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Incandescent bulbs, which we used to use for many years, are inexorably losing ground to new types of lighting. For some time, halogen and fluorescent lamps were popular, but ice devices replaced them. If you care about the environment, are tired of the constant replacement of bulbs, do not want to receive large electricity bills, want to independently change lighting scenarios depending on the situation and mood or in your house stretch ceilings, then LED lighting came up as if specially for you.

What is a LED Chandelier

LED chandeliers are a new type of luminaire that has appeared on sale recently and allows you to create high-grade and high-quality lighting. The principle of their operation differs from the work of traditional lighting devices. An LED is a semiconductor that converts electrical energy into light, the only drawback of which is its high cost. The production of such lamps is a complex high-tech process, so diode chandeliers can not be cheap.

A diode emits light from a specific spectrum. To solve various problems, combinations of LEDs are used. You can create colored lighting and change as you wish by adjusting the combination of diodes: red, green, blue. To create a comfortable lighting scenario, chandeliers with LEDs allow the ability to change the temperature and brightness of the lighting. A relaxing warm light is suitable for an evening dinner, and cold lighting invigorates in the morning. Dear models, thanks to built-in light sensors, can independently change the operating mode.

Many diode lamps are designed without the possibility of replacing bulbs. LEDs are built directly into the housing. They are connected in series, so the burnout of one diode leads to the shutdown of the rest. Such a lamp must be replaced. But do not worry: before the LED lamp fails, it will have time to get bored.


Modern led chandeliers are expensive lighting fixtures, but due to the saving of electricity, the purchase of a product pays off. Durability and profitability are significant advantages, but ice-lamps have many other valuable advantages:

  • LEDs for the chandelier do not contain mercury vapor, do not harm the environment;
  • there are no glass flasks, the probability of cutting is minimized;
  • LED chandeliers have a built-in capacitor, which makes it unnecessary to install expensive external transformers;
  • operation of LED products is possible at high humidity, subzero temperatures, they are not afraid of vibrations, therefore, lamps can be used not only inside apartments, but also in private houses, offices, warehouses, industrial premises, on the street;
  • luminaires with ice lamps are suitable for use with stretch ceilings, their housing does not heat up, does not have a thermal effect on the film;
  • the flicker frequency of the LEDs is invisible to the human eye;
  • ice lights transmit shades of surrounding objects without distortion (color rendering index);
  • possible adjustment of color and light intensity;
  • technology allows easy switching between warm and cold light.

Pendant diode chandelier

Types of LED Chandeliers

The range of fashionable LED chandeliers is huge. There are products where diodes are built directly into the case and cannot be replaced. Universal luminaires with a traditional base, compatible with interchangeable LED bulbs from different manufacturers. Pendant lights of various shapes and styles are made of plastic, metal and other materials. Crystal crystals are considered a good light diffuser..

Chandeliers with LEDs can be:

  • with remote control;
  • ceiling;
  • crystal;
  • flat.

In rooms with a large area, spotlights, overhead or built-in, are often installed. Perhaps you saw in the photo or with friends a beautiful unusual lighting around the perimeter of the room? The source is an LED strip mounted inside a niche. Some multi-mode LED lights can be controlled not only from the remote control, but also through the application on the smartphone.


With remote control

An LED chandelier with a control panel is a device that has several modes of operation. In Philips LivingColors fixtures, you can choose a glow color from 16 million shades. The series presents desktop and wall-mounted appliances, there is a ceiling option:

  • name: Philips LivingColors 69146-30-PH;
  • price: 15690 rubles;
  • characteristics: ceiling diameter – 32 cm, height – 115 cm, power – 15 W, IP20, 16 million shades;
  • pluses: the ability to combine fixtures in a single control unit;
  • cons: high cost.

Swivel Philips LivingColors 69146-30-PH

The next device is able to replace the chandelier, night light, music center and alarm clock. The built-in speaker system can be used as a bluetooth speaker for a phone or other device. In the “disco” mode, the chandelier will change the brightness and color to the beat of the music. The melody will play at the appointed time, accompanied by a backlight. You can customize color combinations from your smartphone. Controls for brightness, ambient temperature and music are available from the remote control. The main modes can be changed by turning the wall switch on and off.

  • name: Citilux Light & Music CL703M50;
  • price: 10900 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 50 cm, power – 60 W, color temperature – 3000 – 4200 K, IP21, control via remote control or application on a smartphone;
  • pluses: built-in speakers, light music, RGB-backlight, alarm mode;
  • cons: high cost.

Flat Citilux Light & Music CL703M50

If you do not have the task of color lighting, you can buy an LED chandelier with a remote control of the Chinese brand Xiaomi. An inexpensive device surpasses all analogues in its capabilities. The combination of brightness and light temperature creates scenarios for various situations. They can be set manually or use the installed ones. The night mode is available from the remote control. Through the application, you can activate 4 more scenarios: working at a computer, lighting for maximum performance, reading and night reading.

  • name: Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Lamp;
  • price: 4990 r .;
  • characteristics: diameter – 32 cm, power – 28 W, light temperature – 2700-6500 K, IP60, control via remote control or Yeelight application on a smartphone;
  • pluses: convenient type of fastening, the ability to combine lamps in groups, synchronization with the smart home system, pre-installed lighting scenarios, imitation of sunrise (smooth increase in brightness for 15 minutes) and sunset by a given time;
  • cons: instructions in Chinese.

