Roller blinds for plastic windows: selection and installation

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Roller blinds are versatile: they fit well into a laconic design, because they are in tune with the aesthetics of minimalism. But even in the classic design, their presence will not seem excessive. In this article we will tell you what to look for when choosing roller blinds and how to install them..

The basic design of roller blinds is the same: when the blind is raised, it is wound on a roller located in the upper part of the window, in the unfolded state, the canvas forms a flat plane. The curtain is moved by means of a built-in lifting mechanism. The curtain can be lowered, raised and fixed at the desired height.

Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

Let’s take a closer look at the varieties on the roller blinds market so that you can navigate in the variety and come to the choice consciously.

The classification of roller blinds concerns the structural differences in the mechanism and properties of the curtain fabric, as well as their intended purpose.

Open roller blinds

The design of open roller blinds is the simplest. Roughly speaking, the mechanism is represented by an open shaft or a long coil on which a free-hanging canvas is wound. A weighting material is attached to the lower edge of the curtain, which ensures a snug fit of the canvas to the window. Open-type roller blinds can be installed on a window or on a window opening. Can be mounted to the ceiling, to the wall or to the window frame. There are no guides made of plastic or aluminum in open roller blinds: fixing the position of the fabric on the window sash is ensured by a stretched fishing line.

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Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

Closed roller blinds

In roller blinds of cassette type, the shaft with a built-in control mechanism is closed by a box (cassette). The design is complemented by vertical guides, they are attached to the glazing bead. Such overlays hide the gap between the curtain and the window profile, and also prevent sagging when the plastic window is opened obliquely. The cassette roller blinds can be mounted directly on the window profile, on the wall, like a curtain rod or in the ceiling. The movement of the blade is provided by a chain lifting mechanism, the lower edge is complemented by a weight profile.

Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

Roller blinds for roof windows

This design is a kind of cassette roller blinds. They are installed on the window sash. The movement is carried out due to the work of the spring mechanism. Among other varieties, such curtains are distinguished by manual control and small sizes..

There is a chain and spring mechanism for opening curtains, which can be supplemented with a remote control.

Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

Roller blinds equipped with an electric drive will help out in situations when direct access to the opening mechanism is difficult. Remote controlled curtains are convenient to use in rooms with second light windows, in greenhouses, indoor swimming pools.

Choosing a fabric for a canvas

All fabrics used in the production of roller blinds are characterized by lightness, shape stability and resistance to sun exposure. Translucent fabrics like Burn-out (with a burnt pattern) are used for decoration, they can be recommended for rooms with poor lighting. Day-night fabrics allow you to adjust the light level. Black-out roller blinds – opaque, provides effective blackout. These curtains are convenient to use in a bedroom, in a room with a video projector or home theater.

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Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

Day-night curtains can be installed in cassette and open roll systems. The main feature of curtains of this type is the ability to regulate the illumination of the room not only by opening and closing the curtains, but also by changing the light transmittance of the canvas. In such curtains, a two-layer screen is used made of a special fabric containing horizontal stripes of different density: solid and with a sparse structure (transparent). In the “day” mode, the bands coincide, in the “night” mode, they shift. Thus, the screen of the day / night roller blind can be either striped or solid..

Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

Tips for choosing curtain designs

The design of roller blinds should be in tune with the style of the room, the general color scheme, the features of the layout and the purpose of the room, this is the main secret of a successful selection. A fabric with rich ornamentation will be effective in a monochromatic environment. Next to the colorful wallpaper, on the contrary, it will be lost. If you like the idea of ​​installing one-color roller blinds in a bright shade, take care of color support in the interior, be sure to use accessories of the same color.

Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

Monochrome roller blinds in pastel shades are universal, their visibility is determined by the design of the room, but for the most part, their presence is subtle. They organically blend into the environment, perform a light-shielding function and support the general design idea embodied in a bright interior decor or spectacular wall decoration.

Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

How to install roller blinds

You can install roller blinds on plastic windows with your own hands. Ready-made curtains with a mounting kit are sold in building supermarkets. Some are fastened with self-tapping screws, others use a special fastener and double-sided tape for fastening. The kit contains all the necessary parts and detailed instructions.

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Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

Before installing, measure the width of the window, you may have to adjust the size of the roller blind, bring it in line with the size of the window. Use a metal hacksaw to cut the roller. Conveniently cut the blade with a wallpaper knife and a ruler.

Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

Guided by the instructions, assemble the mechanism, then fix the roller with the curtain to the upper edge of the window, after checking the correctness of the curtain lowering. Next, fasten the tensioners, thread the line through the guides, pull it and fix it.

Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

When installing a curtain on an opening sash of a plastic window, the roller with a cloth and a lifting mechanism should be fixed with special clamps to the edges of the sash. All fastening elements are additionally fixed with double-sided tape. In the same way, a line tensioner is attached to the bottom edge of the sash. When installing on a blind window, all elements should be fastened with self-tapping screws.

Roller blinds for plastic windows. Selection and installation

As you can see, the installation of roller blinds on plastic windows is quite simple and can be done independently..

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