A challenging task can always be made a highlight of the interior – Westboro Home by Kariouk Associates, Ottawa

Welcome to Forum City. Presenting Westboro Home. The house is located in Ottawa, Canada. Its unusual concept combined with an intricate architectural design makes it unique and unrepeatable.

The main problem was the narrow space between neighboring houses, as well as the level of the ground. The whole thing is that the buildings are located on a slope at a steep angle, therefore, the area of the building had to be placed at different distances and heights. This step was taken so that the house would not tilt to the side over time and the sun's rays would be evenly distributed on the surface without creating shade from neighboring buildings.

Two-car garage at Westboro Home

The house is stretched lengthwise, so it was necessary to experiment with the space. Stained glass windows create lightness and openness and visually expand the rooms. The combination of wood and glass in the interior emphasizes stability, coziness, comfort and at the same time weightlessness. The zoning allows the family to feel in harmony. The first floor flows seamlessly into the second. It is divided into a living room with fireplace, kitchen, dining area.

Living room with fireplace at Westboro Home
Westboro Home's Kitchen Dining Room
Westboro Home's minimalist, sleek lines
Stairs Westboro Home
Open Veranda at Westboro Home

The second floor houses three bedrooms and stunning bathrooms created in the same concept as the rest of the interior.

Shower cabin in bathroom
Westboro Home's evening lighting

Materials provided by Kariouk Associates architectural firm.

Design drawing of Westboro Home
Project Diagram Westboro Home
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  1. Tatum

    Wow, the Westboro Home by Kariouk Associates in Ottawa sounds intriguing! I’m curious to know what makes this interior design project particularly challenging? Is it the unique architectural features, the client’s specific requests, or maybe the location’s constraints? Would love to hear more about how the team tackled these challenges and ultimately turned them into highlights of the design.

  2. Harper

    What are some unique and innovative design features incorporated into the Westboro Home by Kariouk Associates?

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    What specific design elements or features make Westboro Home unique and stand out compared to other interior designs by Kariouk Associates in Ottawa?

  4. Aspen

    What specific design elements or features does the Westboro Home by Kariouk Associates, Ottawa, showcase to turn a challenging task into a highlight within its interior?

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