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Lamp


LED ceiling chandelier provides comfortable lighting. As a rule, such lamps do not have long suspensions and are located close to the ceiling, you can safely hang them in low rooms. The chandelier Omnilux Cuglieri has a truly cosmic design:

  • name: Omnilux Cuglieri OML-48707-54;
  • price: 13615 p.;
  • characteristics: size – 59 by 39 cm, height – 12 cm, power – 54 W, IP20;
  • pluses: the ability to connect a dimmer;
  • cons: high cost.

Ceiling Cuglieri OML-48707-54

If you like calm and traditional solutions, pay attention to another lamp of the same manufacturer. It is perfect for the kitchen and will look great above the dining table:

  • name: Omnilux Busachi OML-48303-50;
  • price: 9194 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 45 cm, height – 30 – 120 cm, power – 50 W, IP20;
  • pluses: the ability to adjust the height;
  • cons: no way to connect a dimmer.

Outboard Busachi OML-48303-50


For a long time, crystal chandeliers were unjustly forgotten and were considered an echo of the past, but in recent years these magnificent products have reappeared on store shelves in a new design. No other material is capable of creating amazing light reflections like crystal. Modern crystal chandeliers are expensive, but they transform the interior beyond recognition. A very beautiful Omnilux Zuari lamp is a twisted spiral of crystal crystals, passing through which the light is refracted into millions of rainbow highlights:

  • name: Omnilux Zuari OML-46903-86;
  • price: 21056 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 60 cm, height – 60 – 150 cm, power – 86 W, IP20;
  • pluses: the ability to adjust the height;
  • cons: can not connect a dimmer, high cost.

Zuari OML-46903-86

If you need to highlight any zone in the interior, it is recommended to hang several vertical lamps in a row. This will create a light accent. Suspensions made in the form of crystal cylinders will look spectacular:

  • name: Omnilux Batley OML-42803-04;
  • price: 10237 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 15 cm, height – 41 – 150 cm, power – 11.6 W, IP20;
  • pluses: the ability to adjust the height, the ability to connect a dimmer;
  • cons: high cost.

Batley OML-42803-04

If you are not the owner of an apartment with high ceilings, then a great solution for you is to buy a series of chandeliers Citilux Cristalino. The collection includes round and square lamps of different sizes. Small in appearance will cope with the lighting of a room with an area of ​​19-30 square meters:

  • name: Citilux Cristalino CL705131;
  • price: 7990 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 60 cm, thickness – 7 cm, power – 72 W, color temperature – 3000 K;
  • pluses: the ability to connect a dimmer;
  • cons: high cost.

Citilux Cristalino CL705131


Gauss company specializes in the production of replaceable LED lamps, but has its own line of independent lamps. All products are made in a minimalist style. The following flat lamp has a laconic design and is made in the form of a disk enclosed in a thin chrome ring:

  • name: Gauss LED 18W IP20 2700K round chrome 1/5 (chrome ring);
  • price: 2171 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 30 cm, thickness – 8.5 cm, power – 18 W, color temperature – 2700 K, IP20;
  • pluses: the possibility of both ceiling and wall mounting;
  • cons: no possibility to connect a dimmer.

Gauss LED 18W IP20 2700K

In office premises, ultra-thin panel lights are especially popular. Lighting panels are square or rectangular. Such lamps do not distract attention and provide uniform lighting:

  • name: LED ultrathin panel CH ULP1201;
  • price: 3900 r.;
  • characteristics: length – 119.5 cm, width – 59.5 cm, thickness – 1 cm, power – 65 W, color temperature – 4500 K, IP20;
  • pluses: the ability to choose from two models with daylight or cold white light;
  • cons: no possibility to connect a dimmer.

Ultra-thin CH ULP1201 panel

How to choose a LED chandelier

The main technical characteristic of LED lighting is the luminous flux measured in Lumens. In the table you can see the ratio of incandescent lamps that are used to using for many years, and LED equivalents:

Luminous flux, Lumen

Incandescent lamp power, W

LED lamp power, W













The next important parameter of LED lighting is the color temperature of the light, measured in Kelvin (K) and divided into 3 types:

  • warm white (2700 K) – light, like from an incandescent lamp;
  • neutral white (4500 K) – ordinary daylight;
  • cold white (6000 K) – light with a blue tint.

An important parameter for eye comfort and health is the ripple coefficient of lighting. This characteristic is rarely indicated in the product description, since expensive brands have everything in order, and unscrupulous manufacturers of cheap goods tend to hide this parameter. Therefore, it is important not to buy products from unknown companies with a very low price..

There are lamps with varying degrees of protection against dust and moisture. This coefficient is labeled IP with a two-digit number. The first digit indicates dust protection, and the second – protection against moisture. So the lamp with IP20 can be used in dry rooms with a small amount of dust. Compliance with the degree of protection under operating conditions ensures electrical safety and the fact that the product does not fail prematurely.

Pay attention to product design. The height of the chandelier must match the size of the room. The presence of opaque elements reduces brightness, and a large number of transparent faces of high-quality glass or crystal, on the contrary, will make the light in the room brighter and more diverse. If you buy a lamp in a foreign online store, be sure to indicate that the voltage in your network is 220 V, otherwise you risk receiving a product made for other conditions.

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