Stretch ceiling chandeliers: how to choose and mount

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We continue the series of articles on stretch ceiling lighting. This time, let’s talk about the implementation of the main central light. We will consider the criteria for choosing a particular chandelier model for specific conditions. We will also indicate possible problems when installing these lighting fixtures..

Stretch ceiling chandeliers: how to choose and mount

Modern stretch ceilings allow you to use all known types of lighting: built-in lamps, chandeliers, LED strips. By correctly choosing and using lighting equipment, we can solve any design idea in room lighting, as well as purely practical tasks.

If lamps and duralights in tensioning systems mainly work to create an “atmosphere” (or local illumination), then the “central” light of the chandelier is necessary to bring the entire space of the room out of the darkness, for example, for a living room a chandelier is a necessity.

Before we start the review, let’s focus on some points:

  1. Technically, 99% of existing chandeliers can be installed on a stretch ceiling.
  2. If some model falls under the restriction due to increased heat, then you should simply use other lamps.
  3. There are no problems with weight: the chandelier is either suspended on a hook or screwed to the base plate, but in any case, its weight is taken over by the main load-bearing ceiling.
  4. We will not touch upon the issues of style and design within the framework of this article, it will remain a matter of taste for each consumer..

How to choose a chandelier for a stretch ceiling

There are thousands of chandelier models on sale, depending on the tasks and some initial technical conditions, certain products will be preferable.

What is the difference between chandeliers with different types of attachment

All chandeliers can be divided into two classes according to installation technology.

1. Suspended

Suspended chandeliers for a stretch ceiling are products that cling to a hook fixed in the ceiling. They are also called “hook chandelier”. A distinctive feature of these models is the long central stem / cable, on which there is a movable decorative cap, made in such a way as to mask the fixation and connection point after installation. Usually, long and heavy chandeliers with massive shades, operating at a voltage of 220 volts, are attached in this way..

Stretch ceiling chandeliers: how to choose and mount

2. Overhead

Overhead, “ceiling” chandeliers have a mounting platform or a narrow plate, which is fixed on the embedded platform with self-tapping screws. After the wires are connected, the chandelier with a rigidly fixed metal cap is screwed onto the mounting element using threaded screws.

Stretch ceiling chandeliers: how to choose and mount

Overhead models often have a modern design and low weight. This design is mainly used for low or completely flat products, where there are no options for moving the cap. By the way, here it is usually much larger, it can house various mode controllers, terminal blocks, chokes, sensors and even transformers.

Attention! If there is a perforation on the metal cap, it means that the chandelier has a step-down transformer that can heat up. Give a load and check how intense the heating occurs. The mounting plate must not be hotter than 60 degrees.

A stretch ceiling for suspended and overhead chandeliers is prepared in different ways, so before stretching the canvas, you should know what type of chandelier will be. But, the nuances here are not only in the method of fastening.

Stretch ceiling chandeliers: how to choose and mount

Attention! The best option if the ceiling installers will not only know the model, but have a lighting device at hand, so buy a chandelier in advance.

Are there any configuration restrictions

Horns are the structural elements of many chandeliers; bulbs are bred on them in different directions. It is necessary not to lose sight of where the shades or open lamps are directed. Problems can arise with chandeliers where the arms are pointing up. There are several negative factors:

  • excess overheated air, which can deform the film;
  • destructive radiation (UV, infrared);
  • ugly focusing of light on canvases.

Some halogen and LED models, as well as mirror incandescent lamps with narrow streams create light circles on a stretched canvas, sometimes even shine through it. Over time, local color changes may even appear on the ceiling surface.

Incandescent lamps and halogens generate a lot of heat and must be carefully selected for their wattage. The maximum allowable values ​​are 60 and 40 watts, respectively. If you want to use such light sources in chandeliers for a stretch ceiling, you need to choose products not only with a certain direction of the cartridge, but also with the keeping of the distance from the lamp to the stretch ceiling. It is believed that it should not be less than 250 millimeters..

Attention! It is generally accepted to consider: how many watts are in the lamp – by so many centimeters it should be removed from the stretch fabric.

In addition, the shade can capture heat from the heating lamp and gradually release it. It is good when it is directed downwards, but it is bad if it “looks” upwards and there is little distance to the canvas, since warm air “focuses” and rushes to the ceiling.

What chandelier to choose for different stretch ceiling textures

Satin and matte canvases go well with any lighting fixtures, but special chandeliers are chosen for a stretch ceiling with a glossy surface. Making good use of the reflectivity of the film is very important. For example, models with crystal elements or chandeliers, in which conventional lamps are combined with fiber optic technologies and single LEDs, look very beautiful against a glossy background..

Stretch ceiling chandeliers: how to choose and mount

Attention! A “mirror” of a glossy canvas can also have the opposite effect: in the reflection of the ceiling, not presentable elements of the chandelier can be seen, for example, the reverse side of the plafond in the form of a large glass saucer.

Chandeliers with which lamps are best suited for a stretch ceiling

The portal wrote in detail on the key performance characteristics of various types of lamps in an article dedicated to spotlights.

There is averaged data based on actual practice and regulatory requirements. The table below shows the lamp power required per square meter. Based on these figures, we can draw some conclusions regarding the efficiency of various light sources:

Center light intensity Incandescent, W / m2 Halogen, W / m2 Luminescent, W / m2 LED, W / m2
Low (bedroom, study) 10-12 6-8 2-3 1-2
Medium (bathroom, kitchen, nursery) 15-18 10-12 3-4 2-3
High (living room) 20 13 five 3-3.5

Attention! Room decoration in dark colors, as well as dark furniture, may require the application of a coefficient of 1.5 to the data from the table. If the room is high and the lamps are at a height of about 2.8-3 meters, indexing will also be required. In a large living room, in addition to a chandelier, it is better to use additional sources of lighting (for example, built-in lamps or sconces) in order to more evenly distribute the lighting.

How to install a stretch ceiling chandelier

1. Depending on the type of chandelier, a seat is prepared. For the suspended model, a hook is installed, and for the overhead model, a platform is mounted on racks / hangers.

Stretch ceiling chandeliers: how to choose and mount

2. If an external step-down transformer will be used, then it must be located in some suitable niche, preferably not in the ceiling space. The optimal volume of the niche for the power supply unit – from 12 liters.

3. After pulling the web at the point of exit, the protector ring is glued and the wire is removed. By the way, it is recommended to put rings on fabrics. For overhead chandeliers, they will act not only as a stabilizer in the area of ​​the hole, but also as a thermal insulating gasket.

Stretch ceiling chandeliers: how to choose and mount

4. During the installation of a lighting device of any size and weight, it is better to work together: one holds the chandelier, and the other connects.

5. Only connect the device using the terminal blocks. If the staff member does not inspire confidence, then use something like WAGO.

6. The screw terminals must be insulated with high-quality electrical tape before placing in the decorative cap..

7. For many models, it is important to observe the polarity of the connection..

8. Remember to connect the grounding conductor.

9. Check the operation of the chandelier by hand, before installing it on the plane of the ceiling. Test all available modes.

Stretch ceiling chandeliers: how to choose and mount

10. Work with clean hands, and preferably in canvas gloves (they are often put in a set for halogen lamps or lighting fixtures). Then you won’t have to wipe your fingerprints from the ceiling and chandelier surfaces for a long time.

Remember, a chandelier with a stretch ceiling goes well. Choosing the right model is not so difficult, and you can even install it yourself. However, be careful if you ordered stretch ceilings with turnkey lighting fixtures. These additional works are often not provided with a guarantee, respectively, there is a danger that the chandelier will be delivered poorly.

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