of mechanism is more complicated and more expensive than the open one. Installation is carried out by drilling the frame. The control method may be using a chain, a spring mechanism or an electric drive. The latter allows you to adjust the degree of illumination remotely using the remote.

Mounting roller blinds

Accessories kit

In order to install paper curtains with your own hands, you will need the following accessories:

  • plastic or metal box, its guide element;
  • plugs for the box;
  • chain if manual gear is provided;
  • connecting elements for a chain;
  • brackets;
  • a clip that locks the curtains at any distance;
  • adhesive tape (double-sided tape), holders, calipers for attaching the shaft to the ceiling;
  • clip-on bracket, if a spring mechanism is provided.

DIY curtains – step-by-step instructions

If you decide to decorate your apartment with home-made blinds, then a detailed master class on how to make roller blinds from wallpaper is described below:

  1. Removing window measurements. Carefully calculate the window parameters with a centimeter. When calculating the height of the curtains, do not forget to add a quarter of the total height of the window.
  2. Preparation and cutting of a roll of wallpaper.
    • Free the table from unnecessary items, spread the wallpaper. The edges can twist, so put something heavy on them. Mark the necessary markings of the canvas.
    • After that, you need to mark the canvas on the size of the folds. The optimal width of the strips is from 3 to 5 cm. To keep the strips even, connect the lines with a ruler and a pencil. There is a more complicated way to make strips by cutting them.
    • Assemble the curtain into the accordion along the lines using the edge of the ruler.
    • Once the accordion is ready, find the middle of the blinds and make a hole with an awl or hole punch. If another model is selected, make two holes along the edges of the blinds, backing 15 cm.
    • Pass the cord or rope through the hole. Fuse the edges of the rope in advance. Fasten the bottom of the rope in the retainer, leaving a tail of 4-5 cm – there will be a margin to stretch the curtain in length. Extra centimeters can be tied in a knot or bow. Fasten the rope to the upper fold of the curtain with tape. On the same fold, glue double-sided tape – there will be a mount to the window.
    • To make the design more reliable, you can use a wooden rail. The upper edge of the wallpaper is glued to it, and a cord is passed through the holes made.
    • If the model has a rope in the middle, then the lower part of the curtains can be fixed in the shape of a fan. To do this, pull the rope down, and fasten the falling edges together with glue, double-sided tape or a decorative clothespin. The result is a nice design.
    • Put on a rope lock with one opening. Pull the latch up so that the curtain rises. To close the window back – lower the mount down the rope.

Wallpaper Curtains

  1. Edging. To make the curtains last as long as possible, reinforce the edges of the wallpaper with self-adhesive tape or tape.
  2. Fixation of the upper edge in the roller mechanism. Fixation of roller blinds occurs with the help of adhesive tape on the frame of a plastic window. In addition, you can screw in screws or hooks. If you want to fix the blinds on the wall, then use the screws. Below you can hang special magnets that will not allow the bottom edge to hang out.
  3. Fixing the curtain rod with a curtain in the window opening. If there is a cornice in the configuration, then you need to know a few nuances about its fastening:
    • The distance from the side walls to the cornice may vary depending on the type of construction..
    • If the curtains turned out to be light, then they can be fixed above the window. If you hang weighting elements and the blinds turn out to be voluminous, it is better to attach the cornice to the wall.
    • Position the cornice so that it does not interfere with the process of opening and closing the window. Fasten it a few centimeters above the window opening.
    • On the wall, mark the places where the holes for the cornice will be made with a drill. Fasten a short eaves on two arms. If the cornice is long, it is better to install an additional bracket in the center.
  4. Fastening decorative weighting elements along the bottom edge of the curtain. It is better to fix the lower edge of the curtain so that it becomes more reliable and does not bend. To do this, glue the cardboard on the wrong side. The end of the rope or the lower fold can be decorated with a decorative weight.
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