A unique design project of a private home on difficult terrain

Interior design for the patio of the Modern Green Lantern residence

The design team used innovative technologies such as photovoltaic panels on the roof, green rafter systems, rainwater harvesting structures and LED lighting. This allowed the structure to function autonomously and independently of city utilities.

For the interior design the designers used a modern style with elements of art deco and classics. Laconic, trendy furniture, colorful paintings, original accessories, and incomparable textiles – everything in this apartment strikes the imagination.

The open-air terrace with fireplace and the lounge zone were decorated with textured wood panels coated in rich yellow lacquer, giving these areas incredible charm, warmth and coziness.

Lounge area on the Green Lantern Residence terrace
Interior design of a living room in gray tones
Interior of the kitchen with a dining area
Designer armchair in a bedroom interior
The living area of the Green Lantern residence
Bathroom interior design in light colors
Interior design of the guest lounge
The exterior of the Green Lantern private residence
Pool in the courtyard of the Green Lantern residence

Interior photography by John J. Grable and Dror Baldinger.

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