Amazing design project of a stone village house in the traditional style

Loma House in Ecuador

This building is Traditional farmhouse XX Century. It was inventoried by the National Cultural Heritage Institute (Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural, INPC). Located in the highest part of the terrain with a steep angle, in the area San Joaquin. This place is historically famous for farming, which provides vegetables all over the city Cuenca.

Loma House in Ecuador

This project rescues traditional construction by applying previously used methods that begin with experience and are sustained by continual repetition. Existing materials such as stone, earth, eucalyptus wood, hay and reeds were implemented to restore the original structure. At the same time, new elements were used to restore the functionality of the areas. They were industrial materials like steel and glass, giving the opportunity to see and compare the new and the existing.

The consolidation of the platforms is notable for its intervention in the exterior. It is decorated with rocks extracted from the same area, generating its own raw materials. Elements such as walls and native vegetation contribute to the landscape.

The interior courtyard of the Loma House in Ecuador

Glass facade Forms an interior gallery designed to increase thermal comfort and to protect the wooden structure from rain and wind. These were the main atmospheric phenomena that caused the destruction of the structure, which was observed even before the renovation.

Interior design of the Loma House by Ivan Andres Quizhpe in Ecuador
Kitchen interior design by Ivan Andres Quizhpe in Ecuador
The interior courtyard of the Loma House in Ecuador
Courtyard of the Loma House in Ecuador
Loma House in Ecuador
A second floor plan

First Floor

House plan - side view
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