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An orthopedic pillow with a memory effect is made of polyurethane foam. The material adapts to the contours of the head, does not exert back pressure on the soft tissues, which helps to relax the muscles of the cervical-collar zone. As a result, blood circulation improves, pain disappears, the phases of deep sleep increase.

Features of orthopedic pillow with memory effect

Muscle tension of the cervical spine during night rest leads to dizziness, pain in the neck, back, head, and the development of osteochondrosis. An orthopedic pillow with a memory effect (memory foam pillow) helps to get rid of these problems. Modified polyurethane foam (memorform, memorix) is used as a filler.

It is a thermosensitive porous material with low elasticity that looks like foam rubber. Inside, polyurethane foam has many air bubbles separated by thin membranes. Under the influence of heat and pressure in places of contact with the body, the memorix becomes softer, bends.

Viscoelastic foam accepts and “remembers” the contours of the head, neck, face, without exerting a spring effect on soft tissues.

The rest of the unheated part of the polyurethane foam retains elasticity, due to which muscle support is provided. When changing the position of the body, the pillow quickly (from 2 to 10 seconds) is rebuilt to the new parameters. After the person gets up, the material cools and returns to its original shape..

The benefits and harms of viscoelastic foam

Polyurethane foam is hygroscopic, has a finely porous structure, dust and dirt do not accumulate in it, so mites and other insects and microorganisms do not start. What is useful memorial form:

  • supports the cervical spine during rest in the anatomically correct position;
  • gives a therapeutic effect – relieves pain in the neck, spine, shoulder girdle;
  • helps to improve blood circulation, complexion;
  • gives comfort during sleep;
  • carries out the prevention of osteochondrosis;
  • relaxes the muscles of the neck, back;
  • helps a person to take a comfortable posture during sleep, fully recover during the night.

The harm of the filler is the ability to provoke allergies. Quality material – hypoallergenic, safe for human health. Unscrupulous manufacturers often add formaldehydes, methylene chloride, fluorocarbon to polyurethane foam to reduce the cost of products. These substances give the pillow an unpleasant chemical smell, can irritate the mucous membranes, cause dizziness.

The use of orthopedic pillows with memory effect

Indications and contraindications

According to customer reviews, an orthopedic pillow memorialform often becomes a salvation from many health problems. Indications for use of the product:

  • fatigue;
  • osteochondrosis, scoliosis, intervertebral hernia;
  • injuries of the upper spine;
  • muscle spasticity;
  • cerebrovascular accident;
  • recovery period after concussion, stroke, heavy surgery;
  • rehabilitation after sprains, dislocations of the cervical vertebrae;
  • dizziness, migraine;
  • cervical arthritis;
  • violation of the functions of the musculoskeletal system;
  • spinal deformity, hyperostosis;
  • pinched nerve in the neck, shoulders.

The advantages of a pillow with memory

Contraindications of products with a memory effect:

  • allergy to the filler;
  • excessive sweating;
  • high room temperature;
  • discomfort from the “clay” pillow effect.

Orthopedic pillow life

Viscoelastic foam products do not lose their properties for 4–5 years. During this time, the material is compacted, its ability to take the form of a human body decreases. If the product has a life of 6 years or more, be aware that formaldehydes are added to the filler to extend the life of the pillow.

Types of orthopedic pillows with memory

Classification of products with a memory effect in shape:

  • Classic – flat, in the form of a square, rectangle, circle, oval or star.
  • Orthopedic – rectangular, with one-sided roller. Such a pillow, according to user reviews, helps to prevent diseases of the back, neck.
  • Ergonomic (anatomical) – wavy (with 2 rollers of different heights) or with a recess for the head, shoulder. The product accepts and “remembers” the correct position of the cervical-collar, shoulder zone.
  • For a short rest, relaxation – rollers, semi-rollers (under the lower back, neck, knees, ankles), wedge-shaped (under the arms).
  • For long trips – in the form of a horseshoe, bagel.

Orthopedic products also differ in the type of filler. Why stuff such pillows:

  • Memory foam – foamed polyurethane foam. It can be thermoplastic (used in the manufacture of cheap products) and viscoelastic (used for better products).
  • Ormafoam – orthopedic hypoallergenic foam that remembers the position of the human body. By properties and structure, the material resembles foamed polyurethane foam..
  • Latex – a natural filler made from hevea juice. The material has a structure similar to a honeycomb, has increased elasticity.

How to choose a pillow with memory

Criteria for the selection of products with filler memorial forms:

  1. Filler. The most popular and affordable ones are memory foam pillows. This material follows the contours of the head and neck of a person better than others.
  2. The presence of impurities. CertiPUR logo speaks about the quality of the product, its hypoallergenicity and lack of harmful substances.
  3. The size – is determined based on the width of the shoulders of a person. People with a strong physique should buy a pillow 50×70 cm, with an average – 60×40 cm, children – 40×40 or 20×30 cm.
  4. The form. For a night’s rest, it is recommended to purchase a rectangular product, flat or with 2 rollers of different heights. Such a pillow takes better shape than others, helps to relax muscles as much as possible, it will be comfortable to sleep on it in any position.
  5. Rigidity. This parameter is determined based on the pose in which the person likes to sleep. For sleeping on your side you should buy a hard pillow, on your stomach – soft, on your back – medium hard.
  6. Height – should be equal to the length of the person’s shoulder.
  7. Removable cover or pillowcase. The presence of these accessories will facilitate the care of the memory pillow, because it can not be washed and cleaned in dry cleaning.

