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One of the modern ways to decorate a ceiling is to clad it with ceiling panels. You can buy such tiles from plastic (PVC), aluminum, wood and many other materials. The main advantage is the ability to give an aesthetic appearance to the surface without the need to level, plaster and putty the plane. Technical specifications depend on the material of manufacture and product quality..

What are ceiling panels

Decorative panels are gaining in popularity for finishing the ceiling. For this purpose, manufacturers use different designs that give an aesthetic appearance to the room and do not require complex installation work. It is not necessary to hire professional builders to properly install the system. Decorative ceiling decoration has a simple device, so installation can be done in one day.

Plastic panels for the ceiling

Plastic is a popular material for the manufacture of ceiling panels. Resistance to moisture makes products popular for finishing kitchens, bathrooms and balconies. PVC ceiling panels have many textures and colors. They can not be called durable, so the installation of plastic panels on the ceiling should be carried out with a sufficient number of stiffeners. To install ceiling panels, additional materials will be required: mounting profile, self-tapping screws, baseboard. Ceiling PVC panels are produced by many companies, one of the popular manufacturers is Dekostar:

  • model name: 3-section “Silver” Dekostar Suite;
  • price: from 190 rubles;
  • characteristics: thickness – 8 mm, moisture resistance;
  • pluses: aesthetic appearance, easy care, affordable cost;
  • cons: fragile material.

Sofito offers consumers light and flexible ceiling products. Among the variety of textures and colors, a model with molding is popular:

  • model name: three-section glossy 801-2
  • price: from 200 rubles;
  • characteristics: lightweight, damage-resistant material;
  • pluses: moisture resistant, esthetic look;
  • cons: can change color under the influence of sunlight.

Ceiling from plastic panels

Ceiling panels for the bathroom

The bathroom is a room with high humidity, so the ceiling of the panels must be moisture resistant. It is not necessary to dwell on plastic ceiling products, manufacturers even MDF can process so that the ceiling panels in the bathroom do not lose their appearance under the influence of moisture. Often, consumers opt for PVC models. Decent finishing solutions are offered by Northside. Suspended ceiling structures can be bought in the online store or in building supermarkets, for example, Maxid:

  • model name: chrome, 2 sections;
  • price: from 300 rubles;
  • characteristics: thickness – 7.5 mm, width – 250 mm, length -3 m;
  • Pros: affordable cost, aesthetic appearance, resistance to moisture;
  • cons: fear of mechanical damage.

The company Pervosvet proposes to use for the bathroom not a plastic ceiling, but mineral fiber panels. For example, the ceiling model from the Adamant series is popular:

  • model name: Orient;
  • price: from 187 rubles;
  • characteristics: high-density mineral canvas, dimensions – 600x600x10, Board edge;
  • pluses: high reliability, aesthetics;
  • cons: the material is afraid of mechanical damage.

Ceiling made of PVC panels mounted in the bathroom

Wooden panels for the ceiling

For proponents of natural materials, manufacturers of ceiling panels offer wood products. Their cost is higher than plastic or foam, but they are actively used in interiors due to their sophisticated look and excellent sound insulation. The most famous wooden models on the ceiling are supplied to the market by Izotex:

  • model name: Isotex Forest Nordic;
  • price: from 673 rubles;
  • characteristics: with wood texture;
  • pluses: environmentally friendly material, high rates of sound and heat insulation;
  • cons: high cost.

You can decorate the room with natural wood if you use the Coswick offer. A wide selection of birch panels, lined with various species of valuable wood species with a glossy and matte surface, as well as analogues from MDF and HDF, are provided. The leadership among the products belongs to the following ceiling model:

  • Model Name: Coswick Birch Stone Creek;
  • price: from 5000 rubles;
  • characteristics: natural veneer based on fire-resistant MDF, dimensions – 12 x 190 x 2750 mm;
  • pluses: noble appearance, reliability, durability;
  • cons: high price.

Ceiling wood panel Isotex Forest Nordic

Ceiling panels for the kitchen

A kitchen is a room, during the decoration of which it is necessary to take into account high humidity and temperature differences. Rockwool makes ceiling panels for the kitchen, which fully satisfy the conditions of such rooms:

  • model name: Lilia Rockwool;
  • price: from 60 rubles;
  • characteristics: high moisture resistance, fire resistance, material of manufacture – mineral fiber;
  • pluses: it does not deform under temperature extremes and in conditions of high humidity;
  • cons: limited choice of colors.

An economical but practical kitchen solution is Decomax products. Decent value for money make such products popular:

  • model name: Decomax Intonaco Cream 21-9106;
  • price: from 50 rubles;
  • characteristics: plastic, seamless connection;
  • pluses: high fire safety, moisture resistance, 10 year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • cons: afraid of mechanical damage.

