Amazing guest house Casa Xonar in the center of the old town of Silves, Portugal. A project of Studio Arte and Lusco Fusco Concepts

For members of Forum City, we offer a new theme for interior discussions. Today we will talk about the building, created in a Portuguese town by Studio Arte and Lusco Fusco Concepts. Silves was the capital of Andalusia in ancient times. But then it was taken over by the Moors, who dominated the area for centuries. The area formerly known to tourists as Shelb and Garb al-Andalus still retains traces of Islamic culture today.

Casa Xonar - the house of an oriental fairy tale

Climbing up the stairs to the bedroom-boudoir and other chambers we feel like travelers in time. Here you can see two different terraces, one in the traditional Arab style, the other is an area for outdoor relaxation. The interior of the whole building consists of collection pieces of furniture that can be seen at every step. Further down the labyrinth, you can admire the amazing '40s-style bathroom. After climbing up even higher, we find ourselves on a great sun terrace with sun loungers and an open kitchen. Even higher ─ and you can get to the stars, which are especially visible here on hot summer nights.

The Great White Bed
Glass doors to the patio
Transparent shower stall
A view of the city at night
Casa Xonar, the home of an oriental fairy tale
Modern Cuisine
Guest House Casa Xonar
Casa Xonar Guest House
Casa Xonar Guest House
Casa Xonar Guest House
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