Vitamins for old cats – how to choose by composition, release form

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A pet of any age needs protection and support for health. For this, the owners give them special vitamin supplements. Regular intake of courses will strengthen the coat, improve digestion, and normalize metabolism. Old cats are given special supplements.

How to choose vitamins for old cats

The composition of biological additives for elderly cats and cats should include vitamins of groups B, A, C, E, D, H, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper.

Selenium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, manganese, biotin, taurine, L-carnitine must be present in the preparations.

The lack of these elements leads to a weakening of the immune system, deterioration of the quality of the coat, tooth loss, loss of appetite and digestion.

For the right choice of drugs, you need to consider:

  1. Type of cat food: natural or prepared industrial feed.
  2. Age: the older the pets, the more rich in minerals and vitamins you need a drug.
  3. Physiological state: castrated, sterilized, depleted animals undergoing surgery require an increased amount of minerals.
  4. Health condition: in case of eye diseases, take preparations with lutein, wool – with biotin and taurine, hearts – with magnesium and potassium.
  5. Veterinarian Tips.
  6. Taste preferences for animals: some prefer chicken, rabbit, meat or fish flavors.
  7. Form: tablets, capsules, solutions for oral administration are considered convenient; more difficult to use injections.

Veterinarian gives a cat medicine

For sight

Gimborn Schnurries hearts for improving the vision of an old cat contain raw salmon, taurine, milk sugar derivative and ballast substances to support intestinal microflora. Elderly pets are given 12 pcs. per day with food. The supplement is enriched with vitamins A, D, E, group B, prevents the development of vitamin deficiency.

Vitamins for wool

To improve the condition of the coat, to ease shedding and strengthen hairs, elderly cats are given special vitamins:

  1. Excel Brewer’s Yeast 8 in 1 is a complex supplement based on garlic, brewer’s yeast, tuna oil, zinc, safflower oil. The tablets are crushed, added to food. Their intake protects the animal from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, improves the condition of the coat, skin, reduces shedding time, and improves stomach function.
  2. Beaphar Kitty’s Mix – a vitamin complex in the form of goodies based on vitamins C, E, group B, riboflavin, biotin, phosphorus, trace elements iron, sodium, taurine, calcium, lecithin, cod. The tool improves the condition of the coat, heart function, eyesight, increases activity and cheerfulness, strengthens claws, teeth. The lack of the drug is the presence of sugar.
  3. Canina Canivita – tonic for cats of all ages. It contains evening primrose oil (a source of gamma-linoleic acid), vitamins A, E. The result of taking the supplement is achieved as soon as possible. The product relieves inflammation, improves metabolism, normalizes cholesterol levels, regulates the hormonal sex cycle, makes hair smooth, shiny, without lumps. The tool relieves skin itching, improves the condition of the integument, increases the activity of the animal. Of the shortcomings, the bitter taste of the additive is noted.

Canina canivita

For joints and bones

Vitamins for older cats should contain calcium, which protects joints and bones. Supplements become useful:

  1. Polidex Gelabon – vitamins for old cats are designed to prevent diseases of cartilage, joints, ligaments, restores injured areas, serves as a means of preventing joint dysplasia, and prevents bone demineralization. The composition of the additive includes collagen hydrolyzate (for strength and elasticity of cartilage, blood vessels), methylsulfonylmethane (bioavailable sulfur for the synthesis of connective tissue, keratin, collagen), vitamins A, D, E, C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese. The drug is taken in 1 pc. 2-3 months a day, up to three times a year.
  2. Beaphar Irish Cal – vitamin and mineral supplement with calcium lactate and phosphate helps to maintain the health and flexibility of the spine, the strength of the teeth, maintaining the quality of the coat. It serves as a prevention of rickets, anemia, weakening of bones. The composition includes milk, dairy products, yeast, potassium, magnesium. The product is added to the feed by spoon, mixed with oil, canned goods or kefir. Every day should be given 2.5 g.

Vitamins for cats for immunity

To maintain the immunity of an elderly cat, you need to give her special vitamin supplements. Popular are:

  1. Sanal Senior Lecithin – contains lecithin, which has a lipotropic fat-dissolving effect, normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces liver obesity, supports the functioning of the nervous system. A brewery based on brewer’s yeast and group B additionally strengthens the immune system, improves the quality of the coat, does not contain sugar and dyes.
  2. Beaphar Top 10 Cat is a taurine supplement to strengthen immunity. A vitaminized treat improves heart function, vision, and the condition of the coat. The composition includes vitamins of groups B, A, D, E, C, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium. Accepted for 3-6 pcs. in a day.
  3. Anivital Feli Immun is a nutritional supplement made from natural ingredients to strengthen the immune system, which weakens with age. Ingredients – brewer’s yeast, natural enzymes, vitamins of group B, C, choline, folic acid, glutathione, glycan, basic amino acids. Due to this, the pet is less susceptible to stress, its protein metabolism normalizes.
  4. Polidex Immunity Up – a balanced complex of vitamins A, D, C, group B, minerals (iodine, copper, iron, manganese), taurine, fatty acids. The tool helps to hurt less, raises immunity, improves the condition of the skin, coat, increases activity.

Polidex Immunity Up

Vitamins for Sterilized Cats

Domestic vitamins for elderly cats Radostin suitable for sterilized animals. They include vitamins A, groups B, D, E, C, selenium, lactulose, zinc, calcium, iron. The product improves appetite, coat condition, improves immunity. Of the minuses, not the most pleasant taste for the animal was noted.

Features of the use of drugs

Vitamins for older cats are given in a double dosage – from 2 to 6 tablets or 10–20 g of powder per day. They are taken morning and evening with food or treats. If the cat refuses the drug, it must be replaced with a more pleasant one. The course lasts 1–1.5 months on average, after which a two-month break is made, and therapy is repeated again.

With the development of any adverse reactions from the body, supplementation should be discarded. Side effects include allergies, rashes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Among the contraindications to taking vitamins, intolerance of the components of the composition, intestinal obstruction, exacerbation of chronic diseases are distinguished.

The price of vitamins for old cats

You can buy drugs at a veterinary pharmacy or the Internet. Approximate prices for funds in Moscow:

Name of additives

Average price, rubles

Gimpet Schnurries 60 pcs.


AniVital Feli Immun 140 pcs.


Polidex Gelabon 60 pcs.


Beaphar Irish Cal 250 g


Sanal Senior Lecithin 50 g


Beaphar Top 10 Cat 180 pcs.


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