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It is known that gold leaf is a thin gold leaf, which is intended for applying gilding to various products for decorative purposes (you can often see how the mouser is used on icons), decoration of interior items, and individual details. However, the application of the sheet often happens without the participation of gold itself. Potal or other metal alloys can be used to simulate luxury metal..

What is gold leaf

From Old Russian, the word “Susala” has a definition – face, cheekbone. This is due to the fact that previously gold leaf was used to cover only the front of the item. Material could be seen on icons, statues, other rarities. Today, gold leaf coating is used to make various details, decorations, crafts, furniture more vibrant and richer. To make such a gilding sheet, the master must unzip a piece of metal into a thin wire, and after that roll it out into a 2-3 mm plate with a ligature weight.


The composition of such material may vary and depends on different specifics of production. For example, in it, in addition to gold, there can be silver, copper, palladium, cadmium, zinc, nickel. If you add a ligature, that is, additional metal, then you can achieve different shades and colors of gold leaf. It can be yellow, red, white, green, orange, and pale yellow.


In Russia, this material complies with GOST and must contain the required components in certain quantities. The standard leaf coating will always be 960 samples. At the enterprise it is placed in special books between sheets of special paper. The material book consists of 60 square sheets, which weigh only a few grams. You should not touch the sheets with your hands – they can simply be torn. The composition of the leaf coating:

  • gold – 96%;
  • silver – 1%;
  • copper – 1%;
  • other – 2%.

Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf Noris

The German company for the manufacture of leaf coating Noris today is included in the ranking of leading manufacturers. The company offers quality goods in the Russian market, as well as the opportunity to buy gold in an online store. Consider the most popular options below:

  • Name: Pure Palladium Noris.
  • Price: 2800 rubles.
  • Characteristics: one book contains 25 sheets, size 80×80 mm.
  • Pros: polishable, non-corrosive.
  • Cons: only for interior gilding.

If you decide to decorate the surface in the interior, make it brighter and more attractive, the Noris “Color Card” leaf cover is the best:

  • Name: Noris Leaf Color Card.
  • Price: 2200 r.
  • Features: coating attached to tissue paper; width is selected by the customer from 3 mm to 110 mm.
  • Pros: used for processing the same type of long surfaces.
  • Cons: a color card can be purchased only if ordered.

The flat surface lends itself well to processing with gold plates. But what if the subject does not have straight lines and is difficult to manipulate? The way out – golden powder:

  • Name: Noris Gold Powder.
  • Price: 12,600 rubles.
  • Characteristics: 23 carats, 2 g; fine powder of sample 960; sold in banks of 2 or 10 g.
  • Pros: great for applying on uneven surfaces, it is good to prepare gold varnish from it.
  • Cons: best used only for small items.

Noris Gold Powder

Gold Leaf Russian Standard

Classical leaf gilding, which has a number of advantages. For example, the Noris brand material “Russian Standard” is in no way erased, tarnished or oxidized. It is plastic and does not lose its properties for years. If gilding with gold leaf on a flat surface occurs, then one booklet is enough for 0.5 meters of the subject. As for stucco molding – it is recommended to calculate the coefficient of difficulty. The following is a description of the materials:

  • Name: leaf coating from Noris brand “Russian Standard”.
  • Price: 19 300 r.
  • Characteristics: 60 sheets of 91.5×91.5 mm; 4 g, 23 carats.
  • Pros: durable decorative material.
  • Cons: goods can only be purchased on order.

Another good material from the Noris trademark “Russian Standard” is of high quality and surprisingly high strength. Of the minuses – suitable only for flat surfaces:

  • Name: Noris “Russian Standard” brand leaf material.
  • Price: 9550 r.
  • Characteristics: 23 g, 2 carats.
  • Pros: reliable potal, which is recommended for use in the premises of temples or decorating icons.
  • Cons: thin material, easy to spoil.

No less popular is the transfer of gilding “Russian Standard”, the main purpose of which is the coating of smooth surfaces. For uneven, it is categorically not suitable:

  • Name: transfer gilding “Russian Standard”.
  • Price: 3400 rubles.
  • Characteristics: 23 carats, 25 sheets, 1.25 mm thick.
  • Pros: suitable for large flat surfaces: ceilings, walls; can be cut with scissors.
  • Cons: not suitable for small or uneven items.

Gold leaf from the company Russian Standard

Gold Leaf Rare Book

TM Rarity, unlike previous options, is well suited for painting, as well as decorating small details, interior items. Consider the three options that the manufacturer offers:

  • Name: gold creation from the brand Rarity.
  • Price: 1 g – 5100 r.
  • Features: gold metal powder, suitable for painting icons and paintings.
  • Pros: lays down strokes in the picture.
  • Cons: only for small works or painting books, paintings, icons.

A good option for work is colored leaf gilding. Finding it is more difficult than simple, the cost of the material is also rather big:

  • Name: color gilding color from the brand Rarity.
  • Price: the cost is specified directly from the manufacturer.
  • Characteristics: reflective effect creates incredible shine, designed for external and internal work.
  • Pros: weather and weather resistant.
  • Cons: gold can only be purchased on order

If you need to cover a large surface, the best option would be a transfer of gilding, the favorable cost of which makes it possible to decorate bulk objects:

  • Name: transfer gilding from the brand Raritet.
  • Price: the cost is specified directly from the manufacturer.
  • Characteristics: with transfer gold it’s much easier to work – it is suitable even for beginners in the field of processing and decoration.
  • Pluses: suitable both for large volumes of work, and for small.
  • Cons: more suitable for flat surfaces.

Potal from the brand Rarity

Gold Leaf Black Schmidt

Black Schmidt began its production of material in 2013. The manufacturer adheres to high standards in gold manufacturing technology and provides a wide selection of products that can be used for large-scale objects and small items:

  • Name: coating for interior work.
  • Price: for 1.10 g – 6000 r.
  • Characteristics: suitable for processing large and small decorative work.
  • Pros: can be used to decorate the interior of the temple, processing domes.
  • Cons: no.

Finding a good coating for exterior work is not so easy, but Black Schmidt also offers a great option. Gold for external works of this TM is of high quality and durability:

  • Name: gold for external works.
  • Price: from 6000 r.
  • Characteristics: weight from 1.80 to 4 grams, you can order a color option in such shades: moon, white, red, green.
  • Pros: lays well on a surface that is resistant to environmental conditions.
  • Cons: it is recommended to use only for specialists, and for beginners it is advisable to use a different leaf coating for work.

How to choose gold leaf

Different manufacturers of gold leaf gilding is not particularly different, but some types of material are more suitable for external works (decoration of external premises), and others for decoration of interiors, details, furniture. It is recommended that you do not finish the surface with a leaf covering unless you have been trained. The application technique must be clear and correct so that the result can please. Here are some guidelines:

  • If there is a question of covering with leaf material small and uneven surfaces, then it is advisable to take a closer look at the Noris brand. This company offers gold powder. Using a spray gun, powder covers all wrinkles and small parts of the surface..
  • For the design of large-scale works, painting the domes of the temple, it is better to purchase the leafy gilding of Rarity. It is resistant to weather changes, various damage. The material is incredibly reliable and durable and easy to use. In addition, the brand offers promotions and favorable conditions for a customer who purchases products in bulk or in large quantities.
  • The Russian standard mussel is particularly popular and in demand. The brand provides a huge selection of material. You can order not only gilding, but also silver, palladium. A litter box is a great option. She can paint the frames of icons that are made of wood, or draw pictures. When buying a meter of material or roll, the company will definitely provide a discount.
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