Two-story modern home for a young family from Bordeaux

Courtyard with swimming pool

Next to the pool, in the shade of a tree, a seating area is set up, overlooking the entire home.

Wood paneling on the facade

The spacious sunbathing area provides comfortable relaxation on deck chairs after the refreshing coolness of the pool.

Original hammock

A minimalist kitchen with all the necessary equipment. It is placed outside the main structure and is designed so that its interior is in maximum contact with the outside environment and can be converted into a barbecue area if necessary.

Building facade

Kitchen lighting is carefully zoned. Not only is there room for cooking and eating, but also for spending time together as a family.

Spiral staircase in the interior

Transitions between different areas on the first floor feature large, full-wall windows. They allow you to admire the panoramic views of the patio.

Living room interior

The house looks especially striking in the evening: its weightless structure, the spectacular pool lighting and the warm glow of the interiors literally captivate, giving a complete feeling of peace and happiness!

Pool design in the courtyard

Photo: Caumes Philippe.

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