A unique design of a big house with a swimming pool

Modern technologies and unique design are vividly combined during the creation of this stunning house. Space and airiness – that's how you can briefly describe this modern style. The architects and designers Craig Sheiles Homes have proven once again that a judicious combination of colors, tones and style can work wonders.

Concrete, glass, stone, wood – these are the materials that were involved in the creation of this project. Everything here says luxury. The modern style is evident in everything from the exterior of the site, to the exterior façade, to the interior decoration. The multifunctionality of the rooms and furniture attributes strikes the imagination. Take a closer look at the furniture, it just accentuates the interior of any room. Unique walls, ceiling, chandeliers, armchairs – emphasize the purpose of a particular room.

It is pleasant to be and live in such a house. A pool, originally designed, right in the air, completes this magnificence.

Interior design of the dining area
Interior design for an Australian home
Kitchen interior design
Stairs in the interior
Stairs in the interior
An open veranda with a swimming pool
Open veranda
Exterior wall of the house
House Floreat 2 in Australia
Floreat 2 house in Australia
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  1. Harper

    This unique design of a big house with a swimming pool is absolutely breathtaking! I’m curious to know if the pool has any special features like a jacuzzi or a waterfall. Also, does the house have any sustainability features incorporated, such as solar panels or a rainwater harvesting system?

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