Modern design of a one-storey country residence

New Canaan Residence surrounded by a forest

The elegant porch blends in beautifully with the natural surroundings

The striking landscape gives the residence a special beauty that complements the overall look of the house, as well as acting as the perfect backdrop for a stylish and modern design. Panoramic window openings with clear glazing in the living areas and bedrooms, allowed to create a strong visual connection between the decoration and nature. A long staircase walkway leads the family and guests to the large and beautiful swimming pool and sunbathing terrace.

Remarkable outbuilding with a summer kitchen allows the owners to enjoy the barbecue during the holidays, and lounge area with a fireplace and unusual furniture gives the opportunity to spend warm evenings in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Interior design of the guests lounge in shades of grey

A smoky hue palette brings a sense of elegance to the guest lounge

Cascading chandelier above the dining table

Cascading chandelier accentuates the dining area in an open-plan space

Large window in New Canaan residence

Large windows perfectly complement the neutral palette in the interior

Modern interior of a bedroom with a panoramic window

Elegant boudoir with large window openings visually joining the decor with nature

Modern kitchen with bar area

Whitewashed, ultra-modern kitchen with breakfast area

Summer kitchen interior

Summer kitchen with a practical BBQ

Poolside seating

The swimming pool is a place of relaxation surrounded by beautiful plants

Living room with outdoor fireplace

Cozy living room with outdoor fireplace

Floor plan diagram of the second floor

Arrangement of rooms on the second tier

A house of dreams New Canaan by Specht Harpman Architects in northeastern Connecticut, USA, is a matchless engineering masterpiece. It has a wonderful location surrounded by woods and beautiful vegetation, a unique structure on two levels, a delightful modern interior, as well as soulful and cozy environment, which attracts close attention and interest.

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  1. Delaney

    I admire the modern design of this one-storey country residence. The clean lines and minimalistic approach are striking. I wonder if the interior design matches the exterior aesthetics?

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