A unique solution for uniform natural lighting in a windowless house

Facade of a bright country house in Japan

In Toyokawa, an experimental building without windows was built in a crowded part of the city. Well, almost not … A few windows are placed at a height of about 3 meters. No one looks in, the unpleasant cityscape doesn't spoil your mood in the morning or annoy you in the evening.

However, the question arises: how does the sunlight penetrate inside?? In spite of the absence of window openings, the dwelling is evenly illuminated.

The main entrance of a bright country house in Japan

Roof beams narrow the flow of sunlight. Rays fall on clapboard walls, reflect and scatter across the room. As a result, soft and evenly distributed light fills the space, enveloping everything around and turning the cottage into a quiet and peaceful habitat. It's simply stunning!

At the same time the interior of the house is not rich in objects of decoration. On the contrary, quite simple, with wooden trim, it is designed to emphasize the power and effect of the illumination in common areas: corridors, kitchen and study. The private apartments (bedrooms) and utility rooms, as opposed to the huge space of the house, are arranged in separate boxes, looking like boxes.

Interior design of a country house in Japan
Interior design in light colours
Country house interior design
Interior design of a country house kitchen
Ceiling design in a country house
The Workplace in the Country House
The workplace in the country house
Interior design of a country house

How the elements work with the visible part of the spectrum.

Country house floor plan
Country home floor plan

Photo courtesy of Kai Nakamura.

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