The ceiling of the plastic panels in the kitchen

Foam panels on the ceiling

For inexpensive interiors, you can choose affordable polystyrene or foam panels on the ceiling. The main advantages of such a decorative ceiling coating: resistance to moisture, environmental friendliness, low weight, non-rot and mold. Such ceiling tiles are an opportunity to bring a room into a decent appearance quickly and inexpensively. Kindecor offers several decorative coatings, among which the model made of expanded polystyrene is popular:

  • model name: Kindecor 32 White tile;
  • price: from 23 rubles;
  • characteristics: size 0.5 * 0.5 meters,
  • pluses: moisture resistance, reasonable price;
  • cons: deformation at high temperatures, discoloration under the sun.

Although it is generally accepted that polystyrene tile is a solution for inexpensive interiors, among these products there are premium options that will cost a lot. They can often be used for wall and ceiling decoration. These products include Belgian-made polyurethane products:

  • Model Name: F30 ORAC DECOR
  • price: 440 rubles apiece;
  • characteristics: moisture resistance, smooth surface, square shape;
  • pluses: compliance with environmental safety standards, elegant look;
  • cons: high cost.

Foam panels F30 ORAC DECOR

Panels for the ceiling in the room

When the living room or office space has an excessively high ceiling, you need to hide utilities, but at the same time choose a budget finish option, use Baikal ceiling tiles. Such a panel on the ceiling in the room will appeal to aesthetes, because they are made of mineral fiber:

  • model name: BAJKAL Board by Armstrong
  • price: from 65 rubles;
  • Characteristics: excellent reflective ability, fire safety;
  • Pros: affordable cost, easy installation;
  • cons: deteriorates on humidity, absorbs odors with poor ventilation.

The exquisite design for interior design from the Izotex company is not only aesthetics, but also reliability, durability. Russian consumers have already had the opportunity to verify the high quality of these products:

  • model name: Isotex Forest Gold
  • price: 854 rubles per sq. m;
  • characteristics: base – soft fiberboard, surface – decorative paper on aluminum coating;
  • pluses: elegant design, durability;
  • cons: not suitable for rooms with high humidity.

Panels for ceiling BAJKAL Board from Armstrong

3D panels for the ceiling

3D panels for the ceiling will help to create a unique design. Thanks to the design, a three-dimensional picture is created that transforms the space. In the catalogs of stores you can select and order a finished drawing from a photo, which you need to collect and mount on the ceiling from fragments. Elements can be made of different materials: gypsum, wood, aluminum, have a textile or mirror surface. Such a panel ceiling is used for the hall, bedroom, nursery and any other rooms. From Dorado Consulting, a popular ceiling product:

  • model name: PVC 3D Rakitta “SPLIT”;
  • price: from 264 rubles;
  • characteristics: increased strength, drawing in the form of rectangles;
  • Pros: original design, easy installation;
  • cons: damaged by solvent.

Volumetric elements can become the highlight of the apartment. To install some ceiling systems, you will need a frame and fasteners, others are laid simply on glue. Panel ceilings that are mounted on a glue base, offers WallArt:

  • model name: Waves;
  • price: from 160 rubles;
  • Characteristics: clear lines, thickness 1.5 mm;
  • pluses: original design, the ability to paint;
  • cons: not found.

3D PVC panels 3D Rakitta

Aluminum Ceiling Panels

If during the repair you want to use a durable finish, aluminum ceiling panels are the best choice. The service life of such a ceiling product is about 50 years. They are characterized by high moisture resistance, wear resistance. CESAL offers easy to install and robust systems:

  • model name: Profi S-100
  • price: from 230 rubles;
  • characteristics: material – aluminum, color – pearl white, length – 4 m, width – 0.1 m;
  • pluses: high resistance to corrosion and moisture, coating, resistant to mechanical damage;
  • cons: limited color scheme.

Under the Caveen brand, designer cassette-type suspended ceilings are available. The company chose durable and reliable aluminum as the material for its products. Decorative tiles are represented by a large assortment, and the following option became a true bestseller of the collection:

  • model name: cassette M002;
  • price: from 160 rubles apiece;
  • characteristics: size 300 * 300 mm;
  • pluses: elegant design for a small mosaic, strength, resistance to moisture;
  • cons: high cost.

Aluminum ceiling panels Caveen cassette M002

How to choose ceiling panels

A variety of types of ceiling panels can confuse even an experienced builder, not to mention the townsfolk who started repairs in the apartment. How to buy panels on the ceiling so that the repair result is pleasing to the eye, and the design lasts for many years? First, determine the type and purpose of the material, and then follow the recommendations of specialists:

  1. Plastic Pay attention to the appearance, clarity of geometry, uniform distribution of the pattern. Squeeze the panel between your fingers to make sure it is strong enough.
  2. Wooden. The surface of the products should be free of chips and cracks, no swelling, scratches on the coating are allowed.
  3. Foam. A high-quality model is characterized by a uniform and uniform pattern over the entire surface. Shake the tiles before buying, the pieces should not fall off.
  4. 3D Pay attention to the characteristics of the material, they must comply with the requirements of the room in which they will be installed: fire safety, moisture resistance, environmental friendliness and others.
  5. Aluminum. The optimum thickness of the rail is 0.5 cm. This parameter allows you to maintain the shape of the product during the entire period of operation. Other selection criteria depend on the individual tastes of the consumer..
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