Gorgeous design project for an open floor plan timber frame home

Architectural organization from the Sag Harbor metropolis Bates Masi Architects recently designed and developed the unique Far Pond Home. Luxurious and unusual house with a total area of 290 square meters is located in the picturesque and expressive area of Southampton, New York, USA. The waterfront lot of an existing cottage since 1970 has stunning views of the stunning layers of Liman wetlands, the beautiful bay and the ocean.

Far Pond Home Private Home, New York

Prefabricated sliding wall panels, used in light frame construction in areas prone to hurricanes and high winds, were successfully applied in this project. Most are made with a metal frame, which adds strength and rigidity. In this case, they were installed to clad a significant area of the space, not just as a hidden structural component.

New structural panels in Interesting house design Function for several purposes and tasks. Sturdy steel transitions alternate with perforated planes and partitions that refract the rays of sunlight coming from the windows and doors. The quality of natural light varies throughout the day by light levels of transitions with pinholes.

The ribs that protrude from the wall panels are laser-cut to form shelving, seating, and countertops. The same material was used for the dining chandelier, as well as the platform with stairs and table. It fully exhausts its capabilities as it is applied throughout the home, minimizing the need for additional components that require wasteful shipping and packaging.

Recycled material in the form of aggregate is used to finish various structures such as floors, walls and ceilings. So it can combine the old and the new.

Private Far Pond Home, New York

The cottage has a two-story engineering composition, which features an unusual execution and organic look that fits wonderfully into the surrounding natural landscape.

The facade of the structure is clad in textured wood planks, metal frames and transparent window openings, giving the overall appearance a distinctive and dramatic beauty.

On the upper level, a spacious terrace and sunbathing area have been equipped, allowing the owners of the apartment to spend their holidays in a cozy and comfortable environment.

On the first floor there is an area for outdoor dining, relaxation and quiet time with friends or relatives. The style of the interior is interesting and original, and the natural and natural materials and the textured woods have been used to create an aesthetic and magnetic atmosphere.

Far Pond Home, New York

The bedrooms are also located on the upper level, allowing family members to contemplate the surrounding nature and the landscape while having a rest and a good time landscape design. A large double bed with a high wooden headboard becomes the epicenter of the furnishings.

The interior is adorned with fascinating paintings, original metal furniture and amazing textile décor. A low shelving unit in the boudoir is used as a functional reading nook, and its shelves are filled with the owner's favorite works of literature. It can also be used as a functional workplace.

Far Pond Home, New York

The dining area is located on the upper level overlooking the river and the green plantings, allowing the owners to enjoy a meal in an inviting and mesmerizing setting. It features a large table for ten, accented by an original chandelier with an oblong steel plafond.

Far Pond Home, New York

The bathroom is equipped with modern plumbing, amazing faucets and stunning furniture set, which allows you to take water procedures in a comfortable and convenient environment. The wall screens on the windows refract the sunlight, and create a fascinating play of light and shade in the decorations.

Far Pond Home, New York

The design of Far Pond Home in Southampton is an exceptional example of how to decorate an apartment in a picturesque and distinctive environment, taking advantage of the natural landscape as well as unique, modern materials.

Interior Photography creative masterpiece provided by Bates Masi Architects.

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