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The new broadcast format is supported by all modern TVs, but the digital standard is not available to owners of older models. To get it without buying a new TV, you need a set-top box to watch digital television. The function will improve the quality of broadcasting, pictures, sound.

What is a digital TV receiver

This device is a small-sized device that is designed to fix a digital signal, then transfer it to any TV. The standard has the abbreviation DVB-T2. A digital TV receiver is a low-cost device that converts your analog cable signal to digital. The device has wide functionality, which can vary depending on the manufacturer and the cost of the tuner.

The simplest models cannot offer many additional features, but expensive options not only receive a television signal, but also help them manage. You can install this equipment in the country, and a conventional antenna will transmit you channels in HD (high resolution) quality and more. Installation of equipment is simple: you just need to connect several cables to the TV, and the data will immediately begin to be transferred in a new format.

Digital TV Receiver

What are the functions of the receiver for digital television?

Each tuner has its own set of features. All of them catch an ethereal digital signal, are capable of showing a large number of channels, but additional functions are only available on more expensive set-top boxes. A premium digital television receiver has the following features:

  • MPEG-4 video compression.
  • there is a card reader.
  • DBV-S2 digital standard supported.
  • There is an HDMI connector that helps transmit the best possible signal quality (1080p);
  • to connect to the Network (Internet) there is a LAN input;
  • support for the “picture in picture” mode, on one screen you can view two streams, for example, a change of channel occurs during advertising;
  • HDD (hard disk) can be connected to the tuner to record transmissions and store them;
  • there are several USB connectors.
  • can play audio, show photos;
  • You can record 3 channels at once in HDTV quality;
  • there is a full browser for the Internet.

Console and remote control

How many channels does a digital set-top box show

When a person purchases a digital television receiver, he wonders how many channels will be at his disposal. In Russia, streams of the first and second multiplex will be available, which contain all the main broadcasts:

  • TV channel Russia;
  • ORT;
  • NTV.

Entertainment channels (Muz-TV, Carousel, TNT) will be available free of charge. As a rule, up to 16 broadcasts are opened without payment. If you use the services of a cable provider, then this number increases to 250. For example, Beeline opens access to 100-200 broadcasts for its subscribers. The price for the package will vary depending on the region of residence or the company of the operator. To get access to encoded channels, you need a “cam module” and a special access card for closed broadcasts.

TNT inscription

How to choose a digital set-top box for TV

Before you buy any of the tuner options in the online store, you should understand that each country has its own standards. For example, a set-top box for digital television in Russia works with the following broadcast options:

  1. DVB-S2, DVB-S – satellite broadcasting. The receiver connects to the satellite dish, while the prefix from it is no longer used. If you need to decode a closed channel, you have to purchase a card.
  2. DVB-C. Broadcasts package channels of a regional cable provider. The TV needs to be connected via the supplier’s cable (this can be any company).
  3. DVB-T2. A set-top box with digital broadcasting works. To receive a signal you need a regular indoor antenna. No additional devices required.

When buying the right equipment, do not forget that you need to choose the option for the appropriate broadcast standard. All consoles have a certain list of characteristics. To make the right choice and not overpay for those functions that you do not need, you should know what to pay attention to. The following is a summary of the basic tuner requirements for digital television:

  1. Resolution Standard. The type of broadcast and the supported standard must be considered..
  2. Multimedia format. Consoles can not only receive a digital signal, but also act as a player from USB-drives. You record your favorite programs, films and then watch at a time convenient for you. The choice should be made in favor of models that support the maximum number of video and audio formats..
  3. Control. All models come with a remote control, but pay attention to the buttons on the device itself. You should be able to switch channels, turn the set-top box on and off from the device.
  4. Interface. The standard set of interfaces is the same for most models, but it will be an advantage if there are USB and HDMI sockets. So you can watch programs in maximum quality.
  5. Additional functions. This is not a required parameter, but useful for people is the ability to use TimeShift. You will stop the movie (not recorded), the football match at any time, and continue watching later. In fact, you just pause the broadcast.

Digital set-top box

Price for set-top box for digital television

Catalogs of modern online stores offer a tangible selection in the line of tuners. Many companies are engaged in production, so it will be difficult for an inexperienced person to decide on a suitable option. You should rely on the acceptable cost and a set of necessary functions. The set-top box for digital television can only perform a direct appointment or be a multimedia center. As a rule, people choose inexpensive options. Here is an overview of the most popular models:

  1. BBK SMP136HDT2 – The most “simple” version of the console from the Chinese manufacturer. In addition to receiving broadcasts, it supports the connection of flash drives, plays almost all possible video file formats. Price – from 1400 rubles.
  2. Telefunken TF DVBT201 – Another inexpensive option. After setting, you need to rename the channels. Supports connecting USB devices. Worth – from 1700 r.
  3. Tesler DSR11. The set-top box can play media files. The advantages to users include the ability to buy a device in white or blue. By cons – the absence of the AC3 codec, which robs all films in MKV format of sound. Price – from 1500 r.
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