A bold home design project with a completely open floor plan

It's not clear at first sight whether this is a house or an installation. It is so open that it invites the casual passerby to come inside.

The facade of a concrete house in Peru

The living room area is completely open to the street, but can be closed with a special shutter if desired.

S House living room interior design

Minimalism in the interior underlines the furniture – a strictly wooden or leather, unpretentious in operation and easy to keep clean.

Modern interior design of the kitchen with a bar area

Work area, stove and refrigerator, all in relative proximity and in a convenient L-shaped arrangement. Here a part of the table could well be used as a bar counter.

Bright staircase to the second floor of the S House

The whole area is made of practical and durable materials like metal, wood and concrete.

Bright staircase to the second floor of the S House

The house is sufficiently lit and even the long staircase is fitted with original wall lights.

Bright staircase to the second floor of the S House

The uppermost tier, which is completely open on all sides, is bounded by a roof that sits above the entire area and protects the local occupants from rain and bright sun. This area is exclusively for relaxation. It is a large rectangle with lots of comfortable armchairs, sofas and poufs.

Sliding glass door to the patio

These vacation homes in the good weather season are the best solution for the local region. Along them, the grounds are manicured, and only a small concrete pathway rises up to each house in its own style.

S House concrete house in Peru
S House in Peru floor plan

First floor

S House Plan Diagram in Peru

The roof plan

Plan Plan S House in Peru

Section 1

S House floor plan in Peru

Section 3

S House layout plan in Peru

Slit 5

Plan S House in Peru

Floor plan

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