Orthopedic pillow fillers

Rating of orthopedic pillows with memory effect

Many foreign and domestic companies are engaged in the manufacture of memorial pillows. In the ranking of the best manufacturers:

  • ArtPostel;
  • YveshwayStandard;
  • Trives;
  • EcoSapiens;
  • Luomma;
  • Ascona;
  • Tempur;
  • Ortosleep.

Sleep professor


Celebrity by Sleep Professor

Pillow memorials from the American brand Sleep Professor. Country of origin – Russia. White colour. Filler – cure feel (elastic foam with cooling gel). The material of the inner case is cotton, the outer one is polyester (56%) / tensel (43%) / lycra (1%). Size – S (40 * 60 * 9 cm). The form is anatomical. The support level is medium. The term of operation is 5 years. Buy Sleep Professor Celebrity at a price of 5662 rubles.

The main advantages:

  • possesses thermoregulating properties;
  • gives a cooling effect;
  • distributes the load between different muscle groups;
  • made of a hypoallergenic, antibacterial base;
  • there is a removable pillowcase.


  • Expensive.


Miracle Pillow

Orthopedic pillow with memory from the brand Sleep Professor. Country of origin – Russia. The product is equipped with 2 carbon impregnated inserts, which, according to customers, absorb odors well. White colour. Filler – cure feel foam with cooling gel. Size – M (60 * 40 * 11 cm). The degree of support is medium. The service life is 5 years. The inner cover is cotton, removable from Belgian knitwear. Buy Sleep Professor Miracle can be priced at 4299 rubles.

The main advantages:

  • comfortable;
  • has an ergonomic shape;
  • well supports the upper spine;
  • It has a cooling effect, thermoregulating properties;
  • top cover removed.


  • High price.

Sweet dreams

Travel Memorial Pillow

Travel pillow

Country of origin – China. The product is intended for long trips in a car, bus, train, airplane flights. According to customer reviews, the pillow helps during travel to take a comfortable posture, fix the head, relieve muscle tension. Color – beige. Filler – polyurethane foam, size – 30 * 29 * 9 cm. The cover is made of knitwear with antibacterial impregnation. You can buy a Sweet Dreams travel pillow at a price of 1999 rubles.

The main advantages:

  • comfortable;
  • prevents muscle leakage;
  • there is a button for fixing the product on the shoulders;
  • top cover removed.


  • Not detected.

Universal memorial pillow

Universal memorial pillow

According to customer reviews, the product provides a comfortable sleeping position while resting, prevents muscle leakage, improves blood circulation. Country of origin – China. Purpose – daytime, night sleep. Filler – polyurethane foam. Color – beige. Size – 42 * 24 * 13 cm. The material of the inner pillowcase is jersey fabric, the outer one is 100% polyester. The form is straight, classic. Product price: 2199 rubles.

The main advantages:

  • comfortable;
  • elastic;
  • the top cover can be removed and washed.


  • Puffs form on the pillowcase.


Anatomic 11

Anatomic 11 by Technogel

Orthopedic pillow with memory effect under the head of Italian production. Size – 40 * 60 cm. Form – anatomical. Filler – gel memorform. The support level is medium. There are rollers, their heights are 10.5 and 11.5 cm. The inner and outer pillowcases are cotton. According to customer reviews, it may change color upon contact with oxygen. Product price: 9,490 rubles.

The main advantages:

  • has a refreshing and anti-decubitus effect;
  • supports muscles of the neck, shoulder girdle.


  • Very expensive.

Contour 11

Contour 11

Italian orthopedic pillow, taking the shape of a head. Size – 40 * 70 cm. Form – anatomical. Filler – gel memorform. The support level is medium. The number of rollers is 1, its height is 11 cm. The inner and outer pillowcases are cotton. Cost of goods: 9490 rubles.

The main advantages:

  • gives cooling and healing effects (relieving pain in the neck, back, shoulders);
  • comfortable;
  • elastic, provides a comfortable, healthy sleep.


  • changes color when exposed to direct sunlight;
  • very expensive.



Ombracio by Tempur

Ergonomic memory pillow made in Denmark. According to customer reviews, it is comfortable to sleep on it in any position. White colour. The filler is memorform, the degree of rigidity is soft. Size – 50 * 60 * 10 cm. The shape is star-shaped. Cost of goods: 13 000 rubles.

The main advantages:

  • comfortable;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • improves the quality of sleep;
  • helps relieve headaches.


  • becomes stiff on contact with wet hair;
  • too expensive.

Symphony mediumSymphony medium

Country of origin – Denmark. White colour. The filler is memorform, the degree of rigidity is soft. Size – 40 * 60 cm. Shape – rectangular with beveled edges. Case material – cotton (75%) / polyester (25%), color – cream. Cost of goods: 12 000 rubles.

The main advantages:

  • comfortable, soft;
  • provides comfort during sleep;
  • helps to relieve pain in the head, neck, shoulders.


  • Very expensive.
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